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What I Learned from Viewing My Admissions File

What I Learned from Viewing My Admissions File

like comment and subscribe I miss I missed candles a lot like we can't have candles in our dorm rooms and really just missed them hmm what's up boys we're back ah back home already for six weeks your yard back in the og filming spot hi I'm Hannah hope you guys are doing well sorry the audio sucks I couldn't find a good microphone but yeah now we're back I put out a little poll asking what videos you guys just wanted to see and in what order and this one one very significantly so we're going to talk about what I learned for viewing my admissions file you might have already seen my friend Matthew who goes to Harvard talk about what he learned by tearing his admissions file and it's I just actually watch this video and I'm very I don't know I had a very different experience in viewing my admission file in that I was not given as much to look at as him this was the whole process a few months ago I sent an email to the admissions office and I was basically just like David is within my rights to you my admissions file and I would like to do so and they have to get back to you within 45 days and you set up an appointment you go and you view it now Matthew what he got to do um was he got he got to bring in his phone when he got to take photographs I believe I didn't I was and my phone had to be shut off I was only given one sheet of paper I wasn't given any personality comments I wasn't given any comments that the admissions committee may have made on my application I was just given one single sided piece of paper with basic information and honestly viewing that piece of paper only confirmed what I already knew I was very anxious when I was writing for my college decision so you know I read a lot of college confidential threads and articles about Ivy League admissions and all that and like what goes into the decision process and basically just looking at my admissions file just confirmed everything that I read so basically how it went down was I went into this room with someone who worked in the admissions office I had to sign a paper saying that I wouldn't you know take any photographs or record anything or do anything like that while I was in the room and I should just gave me this piece of paper and I had a half an hour to to view it and since I wasn't able to write anything down or ask any questions or do anything like that to remember everything I made sure to make a note of it when I got out of the admissions office in case I ever wanted to talk about it so it was midterm season when I viewed it so I have a bunch so it's written on the back of one of them my bio notes I think it was in the notes that I lost yeah okay so it turns out I don't have those notes anymore but what I did do was I filmed audio on my phone November 9th 2018 I recorded my immediate reaction so I could play the recording for you but the audios a little jacked and I'd like to keep that constant so I'm a pretty good memory and we're just gonna blow through it so the piece of paper that I got it just had a few sections the first was ratings on me and numerical stuff so in that first section it was in the top left corner it had all the dates that my application was viewed the first one was two days after the deadline then like a week later and then it was viewed a third time on the 21st of November and then at the bottom of that little box it said except what my friends also viewed their admissions files and one of my friends her thing was only viewed twice now I'm not sure if it's nor if it's just because she was an exceptional applicant or if it was because I submitted November subject test so they couldn't like they had to look at my file one last time with subject test scores in order to just fully view it I don't know but yeah I assume every time it was viewed it was viewed by a different admissions officer I'm not sure the name of the officer computer it was scratched out so I couldn't see it and there were certain numerical there were certain numbers next to it they might have been numbers writing my essays or my personality or my overall application I have no idea it was very coded so it was difficult for me to understand like if I hadn't done so much research in the college admissions process I would not have understood most of the stuff that I read like my friends they hadn't done this much research as me so they went in and they viewed it and they couldn't take much information away from it because they just couldn't read the language all of these numbers added to a certain number of 10 so essentially I was rated out of 10 in that section there was also my academic index if you don't know what an academic index is it is a score out of 240 that is calculated with this algorithm that takes your subject test scores SAT and you're like a ranked class rank or GPA into account and they're judged off that I'm sure it I think I believe that it correlates to another rating like another rating scale I know that it's mostly used for recruited athletes of recruited athlete has to meet a certain academic index in order to attend an Ivy League school and so that was the first section the second section was on my transcript in my high school so they made note of my grades both my grades were A's in high school but my friend who got a few B's she when she viewed her transfer when she viewed her admissions file they had made note of every single day she had ever gotten and in what class that it was in they also had a rating for my high school on there in terms of difficulty like my high school was rated medium which I'm not sure if there's like a low medium seems like it's kind of like a low rating like my friend who went to a really really good school and her admissions file her high school was rated difficult so I went to meet you my school and then the only comment that was on the entire sheet was in this section and it said and I'm gonna try to quote here highest GPA we've ever seen from this school and also Valdo so valedictorian that was literally the only comment I saw but it was positive so yay on the right column of the page that just had information about my background had the names of my brother and sisters and it had my parents information on there it noted that my mom was from Trinidad and it made special notes notes of my race obviously white and as I just said my mom's from trinidad soca' rimia they made a few notes of some other particular things involving my background that I put on my application as well and then the section below that they noted my extracurricular activities and this I kind of found very interesting I listed 10 on my common app but they only wrote down 7 when they were making notes on me which I found very interesting um the things they did not include that I included on my common app were like National Honor Society I'm not sure if they they included that under community service they below the community service but National Honor Society they didn't make note of MIT inventing which is something that I was only a part of for my freshman year of high school because it was only offered my freshman year which makes sense that wasn't a very significant thing in my life so they could just kind of toss it out and also didn't care about my youtube channel which I don't blame them for because it was pretty in again I had 200 subscribers when I applied to college I don't know why I wrote it down on my application they did not care about it help I guess the biggest takeaway from that is only include stuff on your activities section if it has if it is I guess significant in your life and if it's community service might as well just put it under one bullet because they'll just group it under one bullet but yeah nothing earth-shattering about me viewing my admissions file the thing that kind of surprised me was how little I was able to see I do have the audio recording so I'm gonna make sure to play that back and listen to it and if there's anything that was interesting that I didn't include I'll just do a little voice over here and you guys can hear about it there so I mean yeah as I said before viewing my admissions file really only confirmed what I already knew are already like expected and you know there was very there was very little that surprised me I guess that's it um I'm sorry if this wasn't as exciting and insightful as you wanted it to be but that is the truth that is all I got to view and yeah thank you so much for watching my name is Hannah I'm a winter break and so a lot of content will hopefully be coming out why do I keep doing this someone help um yeah so subscribe if you want like comment all that stuff try to make it this channel interactive so I don't know I need something for people to comment comment comment where you applied to college or where you want to apply to college I guess I don't know you guys are all college-age people for the most part so if you go to college ah go where you go to college or I don't know comment whatever I'm just trying to explore some comments I'm gonna get to know you guys I'll respond back or all the hard it or I'll do something okay I'm rambling at this point thank you so much for watching bye

