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Top 10 Must Have Outdoor Survival Gear Part-2

Top 10 Must Have Outdoor Survival Gear Part-2

I want to introduce you to our survival hatchet and this is housed nicely and securely on your belt and then the tool itself very grippy handle dream lined lightweight but very robust steel great for shelter building making kindling tinder got the two finger pronged just on this that allows you great dexterity or any operating it all in all this a great survival tool to take with you into the wild and normally hatches or acts as a heavy and cumbersome this is lightweight very efficient the trail shot has quickly become my go-to filter for fast and light adventures five ounces can fit in a pocket I stash it in my vest alongside my bars when I trail run I just use these two small bottles and when they're empty I can use the trail shot to refill them but if I'm really thirsty when I get to a water source the trail shot deploys quickly to allow me to hydrate instantly the trail shot uses hollow fiber technology which meets the highest standards for removing protozoa like Giardia and Cryptosporidium and bacteria like e.coli and Salmonella and if I'm out with a couple buds the trail shop is also really easy to share the trail shot is an excellent filtration solution for fast and light adventures [Applause] this is the bear grylls tinderbox it has a greater like steel cutting surface for making tinder and a tray underneath to catch the shavings after shaving wood into the tray push the button for easy removal of the tinder next empty the dry tinder contents onto the collected items you'll be burning never start a fire in the collection tray if your matches are wet or your fire starter is not handy use the tinderboxes magnifying glass to ignite the tinder when finished place the plastic cover over the cutting surface for safe storage an emergency signaling mirror is located on the underside and the bear grylls priorities of survival pocket guide is also included an innovative lightweight life saver this is the Bear Grylls tinder box introducing the jack designed from the ground up to be the most versatile survival and bushcraft tool on the market the jack performs all the tasks required of a bushcraft knife like cutting chopping and batani what makes the jack different is the front cutting edge and mounting holes the mounting hole allows you to attach a makeshift handle with paracord to utilize the front cutting edge of the knife this allows you to chop with more force for less effort the jack was thoughtfully designed made from durable and rust resistant 440c stainless steel the handle and all mounting holes have radiused edges this ensures your hands in lashing court are not abraded during use the handle has slots to wrap cord in any fashion you please and also has a dimple for use with a bow drill the large coil is close to the cutting edge making fine cuts easy the top of the blade has a 90-degree edge perfect for use with a fire steel or scraping the sheath is made from lightweight durable and weatherproof Kydex plastic the jack is designed to go hand-in-hand with its quick detach saw the saw can hold up to four 12-inch Universal saw blades which are lightweight and readily available it also allows you to carry different blades for different cutting tasks the handle is made of 6061 aluminum and all hardware is made from stainless steel to use the saw detach it from the jack sheath and use the sawed after to attach the saw blade to the handle the sought-after also works with the knife mount the jack to a handle and attach a saw blade to make a more efficient saw by allowing you to use the strength of both arms adding handle makes the task faster and easier the saw with adapter retention cord and one 12-inch pruning blade weighs 7 ounces it will be available by itself or with the Jack the Jack with a sheath weighs one pound one ounce or one pound 8 ounces including the saw for one and a half pounds you can carry a knife chisel hatchet machete handsaw and pole saw the jacks lightweight and versatility make it perfect for camping hiking hunting and bushcraft hi my name is Stewart yo I'm from Salt Lake City Utah and this is my backyard I've grown up exploring these mountains camping backpacking fishing and skiing when you're in the wilderness a variety of jobs can come up you need to be picky about your gear when every ounce counts I realized I needed to lightweight tool that could do multiple tasks I'd like to introduce the spar tool the spark tool is a shovel and axe machete a saw a hammer a pick a pry bar and a bottle opener spar tool weighs less than three pounds and is constructed from spring tempered 1075 carbon steel and shatterproof sitesell polymer it's solid build has no hinge or other moving parts making it lighter and more durable than the competition it sharpened edge cuts deep with every swing its handle and cutting surfaces are aligned to ensure a safe and effective stroke the blade splits wood apart saw rips through just about anything and of course it digs like a champ the spar tool is perfectly balanced making the reverse end just as useful it hammers it on hammers the spike excels a demolition the pry bar is tough and versatile and it opens up your favorite beverage after all that work once in a blue moon something comes along that works so damn well that you don't need to fuss over appearances it reminds us that above all else we just want something useful Jason freed said you need to get the fundamentals right fun wears off cool wears off useful never wears off when we're rolling down the highway of our lives what is it we want people to see a rebel a trendsetter a man of wealth and taste there's a funny old saying from Mark Twain that goes clothes make the man naked people have little or no influence in society but sometimes designers come along who are the rebels they remind us that above all else we just want something that can be used this is the Bear Grylls car tool built for all-in-one problem-solving a one and a half inch fixed blade fine edge knife pulls easily from the tool for quick use at the opposite end a Phillips and a flat driver for tightening screws and a compact ferrocerium rod for starting fires just use the back edge of the knife to quickly produce a spark there's an integrated water-resistant led task light metric and standard rulers and a convenient bottle opener and just over three inches long it's easy to carry everyday and thanks to its sturdy steel construction you can sit on this tool without worrying it'll break including the priorities of survival Pocket Guide this tool delivers a ton of function it takes up just a little space this is the Bear Grylls car tool is the origin a survival kit a multi-tool a waterproof storage case actually it's all of those things more durable than a survival kit more functional than a multi-tool and more useful than a storage case when you can't tolerate gear failure the origin is your kit survival tins can rust and survival pouches can puncture or tear but the origin made from durable ABS plastic and overbuilt where it counts holds up to abuse after abuse inside the case and protected by a machined silicon waterproof gasket you have a collection of essential survival tools including waterproof and windproof tinder quick fire starting tinder stainless steel wire and nylon cord great for rigging