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Watch full South Carolina Democratic debate | CBS News

Watch full South Carolina Democratic debate | CBS News

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  1. I'm trying to figure out why we send healthcare workers (Mercy Ship, Doctors without Borders, and so many more.) all over the world IF, as Bernie says, all other country's peoples are covered for healthcare. We need more Fact Checking on Bernie.

  2. I think I am getting a headache honestly, and the constant interruptions are most likely increasing my blood pressure 😅

  3. I support Bernie because he can get elected and there's a good chance he won't get anything done. Compared to trump that's a pretty nice deal.

  4. Bloomberg is your only chance of removing Trump.
    Your 2nd best chance is the woman who's desperately climbing up the backside of Sanders to be his running mate.

  5. These people are embarrassing themselves, & people do not want socialism, regardless of whether or not you add "democratic" in front of it. You praised communist dictators, Bernie. You can't hide what you really think anymore. Landslide Trump victory.

  6. I admire Mayor Bloomberg, He is calm, he did not go after other candidates. He talks about his experience, and what he is going to do. I was a big fan of Bernie Sander but his ideas are unrealistic, sound good, very popular but that Sanders's ideas are idealistic, not practical. For example, Bernie's Medical plan will put the federal deficit, there will be an obstacle in passing laws in congress and the senate. Sander's Ideas are popular but not realistic. Joe, Bloomberg, and Pete are the best choices.

  7. Lol they say "trump is incompetent " and that he blows at being president when regarding money, when trump made millions of jobs for recently jobless people.. lmfao

  8. Bloomberg was a registered Democrat, but switched to Republican in order to be elected Mayor of New York where he instituted Stop & Frisk, and tried to limit the size of soft drinks because the unwashed masses are far to stupid to limit themselves. Now he's switched back to Democrat because he knows he wouldn't stand a chance against the Great Orange in the primaries, plus he can buy support in the Democratic Party as he's already done in all 50 states. The candidate who lives in the Billionaire Bubble changes parties only when it suits his needs.

  9. Quick summary i will spend 1 trillion well i will spend 2 trillion wait i will spend 3 trillion ha ha i will spend 4 trillion bah ha ha ha feel the burn almost 5 trillion of your money.attack Bernie attack Bernie and if keep losing 150 million it's not good the end

  10. Where is Jerry Springer when you need him? I keep waiting on the hillbilly ninja to come out and "Judy chop" some sense into them.

  11. if 7 presidential candidates violate and cannot follow simple debate rules, imagine what they can do with government laws and policies.

  12. Under Obama/Biden administration spending skyrocketed, they went against what the people wanted and pushed there own agenda. Idk why the blacks support Biden so blindly, Obama/Biden hurt the black community more than they helped them. Biden will not help minorities.

  13. Since most Democratic voters prefer Sanders they will vote the House of Congress back to the Republicans?….huh? What did I miss?

  14. Hate to say it but socialist Bernie is the only one that’s close to an actual plan for healthcare for all and one that’s more affordable for average Americans.

    I don’t agree with socialism but I agree with price tags on products and services, I agree that “network” shouldn’t exist. Every hospital and doctor should be part of the same network all covered under a universal policy. America spends 4x more for healthcare than any developed country, each citizen pays more out of pocket yet coverage is much less.

    That’s the only policy from Bernie I can get behind.

  15. The first three primary states have populations of 7.5 million. Throw out 33% who are ineligible to vote. Then throw out 50% of the remainder who are republicans. Of the 2.5 million left, Bernie won 160,000 votes (6.4%) and Bernie LOST THE VOTES OF 2,340,000 DEMOCRATS WHO REFUSED TO VOTE FOR HIM. Yeeooow!!! And he's the leader !!!

  16. It’s so weird to see the people that were against McCarthyism the most now become the biggest proponents of modern day McCarthyism. Weirder still is the fact that they themselves are the subversives they seek.

  17. Going for the Moderant Republican vote has lost the Democrats more elections than the Big Red Scare. It's historical. And back then bribery was at least illegal.

