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Weekly Recap #396 Feb 21st – Blade & Soul Complete, Fortnite Goes Top Secret, & More!

Weekly Recap #396 Feb 21st – Blade & Soul Complete, Fortnite Goes Top Secret, & More!

More insane footage of Blade & Soul Complete,
Bless Unleashed gets a release date, Fortnite’s experimenting in espionage, and Star Wars
The Old Republic offers a private mansion on… Alderaan? Whats good everyone! JamesBl0nde here with your weekly recap for
gaming news and announcements for the week of February 21st 2020. Thanks for being patient with us as we had
to take a week off but I mean all we really missed is a bunch of Valentine’s events and
a few things I’ll catch you up on in this recap but to kick things off… Do you enjoy strategy games, but get a little
frustrated waiting for someone else to make a move? Does the idea of thwarting a smug opponent
who thinks they have you beat appeal to you? Well, Battlecraft might just be the game for
you. Launching this week on Steam, Android, and
iOS, the free-to-play Battlecraft features a simultaneous turn system which promises
it’s always your turn. How does it do that exactly, I have no idea. The game also features over twenty different
heroes to collect. With both single- and multi-player modes available,
it looks like a great way to keep people guessing. Could be fun. Blade & Soul fans have been anxiously awaiting
the stunning looking Unreal 4 update, and NCSoft has again delivered some gorgeous teaser
trailers for the Korean version known as “Blade & Soul Complete”. The Korean version is launching a brand new
version called “Frontier World” that will feature the new Unreal 4 engine changes, and
these trailers show off a lot of actual gameplay – from the new combat system, to races and
classes, to even what appears to be a new Sky Seer class. There’s no exact date on when these changes
will roll out to the West but we will be getting them, so stay hyped! This could be the answer to Blade & Soul 2. Its kinda like a Path of Exile 2 type thing But while you wait, Blade & Soul has launched
a new major update titled Shroud of the Assassin. This patch introduces the third specialization
for Assassins, the Way of the Phantom. This adds a new stance which allows assassins
to step briefly into the Shadows to enhance their abilities, plus summon Shadow Stalkers
to assist in battle. Not only that, but the Lyn race can now finally
be Assassins! The update also includes a Valentine’s style
event which will run until March 25. Meanwhile XBox One exclusive Bless Unleashed
announced the game will officially be launching on March 12, 2020. In addition to the release date, Bandai Namco
also gave us more information on the founders packs for the game. Coming in three tiers — Deluxe, Exalted,
and Ultimate — all of them feature head start programs at seven, ten, and fifteen days respectively,
as well as the exclusive Ivory Unicorn, Ironclad Rhino, and Inferno Stallion mount (again,
respectively) along with plenty of other bonuses. So if you don’t want an Ivory unicorn, which
I don’t blame you, then uhh yeah get the exalted which is an ironclad rhino. You can pick up these founders packs today
on Bless Unleased’s website. It’s hard to avoid Fortnite news when it happens,
and this week Fortnite dropped Chapter 2 of Season 2, nicknamed Top Secret. The theme is spy games, and players will join
up with the Ghost or Shadow operatives to try to take over the isle. This features brand new hidden locations across
the map, new infiltration encounters, and stealthy gadgets and decoys to trip up the
enemy. What’s in it for the best spies? Well, a brand new battle pass features over
100 rewards including bonus styles, wraps, and 1500 V-bucks to refill your wallet. Another big update this week from En Masse
to the PC version of TERA with the Crescent Sea update. The new elin valkyrie class leads the way
with this update, proving a tiny terror with a massive runeglaive. A special leveling event is ongoing to help
players get their new valkyrie up to speed, and players who hit 70 with their valkyrie
before March 3 will get a Crimson Dragon Mount. The update also introduces the Sea of Honor
five-player dungeon, unlocked through a special Voyage Map found by clearing dungeons and
defeating field bosses. Kingdom Under Fire 2 has launched its third
major content update: Grave of Time. The main attraction here is the aptly named
Grave of Time raid, for up to eight players. New units can be obtained from the raid, which
include the Lightningmancer for Grey Wood, Steam Tank for Bersia, Full Armor Worshipper
for Bulging Horn, Desert Armored Beetle for Crazy Nose, and the Modernised Rifleman for
Hironeiden. The update also includes an all new solo mission:
Dimensional Test where you try and fend off 50 waves of enemies until you’ve won, or are
overrun. There’s no resurrections allowed here either! To celebrate the launch, Kingdom Under Fire
2 will be Free on Steam this weekend (2/20 until 2/26), with the game 50% off if you
choose to purchase it during this time! Star Wars: The Old Republic is still staying
alive after Episode IX’s release it seems, as this week they released the update Pinnacles
of Power. Players can now establish their own personal
headquarters at the Alderaan Noble Estate, an upscale retreat in the mountains of Alderaan. Snowy mountains, crisp cascading waterfalls,
secret passages hidden in the rocks… what’s not to love? Well, I mean, if you follow Star Wars lore
you know it’ll end up in pieces eventually but why not embrace the moment? Portal Knights has released a brand new expansion
featuring its first new class. The ‘Druids, Furfolk, and Relic Defense’ expanion
lets players create the all new druid, which can transform into a variety of forms like
a bear, a spider, and even a slime. In addition to the new class, the Furfolk
race was introduced, which comes complete with customization options for fur color,
ears, and much more. Beyond the new class and race, though, you’ll
get to experiance three new arenas, requiring you to defend ancient relics using traps,
magic, and your own skills. Expect to earn some pretty good stuff by completing
these arenas too, like maybe a unicorn or a dragon mount, perhaps? In addition to the expansion, a free update
has also been launched that gives players access to basic mounts like horses and pigs,
as well as Creative Mode additions to really help players build plenty of unique adventures. Riot’s still working hard on their 10 year
anniversary promises, and this week is no exception as they’ve revealed changes to the
Eternals system in League of Legends. Eternals was announced last year as a new
way to progress and track stats on your favorite champions, but Riot admits that after feedback
they realized they missed the mark. Instead they’ve revamped their initial plans
so that there are ways to earn Eternals without spending RP, creating more exciting things
to track, and offering discounts to players with large champion pools. The full details are broken down in a dev
blog which is contained in the description below. Pearl Abyss has revealed it’s upcoming beta
test for Shadow Arena, its massive 40 player arena brawler. Taking place from February 27 until March
8, interested players can sign up on the Shadow Arena website. For those who might not be aware, Shadow Arena
was once part of Black Desert Online, but evolved into its own game with features from
MOBAs, battle royales, and the MMO genre. Play alone, or as part of a team, but know
that it’s going to come down to your own personal skill to succeed. Shadow Arena is scheduled to launch sometime
in the first half of 2020 for PC, and is expected to be released for consoles sometime shortly
after. And in a final surprising twist, My.Games
has revealed a teaser for an upcoming expansion to Allods Online. Seems this old MMORPG hasn’t been forgotten
yet, as the developer team announces their plan to introduce a new storyline, a new squad
dungeon, and some major quality of life changes. That includes updating the Stronghold system
that lets players earn rewards on their own and more directly influence the Stronghold,
preventing artifacts from losing their abilities as they weaken, improving professions, added
spark experience, and much more. Surprising to see something like that come
to such an old MMORPG but it’s probably going to make a lot of people happy. Either way that’s about it for all the major
news and announcements for this week, for more information on the news topics, check
the links in the description below, feel free to discuss the news or even more news in the
comments below and don’t forget to like, subscribe, hit that little bell icon to get
notifications and of course share this video! But until next time guys that’s going to
be it for me… I’m JamesBl0nde… see ya out there gamers!