shelter or repairing gear under the lid wilderness expert buck Tilton survival instructions provides 62 tips and tricks ranging from building a shelter to using fire to signal rescuers on the other side of the lid we've added a flip-up rescue flash signal mirror with a retro reflective aimer that can send a signal up to 10 miles away flip the origin over for the one hand operable fire lights Parker a liquid damped compass for navigation and a removable multifunction night the drop point knife blade is aus-8 steel and alloy we chose specifically for its hardness and edge retention in the base of the knife is a 100 decibel signal whistle in the front of the handle has an LED light that shines down the blade for task cutting in low-light the origin is the first of its kind but the only thing that will matter to you when you're surviving outdoors longer is that the origin works when other gear fails things weren't really bad in the world and you could only have one night for the rest of your life which night would you choose the founder of ultimate survival tips I get asked that question all the time over the years I've tested and reviewed hundreds of knives but I never found that one knife I could do everything I wanted so on early 2014 I started sketching integrating elements from blades I loved along with features that had never been seen before in one knife like a micro survival kit in the handle a two-in-one switchable nylon at Kydex sheath was packed with features and a rugged knife built for tough jobs with the finesse of a fine carving tool it's called the MS k1 MALDI scenario knife to build a knife like this I knew I needed help so I teamed up with knife legend Jeff Freeman the award-winning designer of many iconic gerber knives like the oh six Auto and the LMF two survival knife tossed around some ideas and you know he sent me some sketches for things that he wanted you know and we just developed it from there we said okay well let's let's make a product together and so he was able to tell me the things as a product designer did this product should do and I was able to come up with solutions present them to him and he could test him in a real-world scenario [Applause] every msk one is fashioned from a single piece of quarter-inch full-tang steel that runs from piercing tip to rock crushing but making it one of the thickest most durable blades you can buy for the msk one we chose american-made black oxide coated d2 semi's stainless high carbon steel because it's ridiculously tough extremely wear resistant holds a razor-sharp edge the center-aligned clip point is exceptional for piercing detailed tip carving a precision drilling when I conceptualize the msk one one of my major goals was to create a knife combine the power of a full-sized chopper with the finesse and fine cutting ability found mostly in smaller blades we accomplished this by raising the blade spine which effectively shifts the center of gravity forward just enough to make the MS k1 an incredible chopper while the jump thumb ramp increases knife control and directs thumb pressure toward the edge making every cut precise and efficient for more intricate cutting and carving tasks the oversized Chow allows you to safely grip the knife fraction of an inch from the blade for incredible control for handling comfort and grip Jeff started with advanced economic modeling software to ensure that the MS k1 handle was shaped to perfectly fit the human hand we chose canvas micarta handle slabs because of their durability natural feel shock absorption and comfort and cold and wet environments front and rear guards keep your hand in place while cutting chopping pounding smashing or breaking things using the MS k1 stout butt end pummel mark was this fire symbol our curved pummel and fire steel striker gives you maximum leverage and the ability to generate an aim more sparks at your tender than a straight edge for quicker more efficient fire starting for permit of fire generation we've developed the first ever Center balanced stainless steel bow drill divot it transforms your knife into a solid low resistance hands that's reversible for right and left-handed users with the handle slabs removed three strategically placed lanyard holes make it easy to add your favorite paracord wrap or lash the msk one to a branch to make a spear I remember when I was a kid and I got my first survival knife with a hollow handle and a survival kit inside I felt like Rambo even though the knife was terrible in the survival kit was mostly a gimmick so my goal was to develop the first truly useful handle survival kit including hard to improvised items that could actually help you stay alive in a survival situation to do this I worked with the team at was ooh survival gear to develop a micro survival kit for the msk one that includes items for fire starting water collection and purification fishing traps and snares navigation repairing gear and first-aid I have designed a lot of fixed blades and in this case three or four rounds four rounds of prototypes and I don't know how many months of testing by fifty-fifty we spent as much time on the knife as we have on the sheath we didn't say hey that's good enough or that's fine in this case we just wanted to get it right switchback ACS adaptable carry system is the first she's package that switches from a feature rich black ballistic nylon sheath to a low-profile black Kydex sheath by removing a single bolt both shoes have a generous array of grommet holes that are designed to fit optional add-on tools like the msk one fire steel holder and msk mini neck knife MOLLE webbing on the front of the nylon sheath is designed to accept msk one kit pouches that are currently in development strap the msk one to any MOLLE compatible gear and carry the msk one and either the standard or drop leg positions be able to take the whole thing all the way through from here's just sketch in some idea and here's a bunch of things i'd like it to do to actually this is what we're going to market with I mean that's that's pretty cool it's a lot of work but it also gives you a big sense of ownership as you can see ms k1 is much more isn't a tough all-around survival knife it's a complete survival system you can use for your lifetime and then pass on to the next generation 72s outer shell features beautiful waterproof and extremely durable tarpaulin this material is so airtight the bag can even be used as a flotation device an additional waterproof pocket on the back protects and secures important documents electronics and the two hip pockets have enough space for today's largest smartphones full shoulder straps feature flashlight mounts for hands-free lighting in the flashlight is water percent waterproof the adjustable sternum strap features an integrated emergency whistle opening the airtight roll top reveals a military-grade canvas insert with a hard exoskeleton this insert features backpack straps to provide additional carrying capacity by freeing up the external bag when needed the ACPD plastic inserts can be removed and attached your feet to form snowshoes slings and a variety of other uses it when you helicopter that sounds oddly opening the answer reveals over 30 tools that are designed to work together to protect you and thousands of situations each product has been hand selected by our team of experts based on its quality necessity and ease of use you

