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Why I Changed My Name lol

Why I Changed My Name lol

my Nazi for a white chick in a nerf around me with Jake hiya mommy the type to sell my soul for money my enemy's rendition lenggang hi welcome back to our keys where we serve junk foods and junk content College today is a special special day Monday which means I don't have class until 3:00 and in that class all the lectures are recorded online which means I don't really have to be there so that means in other words no class and since I have all this time and I don't want to do homework I figured that I'd take out my dough pass set up throw some on a Google Doc and make a video oh here's my outfit of the day by the way they're my pajamas they will be talking about something very near and dear to my heart myself that's right I'm doing another Q&A sue me unsubscribe dislike leave me a comment send me mediums diagnosed me with fetal alcohol syndrome I don't care I don't give a four but this Q&A is gonna be short actually it's just gonna be one question so it's a really short Q&A a QA a QA k QA and the singular question is my name yeah that's pretty much it q transition with my not c4 white chick in it around me with Jake hi your money the type to sell my soul for money if you didn't know yet my name is are people but it used to be Ryan Park and basically RP is just my old initials for Ryan part of RP the Lord behind this name change has long been lost in the depths of my memories but what I do remember is I was hanging out in one of the spaces in my dorm you know doing what I do work in hanging out with friends and a friend of mine named art Lee told me that she wasn't born with this name her real name's actually Rachel and her last name starts with V and so she decided that she would just go by her initials are V and spell it out and that would be her new name so I thought that's a pretty cool idea and I thought about what my initials would sound like in my head barfi and it sounded pretty fun in my head so I did the rational thing and changed my name on all the Stanford documents and accounts and it stuck and they didn't expect it to stick around as long as it did but now it sounds more familiar than right I'm good with that everyone at school calls me RP have been introducing myself as art B and now it's just my name now Ryan's a good name don't get me wrong I have many fond memories of the name Ryan it's the name I was given it's the name people knew me by it's a name that went on speech competitions and art thingies and films and whatnot and it's really the name I made for myself during high school but the thing is I felt like I knew too many Ryan parks and I wanted something for people to remember me and you know college is a time for change so I decided to just change my name to art and it's been going okay back at home people still call me Ryan which is totally fine but from here on out I will and I have introduced myself as RP and I feel like the phonetic qualities of RP sort of suit me well or at least what I want to be you know it's fun interesting sort of quirky and I like the way it rolls off the top you know RP Park I feel like it sounds like me but also in a more artsy things the edgy sort of way I wanted a name that had no origin you know no roots no connotation something that wasn't connected to anything else cuz when you think of Ryan you think of celebrities it's anglo-saxon roots and its history and whatnot but when you hear Ryan you think Ryan Gosling Ryan Seacrest and Ryan Reynolds all of whom are attractive white men with which I can't compete but when you think art be nothing comes up it isn't connected to anything it comes from something meaningless my initials which what it means that I can give it a meaning for myself so as I go on living doing whatever it is that I do I will add to the history of this name the meaning of this name you know the name means whatever I want it to me and I kind of like that art B is a name I gave myself and its meaning is something I can make myself it's a sort of symbol for how I can live my life the way I want it and I can let people see me the way I want them to see me and know me and hear my name the only downside is now my initials are AP which brings back really bad memories but other than that I like it so that's that that's if you cared at all so anyways thanks for watching the video I hope it answered and hopefully I'll see you

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  1. It’s not unlikely that his mother used alcohol and he suffers from FAS.

    I actually have met him at Stanford. I think he has alot of disabilities and medical problems in RL

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