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Who Won the Race Race?—Dirt Every Day Tire Rack Preview Ep. 88

Who Won the Race Race?—Dirt Every Day Tire Rack Preview Ep. 88

(ground impacting) (engine revving) – Okay, Rick has a plan.
– Oh yeah. – What is this mess? – Is this our first competition? – This is it, here’s what it is, it’s a mud-racing, kind of rally course. You follow the cones, it’s a giant stretch that goes over whoops, and there’s mud, and there’s some side hills, and you could die, so be careful. So, we’re going to go around three times, three laps, and we’re
doing it, side by side. – Open wheel.
– Absolutely. – Side by side, no, no,
no, we’re going to be. – Ah, yes. – You’ll have the lid of
the white Jeep, right there. – And that green one, the
green one with the windshield, that’ll be all covered in mud. – So, yeah, that, it’s all it is, be careful on the corners, because when you’re on the
off camber and you slide, then you’ll be on your side.
– Alright – You know who’s going to
be the biggest loser here? – You guys.
– No. Rick, in particular, because
he has to ride with me. Ready?
– And judge. – Let’s do this thing.
– Suit up. – We’ll see you losers, at the end. – Dave, are you scared?
– No, I’m built for racin’. You?
– Yeah, I’m scared. – Scared that we’re going
to make them look bad? – Yeah, and they’re our friends, we don’t want to totally beat ’em. Let’s do this!
– Hey, if you just follow us, you’re guaranteed second.
– Okay. (rock music) – What do I hold onto?
– I don’t know, your dreams. (air horn) – I’m holding onto the gate. – What?
– Dude, this thing’s smooth. – Dude, how are they beating us? This is not possible. – This way?
– Nope, no the next way. – Oh, this way?
– Yeah. – He was wrong, they short-cutted. – Alright, you got to keep
it up on the, onto this. (engine revving) – I cannot see.
– Ah, man, that’s heavy. – Look over here.
Come on, don’t leave us. – Alright, right, right,
hard right, my right, now! – No.
– Uh-oh. – I cannot see a thing. – All right, hammer down, it’s like the distributor
just got really wet! – Weird, this is pointless, I can’t get good action, I can’t see! – You’re doin’ great! (engine revving) Good, good, straight to the hole. (tires treading mud) Ah, I think we got in,
ah there’s the bottom. (rock music) (engines revving) – Alright, you get it, keep a little more level. Oh jeez. – Like that?
– Yeah, real good. – Hey, c’mon little Jeep, where are the other guys, did we beat ’em? – They’re over there! (engine revving) – I think we’re winning, right? – Yeah.
– I can’t tell though. – Woohoo! – Ahhh! – Right, comin’ down
the hole, slow, puddles! – Ohh, they’re catching’ up!
– Right. – This is, this is, is
this, I can’t see anything. – I can’t really see too much either! (engines revving) – Get up!
– I’m workin’ on it! (engines revving) – Best out of four! – Best out of four! – We can change the rules
it’s our show, Dave! – Woo! – Did you do four or three laps? – That was, you did four. – Woo! – We win, we get the first four laps. That was fun. – That was fun! – So wait, who won, the race race? – I think we won.
– Oh did he really? I think. – Freiburger won. – I thought you guys only did two laps. – Oh yeah. – Yeah, I didn’t see
you do a third lap, oh! – We forget to tighten the wheel up? – Now the tire’s off the rim. – Whoa, that’s cool,
let’s go fix our Jeep, and then find the next challenge? – Alright, let us know when you’re done. – Thanks! (rock music) – So, what are we doin’ next, Rick? – Hill climb, hill climb, muddy and sloppy, but,
there’s something first. You got to go over and drop
off, through a mud puddle, around the figure eight,
and then up the hill. – So how are we judged, is
it the first guy up the line? – Good thing you asked, no, you’re doin’ it for style points. You can go fast and you can go slow, it just depends on how you feel
you’re going to win the point, remember, I’m judging. – Oh, so drive graceful and in
a way that Péwé would like? – Right. – So we should smash it into a tree? – Yeah.
– I’m grabbin’ this one. – So who’s goin’ first? – Well, he just volunteered right? – You go first.
– He goes first. – You won the last one.
– What? – Yeah, winner goes first, that’s a rule. – Oh yeah, that’s a new rule. – Way to go
– Yep. – Sorry.
– Let’s get a ride then. – What?
– You’re passenger-ring. – With you?
– Yes! – I’m judging, I don’t.
– Where’s my helmet?! (engine revving) – Alright!

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  1. Really you take your show from youtube to make more profit yet now using it for basically free advertisement ,rather pathetic on your behalf .Like the show but you obviously have to see for yourself its a bit of a dog act and obviously the site hasn't gathered as much following as expected for you to bring teasers to youtube in hope of more subscriptions to the new site .You get paid to have fun while a lot work to survive and maybe read the comments as there are a lot stating this fact ,you do have to also remember it costs to have Internet access .

  2. Ha yeah watch free ….14 day free trial,your subscription will start in 14 days lol similar to those dodgy dating scam sites in my opinion

  3. Remember when all these episodes of dirt everyday was free? The full episode.. Yeah…that was nice. ✌

  4. Thanks for putting the link to the free show in the description. I have learned that the description is your best friend.

  5. Flippin legends, you boys should have an unlimited budget!!……AND CHEERLEADERS!!!!! Ya know for science and stuff!!🤫😆

  6. This is why Hollister hills was closed? So these dipshits could race old jeeps around a mud puddle???

  7. You guys changed platforms because you wanted more money to make better/more exciting shows, and all we get is some driving in circles? Fyi: good thing you guys had Rick and Dave there or this would be a no episode. Js. They were the best part

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