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Top 100 Things Fortnite Players Say

Top 100 Things Fortnite Players Say

1) Hit him once. 2) Hit him twice. 3) Where did this guy go? 4) He’s one shot. 5) Can you ready up? 6) Can I build? Can I build!? 7) Are you lagging? 8) He’s on me. He’s on me! He’s on me!!!!! Wow, man! 9) I would’ve killed him if it wasn’t for
the lag. 10) Stop taking my loot! 11) Are they taking Tilted out? 12) If I kill him, then it’s my loot. 13) They’re not taking Tilted out? 14) North north. Left to right. Left to right! 15) Do you have a mic? 16) Do you speak English? 17) Got a guy northeast moving right to left. 18) Let’s go factories. 19) Kobe! 20) Let’s go Snobby Shores. 21) Those guys were definitely on PC. 22) Let’s go Flush. 23) He’s over there. 24) Where is there? Where is there!? 25) That’s not my trap. That’s not my trap! 26) How many squad wins you got? 27) Dark Voyager east. 28) How many solo wins you got? 29) We got a John Wick west. 30) How did I miss that shot? 31) Who’s mic is that? Bro, turn your mic off! 32) Ohhh! Cozy campfire. 33) Game end him. Game end him! 34) Guys, don’t forget I got a launchpad. 35) This is the best emote in the game. 36) I gotta go to the bathroom real quick. Hold on. I’ll be back. I’ll be back! 37) Ohhhh, a vending machine! 38) Am I still alive? 39) I’m not spending that much metal. 40) Is your friend online? Yeah, we need one more. 41) Circle is closing in. We gotta move. 42) You want me to back out? I’ll back out. 43) I’m low on mats. 44) No, no. Play it out. Play it out 45) Need a revive. 46) You have any medium ammo? 47) You got any shotgun ammo? 48) You got any heavy ammo? 49) Anyone have rockets? 50) What am I stuck on? 51) Oh my gosh. I got lasered! He didn’t miss me once! 52) Double pump is so OP.
53) Double pump is back, baby! 54) I forgot I had a launchpad. 55) Pump-tac is the new meta. 56) Double pump is the new meta. 57) Pump-smg is the new meta
58) Who is this guy? You know this guy?
59) Got any heals? 60) Any bandages? 61) Any shields? 62) PUBG is trash! 63) Is that you near me? That’s not you!?
64) Let’s go Prison. 65) Let’s go Greasy. 66) Let’s go Retail Row.
67) My controller just died. 68) My DPI just changed. 69) I need some wood. 70) This kid is bad. Let’s push him. 71) Ninja’s playing with Drake again. Must be nice. 72) What do you mean? 73) This game doo-doo.
74) They talk about my snipes. 75) What a phenomenal gaming experience. 76) Rocket ride me. Rocket ride me! 77) I can hold med kits. I can hold med kits. 78) What tier are you? 79) I can hold minis. 80) The store is trash today. 81) He’s pushing you. You don’t have time to heal. 82) Got a team rotating. 83) What’s your EPIC name? 84) How does anyone even play on mobile? 85) There we go! Let’s go! 86) I’m a beast! Clip that! 87) Ohhhh!!! Golden scar! 88) My team is trash. 89) He’s gonna finish me. He’s gonna finish me! 90) Forget it. We’re going Tilted. 91) Top 10 situation
92) Every time I take the half shield… …I find minis. 93) Nine damage!? 94) They need to bring Blitz back. 95) How much health did he have left? 96) I cannot believe I just took fall damage. 97) I got a mini for you. 98) This my last game. Let’s make it a good one. Ahhhh, AHHHHHH!!! Oh my gosh! 99) I hate this game! Dang man! I was so close. 100) Alright, one more. One more. Ready up. I’m a
grown man.

Reader Comments

  1. Normal people in real life: prison is a bad place i dont want to go there

    Fortnite players: lEtS DrOP pRiSOn fOR 5 yEaRS

  2. Imagine being a grown man playing this game. How embarrassing. Why tf did Yt even recommend me this cringe game video

  3. Things fortnite players say now: I found bots, They are not bots, help they are carrying me away, i found a boat… things competitive players say: guy on east, highground on me, I have height, get on my layer, knocked, dead, white, cracked shield, I’m connecting, drop me mats, dog sh#t, cranking up, rotate now, start expanding, 3 nades 3 2 1, play low ground, hold wall, I got his wall, he’s one, kids above, guy on me, he got my wall…… Well that’s all I could think of now

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