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Uncut Leclerc’s Team Radio After Engine Problem (w/ Subs) | 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix

Uncut Leclerc’s Team Radio After Engine Problem (w/ Subs) | 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix

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  1. ⚠ N.B. ⚠ As you may noticed, in the video I've made a mistake. Charles' race engineer is Xavier M. Padros, not Jock Clear (who's instead is the drivers coach and leading engineer). I'm so sorry guys for the mistake 😢It won't happen again, promised ❤

  2. How weird, fuel problems, like they use more fuel than the rest…
    And he sounds slower after pressing the OIL button…

    Hmmm. Prolly nothing.

  3. Anybody notice how the engineer asked him to “press oil” about halfway through, maybe that’s the mysterious oil leak party mode! Hahaha

  4. Driving current F1 cars is very easy they said. That cars almost drive it them self they said. They race with a lot of aids they said.

  5. It's truly unbelievable that they can listen to the engineer, adjust such a vast array of settings, keep their lines, watch their mirrors, engage drs and ers, adjust brake bias, shift appropriately, hit braking points and apexes, dodge groundhogs on the track, dodge wreckage, overtake other vehicles, fuel save, manage brake temps, manage tire wear, communicate issues to the engineer, flip off competitors, and not wreck doing 200 mph at the same time. What a sport.

  6. Emotional LECLERC in italian language : We Will come back stronger. The car was great until the problem. Thank you guys, thank you very much. We'll be stronger next time. Thank you guys

    DoNotGiveAf**k ENGINEER who has the accent but does not speak/understand italian :
    – "we need multifunction turrrrbo 6, tuuurrrrrrbo 6"

    -"Hey honey ! I have a very goods news. I am pregnant, and I've just won 20 millions € to the lottery ❤👐"

    -"We need multifonction turrrrbo 6, tuuurrrrbo 6"

  7. At the end of the race
    Leclerc: what an amazing race guys, i'm sorry, but i'm sure we will come back stronger ecc.
    Engineer: wE neEd muLtiFUnctIon TuRbo 6

  8. We need more of these!….very cool to hear what these F1 drivers go through in a race and what they have to multitask for 55+ laps!..

  9. I just love how F1 teams are using NATO phonetic alphabet in their comms (instead of only saying "D 15" they say "DELTA 15" to avoid misunderstandings)

    Also, respect for Leclerc and any F1 driver, they handle too many things at the same time in any race!

  10. I hope Charles gets a new engineer next year, this guy can't make him feel calm in the slightest. Bono and Max's engineer have a fairly soothing voice, this guy sounds like if you got through to an Italian call centre to complain about broadband

  11. Proof positive that Ferrari were cheating with fuel usage if ever you needed it. When was the last time an F1 car failed to finish because of fuel shortage? "We'll come back stronger" is code for 'Next race we shall add an extra 8 litres of petrol".

  12. no wonder kimi and alonso was always like : leave me alone..they drive with 300+ km/h and they pit lane is like blah blah blah

  13. It always shocked me how much of a comprehemsive and camling engineers sound compare of the stupid cocky and arrogant attitude of F1 drivers. I get that they are all into adrenaline rush, but except a few exceptions like button or webber I think most of the drivers are just plain assholes, in the top of the chart Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso.

  14. Imagine you have this conversation on the phone with your father telling him you broke the car but you insist to drive until you arrive to your destiny, you will probably end up with two destinies.

  15. Often times I wish F1 would play these as they are happening instead of hearing the pundits, so much agony and drama in their voices

  16. That's interesting. Half the time he is talking to Charles, and the other half is clearly aimed at the listening audience. Whatever, the driver has quite a busy time when things go bad.

  17. I'm rather disillusioned by the level of support that the driver gets.

    Other than driving the car, he simply presses the buttons that he's told to press, and also requires a support regarding the rules. It's a bit like when you get phone support for your computer and you just press the buttons like a dummy.

