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Why are extracurricular activities so important?

Why are extracurricular activities so important?

at this point I'm sure you know what extracurricular activities are there are the things that you do outside of the classroom the things that you choose to do because they're fun or there's something you're interested in but did you know that extracurricular activities are also incredibly important when it comes to college prep I'm gonna explain why in this video but first let's take a look at the different kinds of extracurriculars that are out there there are school activities like sports special-interest clubs school newspaper music groups and student government there are community activities like community theater music and art groups as well as local clubs and sports teams there are also a number of work-related activities like internships summer jobs part-time work and even babysitting and then there's a world of volunteering this might mean tutoring elementary school kids helping out at the animal shelter or raising funds for a charity okay so those are the four different types of extracurriculars but why are they so important in terms of college prep the answer is simple they help you stand out from the crowd that's because the things you do in your free time reveal a lot about you in ways that grades and test scores just can't your accomplishments outside the classroom show what you're passionate about and that you have qualities valued by colleges here are a few examples serving in student government shows that you've got leadership skills being on the track team throughout high school shows that you're able to make a long-term commitment doing volunteer work at a hospital shows that you're dedicated to helping others working a part-time job while keeping your grades up shows the irresponsible and can manage your time there are no specific extracurricular activities that will magically unlock the Ivy League Gates or guarantee admission to a particular University competitive colleges and universities get tons of applications from students that are strong academically but what they really want our students who can contribute to the campus community and that is best demonstrated by the extracurriculars that they took in high school so these activities give you a chance to show you're a complete individual with interests beyond just grades and test scores what you choose to do with your free time speaks volumes about what you value in life and that's why they're so important in terms of college admissions and why you need to start thinking about them now in ninth grade in the next video I'm going to tell you how to get started and make sure you choose the best extracurricular activities for you for this year

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