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  1. For the number 3 survival item the guy said that for the knife blade they chose the AUS8 blade steel for edge retention…..dumbasses. The AUS8 steel is known for being very soft and having really bad edge retention.

  2. everyday human occupy nature more, forests decrease, species extinct, natural habitats filling with stone buildings but surviving in nature products increase. What a contradiction!!

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  4. Wooww I like your video, thank you!!

    I also make videos with the best and cool gadgets from Amazon. this is why we call Top 5 🙂 Good luck.

  5. bear grills can take that hatchet and shove it up his ass. looser tool for fools to buy. you dont want a axe to be light ,you want the weight to work for you in the axe head.

  6. That cute little hatchet at the beginning is the Bomb. Definitely for Little Girls that love to accessorize.

  7. Gerber's Bear Grylls stuff is pretty shitty stuff. It is not something you want to buy. I bought a knife, a multi tool and his parang machete. The Machete had a recall and it is not the greatest machete at all. The multi tool flat head screwdriver tip crumbled on its first use. The knife.. It is the same cheap shit. I would not recommend any Gerber BG items at all.

  8. My MORSE Code App :
    I made an app i call it Survival light kit that translate text word by word to morse code with flashing and vibration, it also has other future like sound to light and strobe effect with frequency..check it please and rate my app. You will find it in this video

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  10. I can honestly say that there is not one thing here that I would buy for myself, or as a gift for someone I like. I don't know how I've done it, but I have managed to survive 55yrs without any of this over priced shite. I wonder how many knives the guy who designed "the only knife you will ever need" has?

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