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Yamaha R6 VS Suzuki GSX-R 600 Cual es mejor moto ? – BLITZ RIDER

Yamaha R6 VS Suzuki GSX-R 600 Cual es mejor moto ? – BLITZ RIDER

Yamaha r6 vs suzuki GSX-600
Comparison of these two sports supersport motorcycles belonging Supersport 600 category which is the best bike?

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many other new video today we have a comparative super between
two great super sport or me the two beautiful it is and yamaha r6
GSX R 600 here the truth came out fine and 66 he went to israel as many know belong to the
supersport same category the two are 600 both are four
both are Japanese cylinders are rivals to death
well at least in the circuit and Well let’s compare all
components that have and all their performance
Let’s start with the engine we have four cylinders like the sookie 600
but we just 130 centimeters horses 14 thousand 500 revolutions per
minute and 65 newtons to 11 thousand 500 meter rpm and Suzuki
We have 125 horsepower at 13000 500 revolutions per minute and 67.7
newton meter 11 thousand 500 revolutions per minute if they realize the suzuki
we have five horses less and torque maximum develops at the same range
revolutions but the maximum power develops thousand revolutions in
yamaha agree we will see a little power difference
these two motorcycles we will start from there
you are going to wait here and who comes to you first is the winner
we’ll see as to the front suspension
both cases we have suspensions inverted
but we have the yamaha suspension skip or shut which are very good and
this we have more than 41,000 Showa meters and fully adjustable in this
If couples feel they are very because both brands are very good but
Now let brakes in the case of fruit and have brakes
Brembo and in the case of yamaha have yamaha brake say if any of
you know the correct mark I have the good Calipers are leaving
the comments but in the case of the brake master cylinders
yamaha have the brake pump Brembo and Suzuki have pump
brake and zinc in both cases we have two 310,000 meters disks in each of
bikes on this side 310 of this side 310 from 310 and from 310
We certainly very much the brakes even, something that is also
interesting is that both bikes out agency wheels
Bad Luck 016 brand in winston against low and have 189 kilos
we have 187 kilos blue we have two kilos less on suzuki spc
I am giving you now it is with liquids and gasoline and oil is but
good in this case is 17 yamaha 5 liters points and only 17 suzuki
has half a liter less having two motorcycles with modified exhausts him
reduced enough weight around about four kilos how good it is
translates into more power and more boot speed very important that
always ask me is the height of in this case we seat 8150
mm and how this case 810 They can realize a very high
unlike when handling the city but because it strongly influences and walk
on the road or circuit that does not influences both but when
change position in ducting sports side by side helps more
and I feel high as for the part we both rear wheels 180
5517 use the same size has jean rear brake discs have equal
220 mm both have the same caliper of
mark or without significant difference It is the block size in Suzuki
a little smaller and the yamaha is a little bigger is to say the
yamaha a relationship a little more cut into more
it reaches its maximum faster than Suzuki but in the world of
careers the relationship is often changed according
the circuit to be used in both cases have aluminum swingarm
I want to see how that’s very each particular brand no brand
as to 600 has the same Tilting the other
I want to see that even though the two are are the gullwing
two are very different look like yamaha is a little edgier to
up and their feet are less sharp, as it is a little bit longer without
But the difference is not so much in As for the size of yamaha have
I tachometer reaches the 16 000 500 rpm
and good we have a very big tach speed with the now underground and
engine temperature but we have fuel gauge or indicator
up and the yamaha could not have the choice of driving modes but
the engine always operates in the same way
Now for the suzuki against him we also have a tachometer very
large but it only reaches 15 thousand 100 revolutions more or less
We unlike gear indicator Yamaha has not speed
at the same temperature kilometers Odometer Engine it has three
bird management modes and standards or modifies the injection to be
depending on the different powers we need Moreover the and all today after a since the drive and I could feel the
They believe it is a difference Awesome
in terms of driving but we two bikes that are made to compete
I feel totally directly I feel different power
totally different from each I see advantages and I feel that Suzuki has
impressive brakes could even say a little higher than rb6
however they are very similar in a sound I like the network 6
Suzuki did not love it but it sounds great the suspension even though it
fully adjustable and the I have this prefer the
sensations that offers the yamaha however these are very good
then there would have to and a dilemma because they are fully adjustable if
we can regulate our taste As for the driving position if
option the bike citadina I could use a day to day and a half
more by suzuki by position seat
the most comfortable more relaxed position and another in order to give a little more
hours there to circuit city instead the flame itself is a bit
more aggressive if I would book again with her in case of an exit track
friends with motorcycles very similar no both the city however this
this bike for circuit I told you is perfect
but it is also a little different It is worth mentioning that the year
susuki last he won in the category of 600
in terms of speed championship national of Mexico to receive
Mexico Second place was that good yamaha
He tells us that his is a motorcycle worthy rival of this bike and that’s a
worthy rival of this bike My conclusion is to try both
galas provides both fell in love with so because as they say friends
tastes break genres will be people suzuki who like some people will
they like the yamaha but hey these were my personal conclusions
also something much difference this test is that it has suzuki
much lower because below 6,000 It has why why why has
your tree however has made this decade will be withdrawn then almost no
It has a lot of power at low but midwater begin to revolutionize
much better starting at 8 000 and 10 thousand revolutions and starts climbing very
fast and well that’s the best part of conducting a supersport
we have the slipstream of the yamaha Suzuki the inn 600
If you know someone who can provide for caguama
to end this cycle of supersport let me in my facebook or whether in
comments so that we can soon review and let me do the
comments which it is what you would choose or what
you liked more yamaha r6 or Suzuki GSX r 600 but they liked and see
in the following video to I did not do well