    Modern F1 isn't as physically challenging as it used to be, by any means. When this is raised, the counter argument is usually that the driver has a lot more to do in the cockpit. This video has quashed that argument in my opinion, as the additional workload doesn't require any knowledge, skill, thinking or intuition.

  18. Gone are the days when the driver just drove the car. God that would drive me mental having those guys talking in my ears the whole race. How much longer will we actually have a driver in the car?

  19. Jesus…. I would be screaming with joy because I got it to go forward at around 30mph. All that programming whilst driving at the limit. Its like trying to send a text whilst inside a washing machine on full spin.

  20. Funny how it's possible for the driver to do all this while racing F1, yet it's illegal to use a cellphone while driving on the street 🙂

  21. Charles, we need ALT+F4, ALT+F4. Charles, we need you enter the password. Password is iohjf4987fc)(543iorvfg. Charles we need you turn on the dishwasher, turn on the dishwasher. Charles we need you say us the result of 878947234 x 89743.

  22. JC's Wife : Honey, what you want to eat?
    JC : I want to eat..*Pause* mac and cheese..mac and cheese..*Pause*with warm water..warm water..*Pause*very good..very good..exellent….

  23. Right after he told them that there is something wrong with the car they found out the issue. If there are any logging from the car reported back to the engineers live then why is no one watching this all the time? Ferrari has failed so many times this year! Now Ferrari needs another engine for Leclerc in the last race! This stuff is unacceptable if you think the sum of money that these companies spent for development.

  24. this gave me chills?!
    is amazing, how much work is in a race and i can't imagine what is before the race too, they make it look so simple.

  25. Alright guys, we need Driver default Delta 15 on and Driver default Delta 15 off.
    No idea what that means, but it sounds like it makes no sense lol

  26. Thinking about the days of Senna and colleagues , when the cars where still cars and not huge, almost self driving, computers with wheels.
    Imagine, they were even clutching and shifting gears manually while driving what the cars could handle, and more.

  27. This video is the answer to the one and only true question:

    Gentlemen, a short view back to the past. Thirty years ago, Niki Lauda told us: "Take a trained monkey, place him into the cockpit and he is able to drive the car." Thirty years later Sebastian told us: "I had to start my car like a computer. It's very complicated." And Nico Rosbeg said, err, he pressed during the race, I don't remember what race, the wrong button on the wheel. Question for you to both. Is formula 1 driving today too complicated with 20 and more buttons on the wheel, are you too much under effort, under pressure? What are your wishes for the future, concerning technical program, errrm, during the race? Less buttons, more? Or less and more comunication with your engineers.

  28. Charles should've been so relaxed by those buttons and dials. Basically he had an entire fidget device in front of him. I bet those buttons dont work, he was just being forced to calm down using a a fidget cube (steering wheel version)

  29. I wonder how come Ferrari can not prevent unforeseen engine failures – given that they are one of the bests. I feel like in F1 sport has subjected young drivers like Leclerc or Versteppan to intentional misfortunes.

  30. "Ok, I can't remember what I need to do now… Never been to this position…" Yeah, everyone has been a novice once! hahaha

  31. When Xavi goes to coffee house: "one coffee, please, one coffee", "keep change, keep change", "thank you, have a nice day, nice day" … 😉

  32. Turn the radios off, let the drivers race. This was hard to listen to and shows the state F1 is in. No wonder so many aren't interested in the sport any more, drivers and spectators alike.

  33. Very interesting how Jock Clear talks on the radio. I would've sworn he is an Italian with an Italian accent before I learned his name and checked out some interviews. He quite clearly puts on this non-native-english-speaker accent on to be understood more easily on the radio.

  34. When F1 is more competitive and its back in the hands of the drivers…. then I will watch again. Because right now, there are only 3 teams in F1.

  35. Excellent, many thanks…really enjoyed Jock`s French accent ;)Yes I know you now know, but couldn`t resist.
    No radio from Kimi? ….Shut up and let me drive the car?

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