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TVS Apache RR 310 First Ride Review : The New Contender? +Giveaway!

TVS Apache RR 310 First Ride Review : The New Contender? +Giveaway!

Team Power Drift has a crazy-ass surprise for you. So hit the like button, subscribe and do not forget to watch this video till the end, What’s up folks. Welcome to PowerDrift. Now it’s been a long time coming and you and I have waited with bated breath. A bike that commemorates 35 years of unrivaled racing legacy. Forged and brought to life with the same ethos and principles that I’ve seen TVS dominate two-wheel Indian Motorsports like no other manufacturer has. It has indeed then been a long time waiting for TVS’s first fully faired most powerful sport bike. The Apache RR 310. Design after the shark, the most feared predator on the planet The stance is aggressive, the bodywork streamlined in the wind tunnel and fit and finish that is befitting of a flagship. And then there the chunky 41 mm forks and monoshock from Kayaba. A die cast aluminium swing arm. Steel braided lines. Bybre radial calipers. Dual channel abs as standard and a 312 CC liquid-cooled heart. All jointly developed with BMW. All this put together revs the Apache RR 310 right up to its 10600 redline pumping enough blood in the veins to hit the 60 kmph mark in 2.75 seconds and 100 kmph in 6.28 seconds. Not bad. What a 312 cc single which pumps out thirty four horses and 27 Newton meters of torque and one which also had that insanely tall 17-42 sprocket setup. So I’m sure with a shorter sprocket setup the ride would be punchier. For the fueling is good I also like the power delivery. It’s very linear and even the gearbox started out a little clunky in the morning, it’s now quite smooth. Now displacement is important and one might say that this doesn’t have a whole lot of that. But for the sort of experience this motorcycle intends to provide to the rider, it’s important that it work to be an agile one which means apart from displacement, engineering is going to play a big role. And I will explain you just that. You see sport motorcycle manufacturers across the globe would want their motorcycle to have a short wheelbase. It would then be more agile, but if the wheelbase is too short then the motorcycle becomes unstable in corners. For that reason they would want a long swing arm. However if you increase the length of the swing arm you would inadvertently, increase the wheelbase of the motorcycle So what do you do in a case like this? Well TVS engineers in this particular case have placed the single cylinder slightly slanted backwards with the exhaust coming out at the back thereby increasing the mass centralization of the motorcycle and also allowing the engineers to pull the swing arm pivot further forward towards the front wheel which then creates an opportunity to extend the swing arm at the back. There you go folks then, you have a motorcycle with a short wheelbase and with a long swing arm. The Apache RR 310. But that’s just a theory. Will it all work? Yes, it works. In the sense it has given the RR 310 a very light nimble handling. It goes into corners very very sweetly without sacrificing on stability. Well when you start pushing? You do feel that the shock is little on the softer side and the bike does move around even though you bump up the preload. But then again I love the feedback from the chassis. What I wish I could see the same about the tires. The grip is not a problem with the Michelin. The problem is the feedback. There’s not enough feedback which gives you the confidence which is very very crucial to stitch together a fast lap time. Speaking of a fast lap time how fast can the Apache RR 310 really go? Good thing then that we brought along a multiple national champion Jagan to stitch together the fastest possible lap on this day. And to catch him live on his hot lap we put sergeant Sagar on his tail. Well it was quite fast, you guys were having a blast. I saw that and Jagan does what? 206 I know that’s not very fast, but that’s definitely not slow. Yeah, I would agree man I mean the bike is born stock with mirrors and everything and also taking into account the track conditions which are not the best with the downpour that we had day before. So it was quite dirty in a few places and Jagan had to take it easy. So on a good day I’m pretty sure he could shave off another 2 or 3 seconds. And the best part is you don’t have to be Jagan to enjoy this motorcycle. From whatever I’ve ridden I think it also has the makings of a really good road bike as well. By the way guys I’m really sorry that we couldn’t get you Jagan talking about the bikes straight and that was because Jagan had a race tomorrow in Thailand so he really had to rush out to catch a flight. But before going out he had this to say about the bike. He says he loves this bike because it can really put in consistent lap times. I second that. Oh, it’s not perfect, No bike is. For the track as I mentioned the suspension is still on the softer side. It doesn’t get a slip and assist clutch like its competition does. The vibrations from the large single cylinder could have been better insulated as the pegs get buzzy at about 6500 rpm and on the roadside the tank for a sportstourer is only 11 liters. Yeah, not the best, the pillion seat is really really small I almost think that I’m nitpicking. Right? Because The other thing I’m actually gonna stick my neck out and say that this is probably the best product we have seen in terms of striking the balance between touring and riding on the racetrack. Let’s say the R3, right. Fantastic motorcycle, I love it. But on the track it was really really soft You know the suspension was too soft. The RC on the other end, It’s a track tool, Great. But on the road it’s miserable. It is so stiff, it heats up. This one slots it right in the middle. If you remember, in our 300 CC shootout the R3 came out as a winner, because it struck such a good balance, and here you are saying that, this strikes an even better balance than the R3. It has one cylinder less, makes less power to compare to the others. But then there’s a price, right? I know TVS have been tight-lipped about the price. It is going priced lower than the RC 390. And there will be quite a bang for buck. Yeah, and also really really versatile. And man, look at it right, it looks fantastic, I think a lot of people will buy just for the way it looks. For sure. Ok Sagar, I’m gonna have to interrupt you here. Okay. Let’s just get this going. Folks, this, it’s only gonna get darker from here, and we are out of time. The Sun is down. We’re not gonna be able to get you any more dope on this beautiful motorcycle. The Apache RR 310. But I hope you enjoyed our short little bust…on the racetrack. But I hope you enjoyed. Ok, but I hope you enjoyed a short little burst here on the racetrack today We’ll be getting more such content out to you very quickly. Especially a street review or road review of this sports tourer out here. Thanks a lot for watching Then guys do remember to subscribe to the channel, share this video out with your friend…Cause you don’t want to miss out on the giveaway that is coming right to your way. An unbelievable giveaway. It’s for the first time ever that we’re doing this at PowerDrift. We’re gonna be going out in the market. iPhone…No it’s not an iPhone. It’s not a Oneplus either. We’re gonna be going out in the market. We’re gonna be buying this bike and then we’re gonna be gifting it to one lucky deserving winner which is definitely not him. Can be you. Thanks a lot for watching guys. It’s over. Ciao.

