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Visualizing Endgame Outcome: Series 13

Good day.. Welcome to my YouTube Channel, this is my first YouTube Chess video this year 2020. Today, we are going to study
about the game between GM Alireza Firouzja versus GM
Magnus Carlsen at the 2020 Tata Steel Masters Tournament. Now, let’s go to the Diagram “A” to discuss the endgame problem. Let us discuss this Diagram “A” for you to
study this endgame position, as we can see both have equal count of pawns but black has a better pawn structure. This would be your homework and this is white to move first,
now, we switch to the Diagram “B” to study the opening position. Let’s start by
moving d4, then g6, a3, white has moved a solid but positional move waiting for
black’s response, continuously Nb8, d5. I’m a bit doubtful about this move as
it commits to d5 early, and also white is delayed due to the move a3. Let’s
go now to the main game to study this exciting game between GM
Firouzja versus GM Carlsen. We switch to the bigger board. We start by
playing e4, e5, Nf3, Nc6, Bb5. This is the Ruy Lopez opening,
continuously Nf6, but there’s another move
which is a6, Ba4,, Nf6 Castling, this is the normal Ruy
Lopez, so as we go back after Nf6, then d3 protects directly the e4
pawn at the same time a developing move. So continuously d6, c3, a6, Ba4,
Be7, castles, castles, Re1, Re8, Nbd2, Bf8, h3 not allowing
the pin, b5 attacking the bishop, Bc2, Bb7, d4, g6, a3, this is the
Diagram “B”. So GM Firouzja is carefully playing solidly here not to
make passive moves so continuously, Nb8, b5, so there’s another move as we
go back, a4, this move seems better in my opinion than d5, as continuously
pressure black’s queen side pawn structure. So we continue, Nbd7,
Bd3, c6, Qc2, Qc7, pawn takes pawn, pawn takes pawn, Ra8, Ra8,
b4, in my opinion, this is equal, better than what happened. So as we go back
after d5, then c6 attacking the pawn, c4 protecting it,
Nbd7, but there’s another move, which is bxc4,
then dxc6, Knight takes pawn, Nc4 Rc8,
then Ba4 which I think it is good for white. so as we go back after
Nbd7 then, a4, Qc7, b3 – connecting pawns,
Rec8, Ra2, – in my opinion black is already has advantage here as the
pressure towards the C file, so, continuously, bxc4, bxc4, a5 – this move
creates position for the black Bishop at b7 to a6 also locking the position to
future attack at a4, so continuously Nf1, Ba6 attacking the c4 pawn,
Ne3, Nc5 – the e4 pawn seems weak and a perfect place for knight at c5, so,
continuously, Nd2, cxd5, cxd5, Rab8 – this is what I’m talking about
since move 18, black has already have huge advantage, continuously, Ba3,
Qd8, Qf3, h5 not allowing Ng4, Raa1, Bh6, both black Bishop
is working well as attacks towards the center, Rab1, Rxb1, Rook takes Rook,
Kg7 – the black King here is enjoying his place, Nef1, h4 –
limiting the movement of night at f1, Ne3 Bf4, Nef1, Qc7 – Bishop at c2 is
vulnerable, g3 – attacks the bishop, pawn takes pawn, pawn takes pawn,
Bh6. White position now is terrible, h4, Qd7 eyeing the pawn at a4,
Kg2,, Na4, Ba4, Queen takes Bishop,
Bd6, Qd4 – this is the winning move as bishop at h6 attacks the knight at d2 so
continuously, Qf2 – protecting the knight but there’s this move Queen takes
Queen, King takes Queen, then Bf1 which the winning move, white resigned due to if Nf1 then Knight takes pawn – double check, what a wonderful
game by GM Carlsen, but GM Firouzja still has chance to
redeem himself, still four more games to go. To all my subscribers and viewers,
Thank you so much for supporting my YouTube Chess Channel…
God Bless…

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