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University Of Michigan Freshman Orientation!!

University Of Michigan Freshman Orientation!!

hey guys my name is Pat and I'm headed to the airport right now for my freshman orientation at the University in Michigan and I'm so beyond excited because I haven't been able to visit the campus yet so this will be my first time seeing it and I can't wait to bring you guys with me [Applause] other people looking [Applause] [Applause] we can run past all the stars right soaking up the painted sky so I got off the plane which wasn't a horrible trip it was only like hour 45 minutes and then I took the bus from the airport tip Lake transit and then it's like a 20 minute walk from the bus stop to making you [Applause] okay so I completely forgot to vlog the part where I checked in and got like my M card and all that fun stuff and I met a couple people that came early too because I did early arrival and a bunch of us got dinner and now we're headed back because we have me at 9:00 so I'll check back in later okay hey guys so we just had a meeting for like our what is it like M card no it was like the pre orientation to orientation for early arrival kids and now we're headed to Walgreens cards nacho forgot his TP a bunch of us just got insomnia cookies and we're headed back to the dorms and we're probably gonna hang out a little bit so yeah I'll step back and let me get back to the dorms so this is my room in Caroline and our third roommate is meeting us Lee oh wait we've missed the elevator yeah okay so we headed well we're trying to head down to breakfast right now there we go um and then after that we have to meet in another room for the actual start of the orientation yeah today's the day we could have shot me so that's gonna be fun [Applause] so much progress good things uh slow a father you take me a pig [Applause] my official orientations in and there's mad people like New York big auto but we're gonna start soon Oh big trip painless on me guys this is Gabby she's in my orientation group we ate lunch after orientation the tour and then we've had a little bit of a discussion thingy right yeah where we asked like questions and stuff and now we're headed to money – money yeah yeah money at Michigan yep so we'll see you then okay so we just got out of the chem placement test which wasn't that bad okay nevermind I get paranoid so we're just gonna chill until people are done with their language placement test and then we're gonna go out to eat okay so we're headed to the house we're headed to pizza house for some food and then we only really have the e.t.c performance later and I think that's social social activities we'll see how that goes is that like required like the mandatory night buddy thank you so much guys good things uh slow a father you pick me up [Applause] like maybe I could sue you first time you really come I love the rain and no air ticket and a crowded bus so we were at breakfast right now everyone is very energetic we're not we're just really tired and it's really rainy today so it's a little sad but today it's just like academic advising and stuff like that so it shouldn't be like at the keel so we'll see how everything goes small shivrang yeah we were very underprepared well no I was under bad nachos underprepared but Caroline was prepared hi we got out of Michigan 101 which is a very I mean not very long but it's a pretty decent it's a pretty decently long seminar about Michigan that's what it's called no one's about celebrity in the Michigan difference oh okay but it should be fun I think yeah we know it was fun it's by the same group that's at the EGC performance a oh isn't it yeah no I'm pretty sure people know so I just got out of my individual academic advising that's like a general idea of what classes I want to register for later so later tonight we're gonna put it into like our backpack and then tomorrow is when we actually register for the classes but now there's an MSD meeting but I'm not in one so I think a couple of us are just gonna go out to eat or go to an event or something like that so we'll check back in later so what's going on so we just bought some stuff them and then I bought a lot of stuff because I don't have anything not you didn't buy mention either about a Mac yes a very cool bag but we're gonna head to the dining hall for some dinner and then I'm ordering after but we'll figure something out you know we have now packing it already already and then we have to sign the banner we're headed to time oh my god let's activist yeah okay yeah you know we're headed to the backpack thing but nacho was too embarrassed to be on the blog with us so we're gonna run up any all right so we just got out of our scheduling my head hurts Hiro is on the phone my head hurts but like we have it all done they make you like fine backups for your backups so it's like oh basically it's just like you got your class and every backups I'm very like back up back up yeah and then you have to make sure like there's enough like it's available and like and that's the and like yeah and like lectures and discussions and labs like there's oh my gosh but like I got it done we survived and now we're off to ice cream open I through the waves cut through me hypnotized by the sounds that we made monkey and I chose first choice father not working he loves me Natalie don't tripping my pain we just got out of the arcade and we're back at Pizza House for like a light snack this is ran out of money I we are so tired because we went to bed super super late last night I was better hi I'm okay what time you leaving allows like three yeah we're kind of leaves that I like I like to you know we're waiting for nacho to brush his teeth because he thinks we're not like the that down yeah we're just going to breakfast they're describing breakfast coming back and then getting ready anyways we have our registration today but our equipments are later so we have more time so we're just gonna get ready later my delicious breakfast so well ha ha we're headed to our registration I think it takes like about an hour because I think they give us a tasting no no like we register what they give us like a survey or something that's what Sophia is then like I don't know but she came back at like 847 and she heard was that eat yeah Caroline's was at a 15 and it's 9 inches yeah so if it also I think it's time in a walk so like yeah like half an hour but it's like nice that today so for then after registration we're gonna get nacho a hot dog yeah it sounds funny we're getting a hot tub and then oh yes it always saying how he should sound like a coffee spot look so I think we're gonna go here and then they're gonna like get us on the way and then we're gonna go to end then to get it replaced yes with the larger size and then we're gonna go to the coffee shop because she says it had like really good coffee so we'll see yes we will I just got out of shot up we just got out of registration I don't know words anymore I got all the classes I wanted yeah how about you nacho yeah I think you get the classes you want to go it's just not what dual okay yeah so we're going to Walgreens cuz puppy is sick now we're headed to NotI for like a goodbye lunch some people are gonna meet us there but we're gonna head to em then to return some stuff and get a different size no like they're like not as bigger than ones like I want her oversized in their night so I'm gonna get a large but we'll see okay so I just finished packing all my stuff back up as you can see it's empty except last suitcase it's actually really sad Chris so I was already left and like I don't know like it was only like three days long but we all like became really close and there's a couple of us left waiting for like ubers or like me after walk to the bus stop orientation was really fun and I think like just like the group of people that I was able to meet like we were we got along really well and I think that's like really important for like the experience like finding like a good group of people to like hang out with them I spend time with them get to know but overall it was like a really good experience and I'm gonna miss being here and I can't wait to come back in the fall hey guys so I'm back in New York I had a really good time met a lot of new people made a lot of new great friends and I hope you guys enjoyed the vlog if you did please give it a big thumbs up and hit the subscribe button down below if you have any questions about orientation please leave them in the comment section and I'll try my best to get back to you all so thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye

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  1. How much walking is involved at orientation? I’m sure it’s a lot but I’m just wondering how bad it will be while I’m on crutches because my orientation is two weeks after my ACL surgery.

    Great video btw 〽️

  2. thank you so much for posting this! i’ve been really anxious lately about my orientation coming up (june 17-19) bc i can definitely be pretty shy and awkward when starting something new. however, watching this really helped me to calm down a little bit. i’m really excited for what’s to come for umich’s class of ‘23! go blue! 💛💙

  3. hello fellow vlogger also going to umich (-: it would be so cool to meet up and do a video together sometime! this made me even more excited for my orientation in july. thank you for sharing your experience!!! best 20 minutes of my day today
    💙💛💙💛 GO BLUE💙💛💙💛

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! My orientation is super late (July 28th) so I’m glad I get a sneak peak 🙂 Go Blue!!

  5. I went to Pinball Pete’s too!! The dude at the desk was really kind. He gave my friends and I friendship bracelets for free “because friendship is forever.”

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