  18. Buttigieg…chaos is here as dems are dividing the USA. White privilege BS. Demanding criminals migrants not reported. The dems are the marxists who want to weaken and destroy the USA, they hate their own people, insulting voters who voted for them before who did not want clinton.

  19. 1.07 hr..imagine what MORE Trump could have done, thats why dems kept on making stuff up. Trumps first term did not count so ok let him run in 2020 and 2024 as he was not your president.

  20. Well now, I'm not sure about other states, but in Texas where I'm from, you can't buy a firearm if you have even a midemeanor domestic battery or assault. Well at least legally anyway.

  21. These candidates are a bunch of clowns. If anyone believes these people they are simply crazy and like to be treated like a pawn and lied too. Other countries are laughing at us after watching this for sure, hope none of them get elected or we will look weak.

  22. Assuming that Putin is interested in this sad comedy is just pathetic. They have no goals, no objectives except hatred for trump. Is this democracy at its best?

  23. Look at buttigieg….1 hour in…Why do the left think they speak for the majority. Same in the UK. Bernie communist in USA, UK has jeremy corbyn who got wiped out, yet leftists still say…the majority of people think this…… They got annihilated, worse result in 80 years. Its democracy, votes decided what the people want.. USA will find out late 2020. Dems do NOT speak for thr majority of America since they only want unlimited migrants for future votes.

  24. Pete is the love child of Ernie ,from sesame street, and Alfred E Nueman ,from MAD magazine . If he only had the manners of either one , he might be likeable! As it is …. not so much ! The only thing Pete has ever done is put some pretty lights on a bridge and built a new sidewalk . Why is this clown still a candidate ?

  25. Democratic Party is the People Pleasing Party.

    Republican Party is the Disdainful Pragmatic Party.

    Wished there were more options to choose from than these two..😞

  26. 1:27:10
    Pete: I think we were talking about math and it doesn’t take two hours.. ok so here’s the math- No here’s the math and then tries to shut him up

  27. So Bernie start with yourself. How Bernie Sanders, The Socialist Senator, Amassed A $2.5 …

    Apr 12, 2019 – Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist senator from Vermont, is a fierce critic of the affluent in America. … Sanders, 77, has, in fact, amassed an estimated $2.5 million fortune from real estate, investments, government pensions—and earnings from three books, including the 2016 …

  28. Rude to treat the moderators that way .. Bloomberg has to be the most disrespectful and sexist person I’ve seen in a long time..

  29. 2:56:29 sheesh! So happy to have the fast forward option (I have definitely used it more than once ((hundred)) times while watching this)
    But, this is how both Dem debates & Rep debates happen. I think a lot of ppl are either too young or didn't pay attention to know this is Judy hope it goes until they get down to the winning candidate. Then, it's unite to Dump the Plump Chump!

  30. 2 things no one mentions about Medicare for all. first medicare pays 80% of the actual cost, private insurance is expensive because it pay 120% to make up for Medicare. Bernie and liz have figured there cost at that 80% rate. Medical providers would leave the business or the government would have to make up for that 40% difference. Likely providers would leave the business like has happened in many other countries. Medical care would be cheaper by government mandate. So you would not be able to find a doctor. Either way with FREE healthcare, child care, green deal , student loan forgiveness , free tuition. Just send your pay check to the government .

    150 million people died from gun violence??? Half the population of the US??

  31. Unknown guy on stage at 1.20 hr….what USA needs is to audit the federal reserve….$.9TRILLION missing under obama and he did not give a damn about that. Dems voted in the fed and stopped the fed being audited… what you have now is crony capitalism, same as the EU. Look at that doc when obama in power…were not broke. Loads of corps not pay tax..THATs your issue. Its the tech giants owe BILLIONs like apple, amazon, etc and thr banks not punisjed by obama not those doing business. If you hate it go to China or venezuela.

  32. Progressive – moving forward, to progress. To what. It reminds me of Obama and his rallying cry of "change" but did not describe what he meant.

    When Obama ran in 2008 on a platform to ‘fundamentally change America,’ nobody really knew what he meant or what such an idea would mean for certain freedoms. Yet many people believed in him and took that phrase as a positive thing.

