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Ubereats Speedrun: Old School Runescape Edition

Ubereats Speedrun: Old School Runescape Edition

Hello everyone it’s Bescape, and did you
know Runescape has a minigame where you become an Ubereats driver? Well…maybe not a driver, you travel on foot
to deliver food and beverages to gnome customers. Imagine if real life Ubereats was like this;
going to Domino’s to pick up someone’s pepperoni pizza and then having to run 5 miles
to deliver it. And then when you get there, they try and
pull this. Anyways, what I’m referring
to is a minigame called Gnome Restaurant, and just as I described; it involves cooking
various delicacies and delivering the creations to various customers as quickly as possible. This minigame provides unique rewards, which
sort of act as tips from the gnome customers. The rewards mainly include various gems, herbs,
and runes, but there are highly sought after items such as the Gnome scarf, and 5 Grand
Seed Pods, worth 700k and 1.2m gold respectively; and I’ll elaborate on these specific rewards
later. So you might be thinking, this seems great
and all, but how does one become a Runescape Ubereats delivery person? Well, to participate in the minigame, players
must complete a tutorial by speaking to Gianne jnr in the Grand Tree, located on the 2nd
floor north of the bank. The tutorial requires the player to train
in the art of gnome cooking by speaking to Aluft Gianne snr. And the gnome cocktails by speaking to Blurberry. A minimum Cooking level of 29 is required
in order to begin the training; and that’s pretty much the only requirement. It’s recommended to have other quests completed
and certain skill levels acquired in order to efficiently complete the deliveries, and
fortunately for me; I do. So the goal for today’s video is to see
how many deliveries I can complete in one hour. I’m going to complete two runs to see how
high of a personal best I can get; one run for practice, and one real run, and in addition,
I hope to reap some of the more expensive rewards. But before I get into the speedrunning, let
me break down the minigame further, since I only covered the basics. There are four different types of creations:
Gnomebowls, Battas, Crunchies, and Cocktails. There’s a step-by-step process you follow
in order to create these goods, with each of them requiring a different Cooking level. I mentioned the minimum Cooking level to participate
in the minigame is only 29, but if you want the ability to create every single good without
any issue, the minimum level is 42; for a gnomebowl called a Chocolate Bomb. Fortunately though, these goods are tradable,
and you can simply buy them on the Grand Exchange, which is the game’s trading system. However, there are pros and cons to doing
this. You could totally stockpile these goods ahead
of time and simply have them ready to go in your inventory for whenever you take a delivery,
or withdraw them from your bank as you go. The minigame itself doesn’t force you to
make them yourself per delivery; unless you’re an Ironman, in which your account is already
self-restricted from trading with players. You could make the goods as you go, but it’s
inefficient if you’re trying to be the Gnome Restaurant speedrun master. So if you do buy them from the Grand Exchange,
well there’s one problem. Some of these goods are hardly traded, and
if you do somehow manage to buy them, you’ll be paying an arm and a leg for them. The main incentive of this minigame is to
make gold, so paying thousands of coins for goods negatively affects the profits. So even though it’s time consuming, making
the goods from scratch before doing speedrun attempts is the best method. Again, going back to real life Ubereats, imagine
a customer ordered a BigMac from McDonald’s, but instead of going there to pick it up,
you were able to make it ahead of time in your mom’s kitchen. And then when you deliver it, instead of complaining
that there’s no drink, they’re pissed because you forgot the fries. So once you have the goods ready to go, make
your way to Gianne jnr and select if you’d like to do an easy or a hard order. Easy orders are located in or around the Tree
Gnome Stronghold and need to be completed within six minutes. Hard orders are located anywhere in Runescape
and need to be completed within twelve minutes. The pros of completing easy orders is that
you’re pretty much restricted to one area, and there aren’t any huge requirements in
order to reach the gnome customers. The main con is that the rewards are terrible
compared to hard orders. The main tip can range anywhere from 2 to
500 coins, and you cannot obtain the Gnome scarf or Grand seed pods from easy orders. The gnome scarf is only available from Captain
Ninto and Captain Daerkin and has a 1 in 17 drop rate, and the Grand seed pods are only
available from Wingstone, Penwie, Professor Professor Manglethorp, and also Brambickle; which are a 1 in 22 drop rate. Every one of these customers are from hard
orders. Also hard orders are just as fast to complete
compared to easy orders; they’re only considered hard because of the various teleports you
need to reach the customers efficiently, and because they’re scattered across the Runescape
map. The last key point I’d like to include is
that you earn points towards a reward token. Every easy delivery you make gives you one
point and hard deliveries earn three points. After you earn 12 points, your first token
is given. After that, every twelve points you earn gives
you an additional food item to be delivered. When you use the reward token, a gnome will
actually make a delivery TO YOU, yes you. It’s not instantaneous once you use it,
but they will give you gnome food such as those you’re delivering. It’s a way to get food on command if you’re