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  2. Love the way you guys do the stuff. As you are the experts i am in a crisis searching a motorbike. I am around 120 kgs and currently riding TVS Apache RTR 180 since 2014. I have 3 bikes to choose from TVS Apache RR 310, KTM Duke 390 and RC 390 which you would suggest eagerly waiting for your advice. Keep doing this jolly work love you guys. #PDArmy

  3. Is the giveaway is about a poster of the bike, must be kidding, it's been a year n no updates about giveaways..

    Don't kill our hopes 😉

  4. Powerdrift one of the best professional​ auto channel on YouTube.
    The way they shoot and edit .
    There anchor
    Everything perfect.

  5. @PowerDrift I have been riding the right side gear royal enfield for the past 10
    years. I have never ever ridden another bike so far in my life. I have
    learned to ride only in the right side gear. Now I have sold my bike and
    seriously looking at TVS racing. Although I have never ridden any bike
    with Disc, ABS, FI or the left side gear bike I am inclined and almost
    decided to go for either 200 FI or this RR310 which one should I go for
    money is not a concern but I am wondering will buying a RR310 and
    learning the roads will do justice or should I make myself comfortable
    with just 200 4v ? between I am a quick learner and I have passion
    towards bike.. So kindly suggest me your advise

  6. NO GRAB RAILS & LESS MILAGE are the most disappointing thing's in this bike , but I love this bike and i hope TVS manufacturers FIX THIS ISSUE within 2020.

  7. TVS should also release RR 200 in the market. A rival to rs 200 and can definitely get a bigger sales figures. Guys This must happen!

  8. While you quote it lacks the feedback in the corners. Do you think upgrading tyres (stock to say metz or something else u recommend) will make that better?

  9. Hi powerdrift… I want to buy a new bike and I'm a normal city rider, but I wanted the bike with some subtle design mods I.e. providing double discs at front and making rear tyres as 190 with no company decals complete red thing… Could it be possible ?

  10. Going to buy the new edition 2019 apache310 , hope the vibrations are less at the handle bars and fuel tank .
    Fingers crossed

  11. According to looks which byk is best only according to looks apche rr 310,r15 v3,ktm rc 200 or suzuki guxxer sf 155.plz rply

  12. I've always been a fan of Apache Motors cause its user friendly and provides greater handling despite the adrenaline power by the opponents. Never seen a economy class flagship with great balance between tourer and sports. Lots of love and still a dream to make one mine ❤️

  13. Waiting to swing my legs on to this machine and go for a long long tour. It's more track oriented rather than touring. Challenge will be when it cone across bumps and portholes.

  14. For those who are wondering who won the giveaway… Its me .. yep it's mee…

    Yea the screenshot of this bike in review is in my phone so hence I won the bike 😅😅

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  17. My favorite ❤️ company motorcycle TVS RR 310 and this is my best looking bike and Sark design, sporti look I love tvs

  18. These is worst bike and plzz do not advertise because i have purchase a new bike last month and it also not driven 800km and get a oil leakage problem from head and tvs is also not giving a satisfactory answer

  19. Hello crew…am a owner of rtr 160 …and here i saw elder brother of my champ….an i want to win this for my brother….i love powerdrift…if i win it'll make me soo happy than heaven ❤️💯✨

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