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Ty Jerome: ACC Basketball's Top Performances

Ty Jerome: ACC Basketball's Top Performances

Jerome has been terrific so far in this ball game time he does so many things he's the perfect Virginia point guard because of his size you can switch him out defend the one the tour of the three and noticed big long active guys on the wing attacking the class under boys and and ever out of number 11 white a packed house ready for this one in Charlottesville [Applause] Monday night I get seriously around the rim when he's on the wall that you're all for three [Applause] Jerome as hit six of his last seven three ran the ball screen by transition J hop is enter the game forward he's a big guardian angel [Applause] shot clock reset [Applause] [Applause] water look by to roll he's a full 66 this kid his factory unassuming we around the ball and once that opening tip is off it is it is all on for number 11 and white he will be the best shooter we've ever had slides into another buck just aggressive hard determined dry [Applause] [Applause] under way thanks for the hey act like it not besides they thought has gravity ability right five of why oil has gotten back-to-back sports Jerome has 21 and that Virginia will not do they play to their place and their boys market has driven the ball to get themselves alive here enough [Applause] extremely talk what [Applause] gave you driving

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