Reader Comments

  1. Mira yo tuve la r6r 2015 me la compré nueva me fascinó las sensaciones, y ahora tengo la Suzuki 2018 también nueva y te puedo decir q prefiero la Suzuki le doy un 10 de calificación.

  2. Tengo la Suzuki GSXR600 K9 full system Akrapovic. Me juegan un arrancón con una Yamaha FJR 1300. Cómo ven? Le entro? Quién ganará?…

  3. Tuve una GSXR600 , una K4, del año 04-05, durante 12 años, la última "gordita" le hice 110000 kms, y es cierto la Suzuki es un poco "lenta" en bajos hasta las 8000 rpm, luego estira mucho…lo del sonido me ha gustado la Suzu….buen video.

  4. Yo tengo una r6 2001. Y si te digo que la suzuki es hermosa y potente. Pero como tu dijiste la r6 es simbolicamente mas agresiva, y yo personalmente es lo que busco, una supersport 600cc "agresiva" . Saludos desde holanda

  5. El mejor y más puro sonido es el de las campanas de vaca al min 7:54 xD la verdad amo el sonido de la R6, pero me fascina la línea de la GSX( excepto por su frente xD) saludos!

  6. Blitz he notado que siempre le cambias los Hp a la r6, Yamaha nunca especifica los caballos de fuerza de sus motos🤔

  7. suzuki sin duda me encanta el sonido muy diferente alas yamahas y como.lo dijiste buen torque en bajas rev

  8. Las 2 son hermosas por diseño, pero por respuesta inmediata, la Susuki. En un aproximado, ¿Cuánto cuesta el Seguro y la Tenencia de ambas?

  9. He probado las 2 del año 2006 e incluso he probado la kawa , me quedo con suzuki y la kawa queda en tercer lugar
    Tengo conocidos que han probado las de el año pasado y opinan casi igual que yo .
    Suzuki forever

  10. sin duda, como bien dices en tu magnífico video, la suzuki es más polivalente y para la mayoría , la más bella . GRACIAS POR ESTE BUENISIMO VIDEO…

  11. R6 no tiene bajos! Esta fabricada para circuitos o ir de cuchillos! Mi primera impresión probando en la ciudad ,respetando límites de velocidad,que no se puede meter la segunda porque en la primera no da más que una scooter de 125! En eutovia lo mismo! Primera- segunda! Da Ascó un motor totalmente muerto hasta 8mil! Muchísimo mejor una Triumph Daytona r675! Incomparable! Gana contra r6 en todo! Ambos está fabricados para 50mil km!

  12. Primera vez que veo vídeos de este canal me parece un canal bien bueno haces tus cosas bien explicas bien me encanta este canal y mi moto favorita es la Bmw la 2015 y luego la Suzuki la que está en el vídeo

  13. Suzuki en moto deportiva lo más malo en materiales. Tuve un 600 lo peor que pude a ver comprado. Problema eterno en el estor y regulador. Materiales en el motor peor. Sufre desgaste muy rápido. He tenido 3 r1 2006. 2007 y 2015 lo mejor nunca he tenido problemas con esas motos.

  14. Amigo están muy padres las motos
    Para mi la R6 son las mejores
    Pero no importa k tengan las mismas capacidades
    También tiene mucho que ver el corredor
    Sí no sabes correr para que subirse en un monstruo cómo estás bellas motocicletas

  15. tsssss esa Suzuki está hermosa we , nunca las había tomado en cuenta pero creo que cambiaré la cbr 600 por la GSXR

  16. ꧁꧂ ༺࿐༺ঔৣৡۣۜ͜͡ৡঔ༒𒀱𒁏𒁍༒༽ད༒बंदMoͣ隼nͭeyमुझे༒ཌ༼𒀱༒ঔৣৡۣ͜͡ৡ༻࿐༻꧁꧂ says:


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