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We’ll See You Guys In The Mud Bog! —Roadkill Garage Preview Episode 40

We’ll See You Guys In The Mud Bog! —Roadkill Garage Preview Episode 40

(upbeat music) (old-time music) – [David]Okay, stuff’s going to happen. Last night stuff happened. I started by gutting all the wiring out from under the engine compartment. I gutted every scrap of wire
out from underneath the dash, and then I cleaned up everything and actually spray painted
it which was pretty good. I also got some fiddling
around on the engine putting some more accessories on the front and all that stuff. But this morning, the big
challenge was going to be the fly wheel. This is our brand new
blue print engine 3D3, and it’s got what’s called
a one-piece rear main seal. When they went to this,
in what, 1985 I think, something like that, they changed the design of
the back of the crank shaft which meant that they also
needed to change the balance. And so that means that it also
takes a different fly wheel which was the problem, and I panic-ordered a bunch
of fly wheels last night and ended up getting,
actually, the right one. And here it is right here. The pattern is going to be different here whether it’s one-piece or a two-piece, but also, it takes a special,
extra bolt on weight. So, I ordered that
separate McCloud package of weights on here, and I’m going through their hieroglyphics, trying to figure out which
weight goes in what bolt holes, so that we can slam this
on the back of the engine and then get this thing into the jeep. (dinging) – [Steve]It’s time to put in the pilot bushing. That’s this little bushing
that supports the input shaft of the transmission. Now, I made a simple tool just using a bolt, a nut, a washer, and then I used tape to shim it out so that it’s a pretty good fit. So, I’m going to line this
up at the back of the crank and hopefully a couple of
mallet strikes (clanking), and I’m done. I think that’s good (clanking). – Let’s see. – Oh man, that’s excellent. Let’s put the clutch on. (upbeat music) (croaking) – [David Freiburger]I am going to fix this crack
in the frame right here. First, I went in and cleaned
all the paint off of it. Next, I’m going to find
the very end of this crack, and I’m going to drill a hole
right where the crack ends. That will tend to help
the crack stop continuing. And then, I’m going to
take the carbide bit, and I’m going to grind a
little bit of a V in the crack where it’s not actually separated, so that I’ve got some welding surface. And then I’m going to burger
weld the thing to death, and it’ll look terrible, but it’ll be way more
functional than it is right now. Okay, Fred’s calling me. Apparently, he’s going
to like FaceTime us. – [Steve]Really, FaceTime?
– [David]It’s Fred and Dave. – [Fred Williams]Hey guys!
– [David Freiburger]Oh, we’re supposed to go sideways. I didn’t know that was a thing. – Uh. -[Fred Williams] How’s your jeep project? – [David Freibuger]It looks like this. -[Steve Dulcich]It was a perfectly running
vehicle when we started. – [Dave Chappelle]Ah, it looks good. – [David Freiburger]Yeah, it ran and drove great. It had SM420. It had like everything
that you would see in 1985 on the Rubicon Trail. How about you? – [Fred Williams]We have like three different Chevy performance crate engines that we’re tryna pick from. And then we have like, some super, it’s about a 12,000 horsepower equipped transmission that
we’re probably going to run. – [Dave Chappelle]We pulled this decoy jeep into the shop, so that you wouldn’t see how
far ahead we are, actually. – [David Freiburger]I see not stock flat thunder frame. – [Dave Chappelle]What are you talking about? – [Fred Williams]What, what, what, there’s
nothing to see there (whistles). (laughing) Are you ready to play
in the rain and the mud? – [David Freiburger]I am glad that we
have rain and mud, yes. – [Dave Chappelle]Good.
– [Fred Williams]Good. -[Dave Chappelle]We are too. -[Steve Dulcich]Okay, let me just, let me just
put it to you straight, Dave. Prepare for the worst, (laughing) because we are gunning for you, bro. -[Dave Chappelle]You’re gunning, you’re coming
with your guns blazing. – [Steve]We mean business, pal. – [David Freiburger]Dulcich woke up with
attitude the other morning. I told him this was all for fun. He didn’t believe me. – [Steve Dulcich]We mean business. – [Fred Williams]We’ll see you guys in
the mudbog, ‘Dul-burger’. -[David Freibuger] Not if we see you first. – [Dave Chappelle]Yeah.
– [Fred Williams]Yeah. – [Dave Chappelle]Yeah, jeep guys. -[Fred Williams] Yeah. You’re going down. Oop, battery’s almost dead. – [Dave Chappelle]Yeah we gotta go.
– [David Freiburger]Okay, bye. -[Fred Williams]Okay, bye. (laughing) – [Steve]Man, we’ve got to beat
those guys or we might lose the shop.
– [David Freibuger]Well, not that you told them that we’re winning. – [Steve]We might lose the shop. – [David](chuckles) Oh, that’s right. We’re a full day behind right now. – Oh, I know, yeah. -[Steve]I realize that. (calm music) (upbeat music) – [David]Are you ready to hack, Steve? – [Steve]I am prepared. You want to buck it up from the inside? – Oh yeah. I can buck. (revving) One down. (revving) Okay, ready to install. (upbeat music) – Do you see where the steering chap is on this operator? – Yeah, get a saws on and cut this out. Rig it right there. Fsh, done. (revving) – Now, the transmission
needs to come down. – Okay, so, we are lightly
rested on the ears now. – Yeah.
– And this transmission needs to be pushed towards
the passenger side. So, I’m going to attempt to do that, okay. – Mhm. – Oh, there we go. Ah man. Okay. (upbeat music)

