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Trump Shreds The Constitution To Punish Migrant Children

Trump Shreds The Constitution To Punish Migrant Children

You know, just when you thought that the Trump
administration could not get any more heartless or disgusting with their treatment of immigrants
along our southern border, those housed in those detention facilities, um, that go ahead
and make things so much worse for these people. Specifically for the unaccompanied minors
that they have locked up in these detention facilities. The Trump administration announced
this week, they're there effectively and immediately cutting off all legal aid services to these
children who they have locked away whose only crime. A misdemeanor, by the way, was crossing
the u s border, not at a port of entry. That's a misdemeanor. They've been locked up, some
of them for well over a month. The average stay time is about 48 days and now the Trump
administration says, guess what? We're not going to foot the bills for your legal fees
anymore. We're not going to give you access to information to help win an asylum case
or to help seek citizenship. We're done. We're cutting you off. And Ladies
and gentlemen, that is 100% unconstitutional because these children are locked up awaiting
court cases for allegedly, again, breaking the crime of crossing the border illegally,
which is a crime here in the United States, so they're being prosecuted under US law and
anyone being prosecuted under us. Law is protected by the US Constitution and the US Constitution
says you have a right to legal representation and the Trump administration is taking that
away from these children. They're violating the constitution here. Now there's another
side of this story and this is the side of the story that for some reason everybody wants
to focus on because they're not just cutting the legal services for these children. They're
also cutting the school services and the extracurricular activities that these kids have every single
day. Because here's the thing, while these kids are locked up there, they were still
giving them classes, basically making it like a prison school almost.
So they would have their classes, they would have English classes, they would have, you
know, extracurricular activities. Soccer is the big one everybody's talking about right
now. While they're cutting it. Everybody's freaking out about that because yes, look,
those things are important for children. Education obviously one of the most important things
on the planet for children and that is disgusting, but I'm less concerned about the extracurricular
activities than I am about the fact that this president and his administration are once
again crapping all over the u s constitution. To me, I think that's a bit of a bigger deal
by stripping them of legal aid that is unconstitutional and it's not going to stand up in any court
of law. As for the other part, you know, cutting the, the education and the extracurricular
activities. There was actually a court ruling back in I think 1997 that said, you have to
provide those things. So yes, that one's also going to get overturned.
These kids will eventually get taken care of, but unfortunately it's going to take the
time and resources for lawyers to fight these cases. They know they're going to win. The
Trump administration knows they're going to lose, but it's going to drain these organizations
of resources and it's going to give them a little bit of a reprieve because they claim
they're just running out of money because we got so many kids locked away. There's just
so many kids we've had over 40,000 just this year and they don't want to pay for it anymore.
They would rather put that money towards, you know, building more detention facilities
so we can, we can house more on accompanied minors, you know, maybe get some bigger child
cages so you can throw a few more in there. That's what they want to be spending the money
on. But here's the thing, if you want to lock these kids in a jail, then you also are admitting
by doing that, that they are also protected by the United States constitution. And because
of that, you can not deny them the right to legal aid and representation. Every court
in this country, no matter how right wing the judges may be, we'll understand that that
is unconstitutional. But doing something unconstitutional thus far in his administration has not ever
proven to be something that will stop Donald Trump.

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  1. Then the king of Egypt told the Hebrew midwives, whose names were Shiphrah and Puah, 16 “When you help the Hebrew women in childbirth, look at the child when you deliver it. If it’s a boy, kill it, but if it’s a girl, let it live.”

    17 However, the midwives feared God and didn’t obey the king of Egypt’s orders. They let the boys live. 18 So the king of Egypt called for the midwives. He asked them, “Why have you done this? Why have you let the boys live?”

    19 The midwives answered Pharaoh, “Hebrew women are not like Egyptian women. They are so healthy that they have their babies before a midwife arrives.”

  2. The detention facilities are better than anyplace these illegals have ever been.
    Too bad the loony left doesn't care as much for poor American kids !!!

  3. Ya but they have all the fox news tv for free. Who needs education and fun when you have free cable.
    Every video of migrant detention where I've seen a tv in the background has a fox logo.
    Fox is the digital Flint Michigan water supply.

  4. Hate to break it to you, but these constitutional violations won't be protected by any judge, because they will be trump appointees.

  5. Poor Faron, Are you still expecting Trump's judges to abide by the Law? It won't be too long before he'll be able to have them change those Law's whether WE like it or not…along with many others, like Term Limits. Even the Constitution itself could easily be broken with just a few more Votes and then…puff, over night, it's all gone! No more Constitution, no more Democracy, not even the illusion of freedom anymore! THAT'S where we're headed, imho, boys and girls and I really don't know if we're gonna be able to pull out of it this time. God, I hope so but Trump, McConnell and Barr are absolute traitors to us, the Nation and the planet and we ALL know what the penalty for that is SUPPOSED to be…(somebody get the baby a blindfold, coward that he is!). The rest of the complicit Republicans AND Democrats should rot in regular prison. The same one you or I would be sent to…not some Ivy League white collar Federal daycare! Trump wanted his Cohn so badly but I'd be willing to bet not nearly as much as WE want our Booth or Oswald right about now, lol! It's a joke, Stormtroopers! Please don't disappear me! What a world, what a world.

  6. And they call the democrats the evil ones
    There both bad but the tRump administration and the Republican's are out of control. There racist to anyone non-white

  7. Yeah, because locking them up in cages, separating them from their parents, raping them and denying them medical treatment isn't bad enough for innocent children, is it? America is becoming a lot worse than Germany under the Nazis.

  8. By the gods…the next person will have to spend more than 8 years just cleaning up after this residents mess…

  9. Trump and republicans are murdering imigrent children. The shame of Mitch McConnell to ban Doctors from camps . By refusing medical care to helpless children who being held in overcrowded camps he is killing them. Republican's I understand that you do not want to have he imigrants here. But to murder kids for a political point I'd beyound belief!! Fore Shame. Be thankful that they are not your kids.

  10. People ..when the fuck are we gonna retaliate and burn this motherfucker with his whole fucking family..when God when

  11. Trump was ready to wipe himself with the constitution the moment he got elected. No wonder he treats everyone except his rich allies like crap.

  12. Don't forget The Idiot's minions are employing registered sex offenders to watch over the children!

  13. You know what, why even HAVE a Constitution if this orange bastard (not manchild, an BASTARD) is going to shred it as he sees fit? He clearly doesn't care about it, why should we, really?

    Nevermind, don't answer that… Because by adhereing to the Constitution, we actually have pride in America that this man and his ilk obviously lack. Otherwise, he'd grow a damn brain and understand there is no way in the even the deepest part of Hell that exists that he can get away with something like this.

  14. Trump don't give sh*t about the Constitution. He wants Trumpstitution. He want to be able to destroy the Constitution we know us and do his own laws. We need to fight this fat orange kid.

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