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Westin Sportsman X Grille Guard at SEMA 2018

Westin Sportsman X Grille Guard at SEMA 2018

hey it’s Kyle with Midwest Aftermarket
we are here live in Las Vegas for SEMA 2018 yeah up top oh we’re doing great
Kyle with Midwest aftermarket live in Las Vegas back at SEMA 2018 also back
with my man Cameron here now Cameron first of all the rap on this truck is so
sweet we talked about this I mean this is straight out of what the 70s inspired
yeah we were going for a 70s inspired classic retro c10 theme basically we
have the seventies inspired look but we also have the 2018 inspired front of the
truck here so many Chevy owners like showing this off and you can do this
with this right here man what’s going on so this is our sports of an ex girl
guard brand-new product for 2019 again it’s gonna fit all new model vehicles
Chevy’s Dodge Toyota Ford we’ve had the sportsman grill of art for quite some
time we figured it’s about time we redesign it thickened up every tube on
it added sensor provision so if you got sensors in your bumper you can go ahead
and extend those out oh my gosh and also put a nice little step area in the
bottom so you can have access to your cat to the engine cab here we might be
talking about this beautiful Chevrolet but this thing is the Cadillac of guards
man it is man and coolest feature I think is the integrated light bar so
that will come with them that’s all built in it’s got a daytime running
light so in the daytime you can have that nice little glow feature when you
need full light flip the switch up full power of those
daytime running lights probably the most beautiful and let’s be honest
unnecessary exactly anything to make it look better you might not need it but it
looks better after you add it so certainly this is a great thing to look
at like you said you have the step here you’ve got these beautiful lights you
have the sensitive and when is this bad boy gonna hit the mark so again all
these products were trying to get out in the first part of 2019 so look for this
January February you should be seeing these hit in the market well look for it
then and you can also pick it up at Midwest after market calm or pick up the
phone and give us a call Cameron my friend thank you very much I tell you
what I’ll trade you this expensive microphone for that cheap truck okay
here we go all right we’ll see you next time

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