Reader Comments

  1. I’m not that hyped about bns but I will try it when it comes out I doubt it’s gona change my thoughts already on it. Currently I’ve played it and not impressed on the current game that’s available in west.

  2. Was looking forward on lost ark online but idk what to believe anymore, some says it’s coming out in west this year then there was a delay. Headache hype dwindling.

  3. the only thing that I'm excited about now is blade & soul as other MMOs have died out. Blade and soul is the only next gen MMO game we're going to get with the best graphics and the best combat system. People worried about the old style of upgrading and things like that but the system and content are all going to be revamped and be more casual friendly in the same way of final fantasy XIV. Basically play soul complete is everything they wanted to do everything they learned so it's basically a rebuilt version of the game like final fantasy a realm reborn. I pretty much excited for this. The test servers are coming out next week on the 26th (frontier server) and then within spring they're going to launch the complete servers live for everybody

  4. Allods Online brings back lots of fun memories. But I'm seriously surprised its still alive and being updated. It's pretty much a ghost town in most parts a few years back when I played.

  5. Blade and soul won't be saved because of a new engine.

    The game performance or graphics are not the "only" problems the game have.

    The MAIN problem of why many people left the game was because of the HUUUUUUUGE grind to keep up with the content, as you need to play almost, if not, daily to keep up with the weapons upgrade and the intense grind farm. Not to say that they push lots of gambling pay to advance stuff with TROVES because of the huge grind. I mean..this is exactly why the reason the grind is so they can sell the faster way with real money in a gambling box.

    All the new engine will do for the game, is gonna bring a lot of players back to check the game out, and in less than 4-5 months they will realize that the performance is not the reason they quit.

  6. it's been eight years since snite was in beta and you was playing it damn i feel ancient (also do you still play smite)

  7. My.Games is a piece of crap, never install any games published by them! Totally pay to win. Will never forgive this fuckers what they did with Skyforge with stupid Ascension update!!!

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