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Wowowin: Online gamers na sina Kayla at ‘Piyok King’ L3bron, real life lovers din! (with Eng Subs)

Wowowin: Online gamers na sina Kayla at ‘Piyok King’ L3bron, real life lovers din! (with Eng Subs)

Kayla, greet them first, Hi to my mother in New Zealand, to my father in New Zealand. To Kay bear squad, to L3bronation, to all who say that I’m cancer on ML (Mobile Legends), you’re cancer, you’re nothing on me. Your mom is in New Zealand? In New Zealand, yes, Wil. What does she do in New Zealand? Does she stay there? As of now, she doesn’t have a job. But she’s looking for work. Why is she there? It’s complicated, Wil. But I’m here to become an actress. Your dad… My dad is here. He’s with you. So what do you do, Kayla? Are you working? Or are you studying? I’m a streamer. I don’t get it. What’s that streaming gaming all about? That gaming is just like a show but you have your own platform. Do you give a jacket? We’re just giving out a fan sign. The fan sign is given to the requestor if they give stars… you’re just going to be cute. Oh, is that so? What’s on the LED screen? Can we show it? Oh, I see. So you play the game. Mostly, what age gap plays that game? Around 20 years old, Wil. 20 years old, if ever that you play that game, what benefit will you get from it? I can get enough money that I need to pay my rental fee for the condo. You, your mom is in New Zealand. I that the only thing that you do in your life? As of now, only streaming. We don’t understand about streaming, what’s that? Only the live streaming on Facebook is all I have. Do you earn from that? Yes, I’m earning. Do you earn big? It’s enough to buy food to eat, to pay bills and to sustain my luxury. What’s your luxury to be considered? Make-up. For the girls Kayla, who’s with you? I’m with… I would like to introduce my most loved boyfriend, good at playing Mobile Legends, L3bron! L3bron! Hi, Wil. [voice becomes hoarse] Your name sounds very manly, L3bron.
Hi, Wil! I was too excited, Wil! My voice becomes hoarse. It’s okay. I’m very happy, Wil. You know, I kept on thinking. He said, “Hi, Wil!” L3bron! What do you do, L3bron? Wil, I’m also a gamer, like her, a streamer. Kayla has 200K followers; however, you have a bigger number, 500K followers. Yes, Wil. How long have you been together? Ah, six months, Wil. Actually, Wil. We met in playing Mobile Legends. That’s why I’m so thankful to God. Because you met her? Yes. Your boyfriend is kind. He’s kind, and his voice… It’s only for now. He’s sick. L3bron, what do you want to say to your girlfriend? Babe, I’m so thankful, I’m so grateful you came into my life. And I can’t live my life without you. So thank you so much for being so caring to me, being so kind to me, and for all the support that you gave. I promise you that all your dreams, our dream, I will fulfill it, we will achieve it together. And I’m sorry And I’m sorry if sometimes we quarrel for no reason. Don’t worry, my love for you will never lose and change until we get married and have children. Until we grow old, you are the only one until the end. I love you so much, babe. Wow! What do you—
Kayla is crying. Oh, he made you cry. I’m just emotional, Wil. No, that means you really love him. And besides, he looks kind. Alright, what do you want to tell him? Raven, the reason is that you’re really the reason why I stay in the Philippines; because I’m really up in streaming, in what I’m doing right now. I’m thankful because you’re my strength. For a year or so, I was trying to be an artist but I never really got it. I’m obsolescent now but never became a famous one. But you really pushed me, “Don’t go home to New Zealand, just try what I do on Facebook.” I love you so much, I hope our relationship will last long because they say that there’s no forever. We’re going to prove that our relationship will be forever. I love you. I love you so much. Let’s give L3bron a round of applause and Kayla.

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  1. Hi,Kuya will Happy Anneversary wowowin feveyears n ang wowowin s MAY 10 2020 congrats wowowin ang saya ng wowowin mga host dancers Happy valentines EVERYONE God bless

  2. Hi,Kuya will Happy Anneversary wowowin wow galing m kayla ang saya ng willie of future pogi Happy valentines day EVERYONE God bless

  3. Hay will , ay barbie 😂😂😂 dahil sa vlog ni idol l3bron nahanap ko na dn yung sinasabi nyang pumiyok 😂😂😂 yung bata ni dogie nkarating na sa wowowin 💪😂

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