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Uruguay 2015 Vlog #7

Uruguay 2015 Vlog #7

hi everyone Eric just got back from his game what happened buddy I don't know what to do I didn't like my position didn't know didn't expect the opening at all we didn't expect the stone wall at all like not a total surprise but what I just he was gonna do it and when he played his first move I actually had a very high suspicion but I hadn't prepared I haven't played this in my life so I was living on that one from move like five or six it's been yeah so I didn't like my position I it was pretty interesting because I I didn't know what to do I knew where my pieces should go but afterwards I didn't know what to do and around and I'm I didn't know what to do spending a lot of time at around over 18 or so I was really starting to think about you know what I don't like my position I'm sorry to think I'm a bit worse and I was I played a move rook c2 just moving my rock up on screen as about two all for a draw and but then I was like then something like I got very angry at myself I'm like no Ron I'm not allowed to afford Razzak that's of course I'm bad myself especially with white mm-hmm but I didn't know what to do but I just like hey you know it doesn't matter I'm not taking a fraud if I'm gonna lose this game and there was no policy yeah so that I had that policy came back to me I got my energy back and I fought and I had this idea that I guess he didn't react very well to I had this idea that I use in the game but anyways those I don't know what to say about the game it happened all very fast the resistance wasn't so high because he missed a few things in position it got uncomfortable very quickly he made a couple mistakes but I just played the position I thought my position sucks not suck but just like I didn't think I think it was it was probably just like equal and okay for him no no it was equal and I wasn't even like if it wrong I was okay to draw but I was like okay I'm gonna play all right I'm gonna play it out for people and for myself because I mean this is all my second last white game so mm-hmm and okay I've made some normal moves I calculated and he made the first mistake it was more of a case of you know playing the position my opponent making a mistake but sometimes you got to do that when you don't know what you just played a normal nose and put the pressure on them to keep keep up but yeah I'm pretty happy pretty happy because it's my I don't normally play first move d4 first win regard so opening against a GM in like three years so yeah he was he was completely surprised by my being choice he didn't even realize that played first time d4 so he missed something in this preparation because I do play it sometimes but anyways another game where I didn't know what was going on like yesterday but as a result it was kind of enjoyable in some ways we're challenging I had no pattern recognition of what to do pretty much mm-hmm yeah I worked out a linearization right now mm-hmm final three rounds Oh like still a loss can knock me out so can't get too comfortable but no he can't get too excited but we can win this is a big win and yeah actually I was playing my game and you know some people come up to me during my game and say where's the vlog or the vlogs are cool so that was definitely something nice to hear and we'll keep doing these I got I got it up during the game I know that was nice to hear and thanks for the support guys I'm trying I'm trying okay I stay tuned hi guys we're on our way to the gym Eric's working on before his game against Horvat Corey ninth round today word one again should be somewhere here pop nice right here hi buddy doing some apps there or it's pretty nice day again you're really nice up here the second time were filming here it's like three o'clock right now we're gonna get some lunch after done working out then we've got to go to the game pretty soon so far working too much just the games are decided they don't think you know that's pretty much the case nice to have a good position yeah players still none of us convert you have about anything yeah but I'm not really expecting a bet opening right Harvey we're not really expecting a bet oh yeah so feeling actually better than yesterday but before the game or we're seeing or feeling of a better producer I mean this is a big win yeah actually it's one of the biggest things of my career – it was just easy maryclaire I haven't been that many 2600 it's solid yeah three more of them around such as for the bedroom you know I wish I'd only if we testified enough plus five it's a big score but not in this field in the Europeans you only need bust forward to qualify plus party is gonna okay against a stronger opposition that yeah less point and it's a sporting quality more the chassis and you have to take risks they look like so you know black just gonna play play the game it's not a desperate situation or anything no just gonna play the games if you get a chance to have the player is not the nice theoretical so we don't know what to expect mother exactly as the fight was just the fighter he likes to have complicated positions and I used took all the region you could say you know different regions different way people put in South America they're not the most difficult in general but they like the fight they're gonna attack this so also on D he doesn't have a lot of pressure to see he already qualified he's qualified he's just here to rain on the parade yeah he's just here to play some good chess and have fun yeah okay yeah go back get back to work buddy and I will see you later good luck today again and say bye to the viewers

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  1. Condolences on the loss to Jorge, Eric. You put up a great struggle, though. Thanks so much to you and Robin for the Vlogs. They really bring the tournament to life. I hope you continue making them in future tournaments.

  2. Hey e  a good win in round 8.  It's good to see 2 Canadians holding the flag high.  U and the red breast make a good team.  It's great to see that playing this game of chesse can be lots of fun.
    all the best in round 9

  3. Thanks for making these-really enjoyable to see these insights from people at the top of the game-happy spontaneity rather than the semi-scripted things we get at more formal press conferences, etc

  4. Good luck today Eric! Strange game yesterday, I was nearly certain it was heading for a draw, few moves later and you're winning an exchange with resignation.

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