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Traxxas Slash Mudboss indoor concrete oval racing

this is gonna be right off-the-cuff this
is vlog number one and we’re not sure what we’re going to call this channel so yes
it’s gonna be guys and we’ll see what they’re up to and hopefully we’ll show
you guys a little bit what we got going on in our cars my buddy Jon he’s gonna
be like one of the stars on this channel here you’re pretty nervous right now got
my stock Slash right here in front Jon stock slash got his bodies up here
putting the bodies on the car here in a little bit
see what Jon got going on he’s getting the car ready see what special stuff
he’s got on that rag nothing no nothing on your nothing on your rag Wow he got a
ton of traction huh Jon was like number one qualifier so far in the first round
it’s time of like 4.882 Tim’s 4.884 and both these cars are running in 13.5 and we’re
getting our butts kicked in that but we don’t even care it’s just track time going over to my buddy mark being the other star in the vlog here pretty cool-looking
body he’s got going on it’s not a mudboss body homemade body but we’re allowed to
run anything that resembles a modified body in this class right yep what do
you got going on with your car man stock slash cool getting your butt kicked yep my buddy
Tim what’s going on guys you think you have what it takes to stay up front with
the powerful two tonight yeah I beat them it before it won’t be the last time now
we can record everything Tim got on his car when you look at it later and really dial in our cars a little bit better
Tim you have a podcast don’t you we’ve had ERC on there and several chassis manufacturers things like that
and we have drivers we’ve had Zach Cox on there and Josh Moser so my personal
friends and some other people whats the name RC Dirt Oval got anything on your car
that special maybe I’m seeing some weight going on there
what’s that how much weight you got going on three ounces couple slabs three
ounces on the left side yes that looks pretty good last week we had a problem traction rolling yeah we
were flipping all over the place weren’t we we were bicycling cars were going in the
corner getting up on the side and flipping out all over the place well
want some cookies green green green Oh crapola
well man she ran pretty good yeah just got done running them two heats and I
don’t know I’m gonna Jons qualified top guy or not
marks a little wore out Tim’s cool dude man he’s eating ain’t worried about
anything legends right here Tim and Rick legends yeah you and Rick you two guys the
legends man sure Rick is a legend how’d you do were you close SC mod class here guys
are getting around here pretty good should be on the pole should be on the
pole and jon Imhoff should be sitting second gonna be a close race checking out my
car mostly stock mudboss stock motor stock controller got a mylaps counter on there and I run
5800 batteries probably aren’t the best but I
don’t even care the Traxxas batteries I like them there’s my stock controller tires yeah we did a little bit of stuff
to the tires tonight because it’s indoor racing and you can see my weight set up
I got a little bit on the left side one on the right not a big deal Tim’s probably the closest to stock mudboss
rules though I’m closer to what the local rules are right you stock rules
all the way all the way through right getting ready for Harrisburg yeah and
you have a salvas body don’t you right yeah TQ rep yeah what are you TQ rep oh
cool all right this is Salvas right you bought
that from salvas so Tim’s got an actual Salvas body his whole car is the salvas
rules where me and John we have a little bit more homemade bodies that we
run at the local track all legal as long as they look like a dirt modified body
which is what we tried to do getting ready for the feature you’re gonna see a
ton of carnage tonight save my battery for the feature maybe do something in there I had
weight on the right maybe it won’t make me crash doubtful peace and then we’re up next
feature time think I’m gonna beat them I think John second I’m dead last
no you’re not you’ve been pretty good about a couple minutes you ready to rock and roll we’re gonna strap the camera to my head
you can see the carnage of this race we got like nine guys got like nine guys
in this race coming up it’s gonna be nasty Tim’s out
making laps Jon’s over there just making stuff got our competition behind
us here that’s the fastest guy right there in 13:5 pretty fast next fastest
guy in mudboss yeah you’re always there yeah and I’ll be doing this once a week
so subscribe to my channel and check back every week if there’s a race we’re
gonna be doing it and I’m gonna get a little bit more in depth with the cars
too so I’m gonna give away everything I know that I know about a mudboss which
isn’t a lot I mean I only started a couple weeks ago but I’ll tell you guys
what i do to my car I don’t care and then you can pick up whatever you want true legends in this RC deal I’m not one
of them you guys looking for that no this is just me vlogging what’s going on
on a Friday night Saturdays we’ll see what happens
getting ready to strap the camera to my head think I’m the pole sitter here i’ll be
leading these guys down the green know your fast time but I took the top
qualifier I did more laps 46 laps – la di dada you’re 45 time to go Oh two down two to go and thats 4 minutes thank you thanks good race guys
pretty good for a while maybe went caution-free for a while oh Jon get
your car together then that just goes right back together yeah I got oil
i got a whole spare shock what are you doing don’t wanna hear no giving up like that your not
the give up guy here’s my parts bag take whatever you want out of there the most tedious setup guy ever is
thrashing to get ready for this next race and back together here we go 13.5 in for the win good job get 2nd good job nice race me
13.5 group this is the end of the Vlog week number one check in
next week we’ll be at it again got Jon tonight finishing third in his first
ever 13:5 race to mayhem right I didn’t think we’re gonna make it out after the
stock race bust the shock spindle block got it fixed up hammered it out major pressure and got 3rd and the car wasn’t even right
whoa stout man what do you think tonight yeah i’m out yeah week one of the vlog and we’ll see you guys next week
later bye-bye

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