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Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center Talks About Carl’s Place Golf Impact Screens

my name is Chris Verhoff and I’m the
owner of Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center and we offer nine simulators with four
different brands. The biggest thing is keeping your swing going strong during the winter months It’s it’s so easy to put your clubs away
for the winter and you pick them up in this summer and your start from scratch
every year. But when you keep swinging throughout the winter, it really keeps
your game in-tune so when spring comes you’re ready to roll right away. The main thing that we purchased is the heavy duty impact screens. We have two
different sizes that we use on four different models and they hold up very
well. Two years ago we had Bryson DeChambeau in here while he was at Erin
Hills for the US Open and they had a rain delay and he came in here and he
had nothing but drivers on the big screen for four hours and he was pounded
on 370, 380 and it took a big beating but that screen held up. We used the grommets
and bungee cords. So we wrapped the bungees through the grommets and pull
them tight to the to the outside frames. It keeps them nice and tight.
They do have a little play so the ball won’t come shooting right back at you
but they hold up very strong. Definitely over a million swings in here every year
the pricing is is unbeatable with Carl’s Place. When I go through the simulator
company it’s generally almost twice as much. Anything I need I can get it quick,
not like going to the other simulator places that are all over the United
States of Canada. I was able to call up and I got it the next day so I didn’t
lose any downtime with the simulator without the screen. My favorite feature
is they could take a beating and they last long. Issues that I’ve had with
other screens is they leave ball marks the screens from Carl’s Place are way
more durable and I don’t have that issue Hi my name is Gary and we’re at
Wisconsin in our Golf Center and I’ve been coming here for a couple years now.
It’s a great place to come during the winter to keep your swing going. it gives
you a chance to play some courses you probably would never play. The layouts
are still the same as far as if you were playing the real course and it’s a great
place with great people and it’s pretty fun to come to. What I like about coming
here first of all it’s convenient for me it’s an it’s in a good spot. I’ve been with
Chris since the beginning so I’ve watched him grow and that’s pretty
exciting to watch. I met a lot of nice new people here and some friends at all
you definitely playing outside with once once the warm weather happens if it ever
happens but ultimately it’s about getting some swings in in the winter and
it keeps your swing going so you know when you finally do get outside you
don’t have the first month I’m just trying to catch up for where your last
year. What’s kind of neat is when you really when you really hit a ball well
you can hear the pound back on the screen so it’s know so that gives a
little bit of audio. You can really tell when someone nuts one. The screen
itself I think they they take the percussion pretty well and it bounces it
back to a playable easy spot to get the ball. Invite people to come down this
place is growing. There’s a good a good great management here. Great people here.
Probably making definitely making some lifetime friends down here.
The screens at Carl’s Place seem to be really responsive and durable and
they’re long-lasting. Hey, if you need some screens for for
your new place or for your garage or your basement Carl’s Place is the place
to get em. Hey, thanks for watching our videos. If you’d like to stick around and
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description down below. I’m Ethan with Carl’s Place I’ll see you later

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