  33. That's the Whitest stage Rep or Dem, ever! Why are the Dems so Racist? If the Dems quit being so Racist, they could chill on the pandering.

  34. Wait…is there another character in this play…who is that guy #independent Peter, do you practice in front of the mirror? I still like you Joe…but come on….the Ukrainian thing…own it. You been through a lot, we get it but Trump did not deserve that.

  35. Bernie: Hey Mr. Putin, if I'm the president of the United States, trust me, you're not going to interfere in any more American elections". That's because if Bernie has his way, there won't be any more American elections.

  36. 1.20 hr…warren BS…lies….she got her job with the 0.00001 blood as cherokee indian. She gave blood and is now 100% white… she is worth $8,000,000. Typical socialist wealthy elite millionairess.
    She is a lying psychopathic narcissitic…

    Now bloomberg knows what being accused of doing something he did not do.See those lies by warren……welcome to how GOP nominated judge faced and Trump has daily…LIES by dems.

    Warren ACTULALLY hit and run and killed two people in 2002 in her state. FACT…how do I know…I believe it as i thought i heard someone in a bar say so. Thats how warren and dems think.. how can idiots vote for warren as a senator or president

  37. All these people saying we can't afford Bernie's healthcare plan in the next sentence want to talk about spending 50 billion just to look into something. Clearly they have no issue with spending the money, they just want to make sure it doesn't actually help anyone other than their crony friends.

  38. 1.32 Amy…the only one tearing the country apart are the democrats wont let people do their jobs in white house wasting time with dem lies.

  39. Bloomberg….lets watch this in 2024… see all the bs he states. The dems will be worse off next time against the GOP nominee then. Warren selected in 2024. She will be wiped out.

  40. 1.37 hr…cant take anymore for now. CBS take a brk. Me too, return with comments another time. Horrible people csnt control the debate or ranting…

  41. 2:11:58 "I tell you what else we're gonna do…..we're gonna provide help to the African American, Latino, and Native American community to start businesses… sell Legal Marijuana" – Bernie Sanders, 2/25/2020
    Dafuq?….Wha?…..never mind the obvious here (OMFG), but that also means all you White / Asian / Indian / Italian / Irish / Jewish / Cuban / German / Aussie / Canadian / Brit / Non-Binary / LGBTQIA-Americans…..and everybody else I forgot, no offense-icans…….DON'T GET ANY POT SUBSIDIES TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESSES…….dayum, where is the socialism in that?…….Helluva plan, I tell ya…..Helluva plan………GTFOH!, lmfao!

  42. Bernie Sanders will save the future and change things for a long-lasting prosperous generation. I have hope, not just in him but the thoughts and morals he has provoked. He is my hero. I would vote for him a million times over.

  43. 1. Bloomberg has feared me, I've lived in NYC during his reign, he militarised and mandated the police force to hurt people for anything they can. if he becomes president he will put us all in protective custody by assigning a police officer behind everyone's house door to surveil us for bad behaviors. So be very afraid of him.
    2. Amy, if she didn't care for one innocent kid due to her fame and put him in jail falsely. she can do the same to anybody at any time to become famous.
    3. Biden is lying way too much to the extent that his own tooth flew from his mouth and rejected his fakeness.
    4. Pete is extremely phony, fake and false that reads the script of Gospel but lives a life totally against Gospel.
    5. Ms. Warrent is ok somewhat, but if she can lie about her blood heritage she can lie about anything if it works for her.
    6. Burnie is totally different than any of them, he is true to himself, consistent, stands on his principals, and speaks with integrity because he is sincere.
    7. That last fake guy is not even relevant anyway.

  44. Warren is trashing the debate with her outrageous accusations based on hearsay. Biden is trashing himself by taking credit for what we have become. Bloomberg makes it obvious he bought 20 democrats. The smooth talking Snowden like CIA guy is a joke. and the other 2 haha

  45. Tax the rich and we can afford it. Bernie will win so everyone save their breaths. Only Bernie can beat Trump. Everyone else is week!!

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