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  1. Applied to Stanford, Columbia, Dartmouth, Northwestern, UChicago, Boston U, UC Berkeley. Got into Howard, Rutgers and SPELMAN! So excited even though they were my safeties. Also I have my Dartmouth interview tomorrow and I’m very nervous but ready.

  2. I wonder what my admissions file says. I wouldn’t be surprised if it says “Kicked out of first college. GPA is the worst we’ve ever seen from any applicant in our schools history but applicant made a comeback at community college with a 4.0. Let’s forgive and give a pass.”

  3. She's black. Does she look black to you? Automatic admission. WOWOWOWOWOW! I have an Indian dad and an Indian mom and my whole damn family is from that trash nation of 1.3 billion untouchables. AHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Incredible how neurotic young people become racing to get a credential to become a middle manager in a big corporation or a company that will eventually get eaten by a big corporation if they make waves against the current GloboHomo ruling class. Youve all been duped into believing a tube test bitch or an investment banker does anything to better the world. Remember, the Jew fears the Samurai and women love rugged high testosterone men

  5. Hi! Do you know how to find out the secondary school rigor rating of a school? I really would like to be able to find out my high school's but no one seems to know how!

  6. I applied to JHU and UChicago, and just found out two days ago that I was accepted to Johns Hopkins ahhhh!!! I'm def gonna try to see what's on my admission file 🙂

  7. I just finished my 3rd associates on Thursda, this one is an AS for social work and I applied for Humboldt State University's Bachelors of Social Work program! 🙏(I'm 22 I'm so old, so it feels bad even though I know it's not 😅)

  8. I haven’t even gotten a decision back from the universities I applied to, but for a while I was sad/stressed/obsessed with my application. My scores aren’t the best, but imma keep that positive energy.

  9. Youtubers make more than doctors so jokes on them. Only reason to go to college is to get a good job. If you don't then your college failed you and should be sued.

  10. Hi Hannah!! I was just accepted into Dartmouth ED for the class of 2023!! Just wanted to say how instrumental your videos were to helping me realized Dartmouth was the place for me 🙂 go Big Green!!

  11. I applied to Columbia (ED), UC Berkeley, UMichigan, UCLA, Barnard, Oberlin, UT Austin, and Binghamton. Got in everywhere except Columbia (waitlisted and then rejected). In retrospect, I wish I had applied to more ivies but c'est la vie!

  12. I am slow. I enjoy Open Learn classes based in the UK these days. I went to Southern New Hampshire University where I enjoyed wasting my time. I can go to CC and get better feedback. I like Mizzou, which is pretty much the only university that taught me how to study and learn. I am grateful but can't handle the stress of school. I do like taking a class here and there.

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