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What supplements I ACTUALLY use as a Vegan Pro Athlete + Workout with me!

What supplements I ACTUALLY use as a Vegan Pro Athlete + Workout with me!

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    I actually had food poisoning while filming this video so I didn't get super into it today and it didn't allow me to get super in depth into each supplement like I wanted too. I'm really sorry about that! I promise in the next video I'll be better for y'all! 💜

  2. You’re right, for those who are not athletes, I don’t see a reason to get protein power. Even without trying, I get more than 80 g of protein a day. Which is more than enough for a woman of my physical activity and caloric needs.

  3. Caffeine gives my diarrhoea (not joking). I used to be able to drink coffee until my early 20's at some point and now I have to drink decaf lol old age hit me early.

  4. Why using caffeine? It's better to try and get a good sleep so your body can recover. With caffeine you suppress the body's signals.

  5. Hey! As someone who's in school for nutrition and big into fitness, I just wanted to say I love this. For someone who's an athlete to basically say "if you don't need it, don't take it" that's huge! Now-a-days everyone's always pushing supplements and products, but I really appreciated how you kept it simple and logical, and backed with research! Love it!

  6. What do you think about the view that the high levels of leucine in protein powders stimulates Igf-1 and mTORc1? I'm really prone to acne and idk if that would make it worse…

  7. You make the medicine ball look like a beach ball with how easily you toss it! Also, that gym looks like so much fun to train in. I love that you incorporate parts of your workout. Thanks for the content!

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