Reader Comments

  1. Love it 2 of my favorite shows! Behind Engine Masters that is. When you getting Steve B. Out of the dyno to wrench on an epesode?

  2. Please be safe man. I bet you get this alot:
    Your professional feet are more important than being unique.
    Do you realize what you are going to be thinking when something bad happens? You'll be screaming: "whyyyyy?"
    Please wear protective hard metal shell working shoes.

    There's a good reason automotive professionals wear protective hard metal shell working shoes. Those guys are not crazy/lame/dumb.

  3. OMG I just found this and I watched all the other episodes of roadkill and I was sad thinking you guys stop but you didn't I'm watching this more
    Every like this gets is a true fan

  4. Didn't bother watching the video because I know I will never find the rest of it without having to go to Trendy Motor Chunder.

  5. Okay this made me jealous honestly 383 small block that will get a supercharger and a flat fender Jeep! Living in the eastcoast means I see almost none of this.

  6. Not good advertising motor trend im not spending my hard earned for a channel that is no better than other free channels on YouTube. They seem to be making enough money on YouTube? me thinks you are being greedy so stuff you!

  7. Ok, so I watched a bit.
    I liked Roadkill for its backyard/driveway/side of the road mechanical knowledge. Why and David Freiburger, I am looking at you here, are you now playing engineers? Could it be Motor trendy? Do you think your "base" can afford this kind of stuff?
    Lost me, sorry.

  8. Tell Dulcich to set up meet with Marie Kendo to get the junk off that beautiful piece of land. And get the dogs spayed and neutered. But I still love you guys.

  9. The best thing to do with an old car with 20-30 years of wiring "improvements" – rip out and start fresh. I do it by default now.

  10. can anyone help me out… i was planing on bringing my old 4×4 up to a trail (on a trailer)… does it need valid plates or insurance.

  11. Hey guys my name is Carlos I work at the O'Reillys in bay City Texas it was so awesome meeting you guys love the channel

  12. Now they locked all the old episodes of roadkill. Wtf. I would consider paying for the shows on the MT ap if the ap was better and the shows were like they used to be. But now they are just pushing to hard. They will fail and we will watch another show rise. Plenty still on YouTube.

  13. BSF Recovery Team does some good videos no fake drama. kinda hillbilly but good. roadkill and most of them are getting more and more like orange county choppers. DIRT EVERY DAY IS STILL SOLID.

  14. "let me just put these parts i have laying around on here for all you people to drool over that you cant have that i get for free." carbs $1200 blower $5300

  15. So in the “Nascarlo” Episode, you stated at the end “What will they do with it? You’ll have to wait to find out. And by wait- I mean like 4 years.” That was December 25th 2015. Today is March 6th 2019. Well, weve waited the 4 years, are we getting more Nascarlo?

  16. I wish I could get ahold of them and ask them some question on my POS jimmy maybe they could figure out why it won’t run

  17. I have a question for anybody who is willing to awnser, I have a 87 Trans am with a 305 v8 If the distributer is installed the wrong way is there any chance for the car to start at all? The car started for 10 seconds or so, rpm didnt get higher when i gave gas and then it just died, i figure the distributer is installed corectly and i just have to adjust it?

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