anywhere in the game, but there are way better alternative methods of obtaining food on the
go, such as using the Bones to Peaches spell, which turns any bones in your inventory to
peaches. The tokens are only useful if you collect
ten of them. Once you collect ten, Gianne will state that
you should go on vacation after all your hard work, but gives you the option to continue
delivering for tips. At this point, you can click on Gianne after
he gives you a name and restart the conversation. This allows you to ‘choose’ your target,
making acquiring unique items such as the gnome scarf, easier, as you can pick Ninto
or Daerkin as your customers. In a speedrun sense, this is pretty much useless
as you have to go through the vacation dialogue repeatedly for each order after ten tokens
have been earned. And if you don’t like the first customer
Gianne assigns, you still have to go through the dialogue each time unless you redeem the
reward token. If you want to farm the unique rewards, then
do not redeem the reward token, otherwise you’ll have to earn ten of them all over
again. Also you might be thinking, couldn’t you
just skip deliveries without using the vacation dialogue? Well, you can, but there’s a 5 minute penalty
in which you cannot take orders. Anyways, I think I have covered everything
you need to know about Gnome Restaurant, so let’s jump right into the speedruns. In the first hour, I managed to complete 49
deliveries, however I lost quite a bit of time over the course of the hour. I haven’t quite memorized the exact locations
of the various customers, so I had to constantly refer to the Wiki page. Also, I went to the wrong customer twice,
so I had to backtrack in order to reach them. For the most part, I was lucky in the fact
that I had the specific goods ready to go in my inventory, and that way, I could start
navigating towards the customers without having to bank first. I did manage to obtain two unique rewards,
the Gnome goggles AND Gnome scarf from Captain Ninto; and they’re definitely stylish. Had I not messed up as much as I did, I think
I could have easily completed upwards of around 53 deliveries. Like I stated earlier, most of the hard orders
can be completed extremely quickly, but there’s one customer that’s a pain to deliver to. His name is Brambickle, and reaching him involves
teleporting to a place called Trollheim, climbing down a series of rocks, and running through
a cave full of ice trolls. I was assigned him three times in the run,
and I believe you could possibly complete upwards of 60 deliveries per hour if he’s
not assigned as a customer. But he is one of the customers that awards
Grand seed pods, so if you want the chance to make a lot of gold, it’s basically a
trade-off. I price checked the final loot obtained during
this run, and the grand total was 872k, and without the unique rewards, it was 175k. So it’s not the best money maker in-game,
but I find this minigame pretty fun as a speedrun. So since I got my practice in, it was now
time to complete the second speedrun. The second hour I got much better results. Most of the orders were from customers that
can be reached through the gnome gliders. This includes Captain Bleemadge; whom I was
assigned about a dozen times, Captain Dalbur, Captain Klemfoodle, and Gnormadium Avlafrim. The glider gnomes are the fastest deliveries
in game, so luck was on my side in this run. I did however make some tiny mistakes in this
run, and my banking wasn’t the fastest. Usually after I complete about seven orders
or so, I’ll deposit everything in the bank and withdraw all the goods I think I’ll
need, in the hopes that the customers will want what’s in my inventory. The biggest time save in the run is minimizing
how often you need to bank, and of course if you get the fast deliveries. After the hour, I went back through the video
of my run and documented all the tips I received just like I did in the first run, and to my
surprise, I completed 59 deliveries. Now I haven’t timed how long it takes to
reach every single Gnome, but I was under the impression that you would only be able
to average one delivery every minute; since you have to teleport back to the Grand Tree
to speak to Gianne after each delivery. This alone takes about fifteen seconds. But with the mistakes that I made, and the
fact that I did receive slow deliveries such as Brambickle for example, I probably could
have completed 65 deliveries in the hour. Maybe with insane RNG and minimal banking,
70 deliveries is possible. Unfortunately, I did not receive any Gnome
scarves or Grand seed pods, but I did receive 2 Gnome goggles, which again, have the same
rarity as a Gnome scarf. I price-checked the loot and it came out to
be 263k; which is actually pretty high considering I didn’t receive any valuable drops. Even though this is basically an RNG speedrun,
I think it would be interesting if this got added to; since you know, Camo
Top% is on there, and that’s a meme speedrun. I might return to this at some point in the
future, possibly calling the category 50 deliveries or something, rather than what I did, which
was to complete as many deliveries in one hour. Also my PB of 59 deliveries in one hour is
definitely beatable, so I challenge anyone to break it. If you enjoyed the video; be sure to give
it a big thumbs up, as it supports the channel and helps recommend this video to more faces. I do have a lot of speedrunning related videos
in the works, so if you are interested, feel free to subscribe to the channel with notifications
on so you don’t miss them. That’s all from me today, thank you very
much for watching, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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