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Tour de France 2019 Preview: Contenders, Favorites and Stage Analysis | NBC Sports

Tour de France 2019 Preview: Contenders, Favorites and Stage Analysis | NBC Sports

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  1. This is really a very insufficient analysis of the Tour contenders. How can you not mention 2 out of the 3 biggest favourites????!

  2. Porte was a no-show at the ToC….. I think he's a great rider, but he won't make the top 10 unless one of the others crashes out….. same goes for Cav…. glad he's off the roster. My bet: the Yates bros will shine, but this one is Thomas's to lose unless some misfortune strikes.

  3. Thomas is clearly not favorite to win this year. Way off. I mean he can win, but it would be a surprise. Kruiswijk, Buchmann are also top 3 contenders.

  4. no word about Tom Dumolin,Nibali,Landa by these guys.they would have being better mentioned.isnt it guys?

  5. Bob, glad you are back. Lots of wild guesses for the TdF podium
    My 1st Prediction: a Central American podium-Quintana, Uran, Bernal.
    2nd. An Ineos Podium—Thomas, Bernal, Moscon
    3rd. Crash outs—Thomas, Yates, Uran, kreswik, VanGardenen, Sagan

  6. Very poor research. Stage 5 will be brutal??? Two category 3 and two category 2 climbs, and a 10km pan-flat finish.Try stage 6; 3 category 1 climbs, including the finish!

  7. Has this Bob watched any cycling this year? or did he just take a look at the previous tdf results, and made something up.

  8. Someone told me that they thought some of rich, running nba basketball players could last with these unreal athlete riders, all would drop out the first day. I know it’s a crazy comparison.

  9. T and Bernal are the joint leaders of Ineos, any bog standard research would have brought that up. Do your job propperly.

  10. the only way bob could be more accurate in his analysis is to know which team has the best doping program, without that bit of knowledge, no one will be able to predict the outcome…and for the idiot in the comments section who wants lance armstrong on the nbc team…why not greg lemond, now his commentary would be priceless!

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