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Treehouse Getaway! Outdoor Showers!

Treehouse Getaway! Outdoor Showers!

Appaji house and then I got a little view just a little property we stand on the farm right now y'all so okay go we're gonna bring our things in oh and we got a suit told you it and that's move cue hangers see and one hour let's go see the showers this outside shop yeah yeah good morning guys so it is Ashley's birthday happy birthday hey Oh Gibby hey Gibby yeah you got to stand up and get in that mom yeah we are just not waking up for the morning is 7:53 we woke up at like 7:25 use the bathroom and stuff because we have to go really bad because we are not used to holding it at night like because the bathroom is a little ways away and we're gonna show you how where the bathroom him we're about to go take a shower so excited outdoor shower we're we're probably gonna shower together this is outdoor shower and it's some people frame a shower so we're gonna see how much water comes out first and then we'll be able to you know engage if you can take a shower together and I'm excited and maybe do it for you guys okay outside this ever because I saw at the house it definitely does not fit both of us came overnight I appreciate that thing so yeah those are bad phone yeah we don't actually though so but this is how high we have in the trees right now wait really answer nature like that but Ashley luckily she is so today we're gonna just explore this harm and probably go out and grab some meat and just a little bit of where we are but you know from the shadows we kind of like exploring at this one cuz I'm always behind the camera so that was a nice shower well good because it was outside and it's like a natural breeze of air yeah we're surrounded by trees it's so amazing in that little house now I'm about to go ahead and make us some coffee because I need so you're enjoying our nakedness with the wildlife because we're still naked I'm having jaws on guys forever ah so don't let some clothes oh the animals might come out the animals sometimes you gotta tame you know but what's it doing you I have address here from forever21 my Steve Madden purse my fans and all of my jury fake engineers from forever 21 and much for watching so today yeah 21 for xiao lu always oh we should've never worn last night lose our creeped out Oh actually scared of the freaking deform dog I'm not scared of him I need to see what I was like earlier I bet you hear that somebody out there somebody no it's not it was his ass came to the door why don't you wanna for you just came out about the house I know yes he's definitely a farm dog you gotta figure out what his name is oh yeah I don't know so good morning guys we're going to clean up our mess for today so last morning probably gonna clean up and then head out so they get back on the river to go home so we can kind of relax at the house for the rest of the day cuz really don't got much to do but ash is about to wash the coffee pot in the coffee cups so we can just put stuff back is it watch them watch the dish um yeah you guys ain't doing much more than this you guys seen the showers you guys seen the lovely place but stay tuned tomorrow we will be uploading the whole tree house tour so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure you would like comment and subscribe you guys and love you guys see you next time

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  1. Me and the babes died laughing at y’all shower scene. When y’all was sitting on that deck, it look like y’all was looking for cameras 😩😫😆😂 Y’all are so silly! And happy anniversary to you both!

  2. This was such a dope video! I love you ladies!! Beautiful couple and what a lovely family you two have created. Wonderful mother's! Keep up the fabulous work!!

  3. Thank you for this video the video was awesome thank you for everything that you have done and I hope you have a great time on your trip I hope everything went well with you and her I hope everything that you can get into want to do for your birthday and your anniversary I love you guys for the good work

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