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TT Isle of Man 2 | Davey Todd Interview

TT Isle of Man 2 | Davey Todd Interview

Hi my name is Davey Todd, I ride for Honda Racing at the Isle of Man TT. I start racing at 6 years old and start riding motorcycle at 3. Race motocross for years and years. The last couple of years
I have been racing on TT Isle Of Man. I used so much for me learning the circuit
to got to the Isle of Man to race for the first time. Was a massive part of helping me achieve
the second fastest newcomer of all time around the circuit. Generally the best method I used was playing the game. Just before the TT, for my first year in 2018, I was actually second place on the leaderboard on Playstation 4. I Knew I was ready for racing the TT
When I can do complete laps no crashing and fast laps too, it gave me the confidence to race there for my first time. As some tips, because the game is so realistic, you have to be careful on the gas, careful on the brakes, really smooth with the racing line,
I think it makes you a better rider in real life too. so first start, the physics improvement, I think are awesome. You know the bike handling is so much more realistic,
with the direction changes, you can see the rider moving first,
moving before the bike leans over. New selection of bikes I think is really cool, so many more bikes across the spectrum, with the Supersport and Superbike machinery. But now it’s super exciting to have classic bike machinery as well. The new career mode is a really cool feature for me. I always like to experience a career. It makes you feel a part of the real-life journey that we take as riders, having to go through all the races to gain your signatures to be able to get to the TT
and actually be allowed to race in the TT. I love the bikes’ sounds in the game. They sound really realistic, especially
love the pop the exhaust gives with the flames when you change gear. That’s one of my favorite sound in real life. The first time I ever went to the TT was 2017, just go as spectator,
and for the first time I stood there by the side of the road, watch the bike come by, and i saw “Man this is completely crazy” and this is exactly what I want to do. One of the best feelings around the TT,
is just going at such speed And it’s crazy to be going trough the town
and you can see the 30mph limits signs and you go and past them at 200mph. you think in your head this should not be allowed. it’s crazy but it gives you such an amazing feeling nothing beats it.

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