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"This Is (Not) Symbolism" – PART 1 – Persona 3 FES

"This Is (Not) Symbolism" – PART 1 – Persona 3 FES

you you you hello everybody welcome to the D pad I'm Rick me turn that a little bit and this is persona 3 subtitle that's awkward to say so I'm just gonna not say it so uh yeah oh actually I already have to I already have to redo the twitch chat I'm gonna let this interplay oh because that track is really goddamn good and it's been stuck in my head for days now I know nothing about I guess not this one the other one though like the the intense rap one there yeah so but some of the three fests apparently fests is how it's pronounced I don't know how much I'm gonna go ahead and say that because it just kind of sounds sort of dumb a3f I don't know OOP let me know if the volume for me or the game is a little bit is a little bit weird there Mike is like all over the place here actually oh no I have my volume up good so so yeah I've never played a persona game before I know nothing about these oh I the the entirety of what I know about persona is from watching Sarah do a bit of persona 5 last year I forget I forget at what point exactly who's playing I think isn't like the summertime ish but yeah all I know about persona is from watching someone persona 5 so I know nothing about persona I know nothing about Shin Megami Tensei either so the the sum total my knowledge is vicarious hang hanging outage and and what bit of Joker is in smash you can say it Fez and people only laugh a little oh all right hello's him hello Seidel Helga Lux hello radar I love nobody hello everybody always so this is such an anime opening to like sigh I don't know what it is about anime sequences that love having just massive amounts of text as a background element of the of the screen but but they they real I've actually used it as a parody in a couple intros I think Pokemon firered and leafgreen it was kind of intended as a partial parody as well as the announcement of the of the the heartless let's play the journey the answer I believe the answer is like the extra chapter that gets put into all these like re-releases so persona 3 fess was the re-release of persona 3 plus stuff like there was the extra chapter I think so the notch in Megami Tensei games i mean yes they're part of the franchise but they're not part of the like series even though the first two and a half oh my god wait you can go to the okay I wasn't expecting it to go to the I didn't think I could run out of time once I actually hit a button but oh well and you get Jack brothers is like a little side spin-off thing too isn't it alright anyway I believe I want aa ho or hmm I'm gonna go with the journey I assume that that's the that's the right one you can tell by the Japanese titles Oh fair enough full of anime students notches the intro and it always full of text fair enough alright um config is there anything I need to like set up before I do this voice auto-advance off cursor memory Tecna and main university is there like a subtitle option probably not huh is it as either gonna be there it isn't I guess we're good let's do it let's jump on in if you haven't finished the G yeah it's kinda what I assumed you get in the story of persona 3 from here with new features if you're playing for the first time we recommend you start with this mode yeah and join the new features that have been added do you want to know was added no because I would I will not know the difference so I'm just gonna say no I guess that's cool though if you've played persona 3 the game straight-up tells you hey here's the new stuff something's from that saving me transferred over Oh even cooler all right I also this so this track I recognized because this is from the sound of it literally the exact same track that plays me talked to wasn't he gore or something the beaky nose guy okay no I have no data to transfer so now yes it's got strange that it can't detect that you know I'm gonna with normal I always go with the default difficulty for these so I'm gonna I'm gonna stick with that experienced gamers you'll de join the normal channel Challenger battle which requires a certain degree of strategy you don't say it is an RPG once you have begun so all right little nitpick right off the bat if you've got two lines of text the starting points vertically here makes sense that third line is so close to the bottom left they're descending on make change though restarting the game continue yes what doing it there we go my mic thing gets spun around but it does not that's a really odd thing for them to I mean I guess this games got some pretty goddamn dark tones but time never Waits it delivers all equally to the same end you who wish to safeguard the future however limited it may be you will be given one ye one year that's oh that's a rough way to go go forth without falter with your heart is your guide you're gonna save the world but you've got one year and otherwise you and probably everyone you know will be dead oh cool awesome right I'd run into the penis I see a worried dad run into the penis yeah so I think what's gonna want up happening is if there's stuff on if there's stuff here that needs to be censored for the sake of YouTube to avoid a an 18 like to avoid age gating it and then I will probably do some of that yeah and well we'll see how it goes I guess all right I love my animoves shot it okay I'm hanging up by an arcade we are hanging up by an arcade I love a narc I haven't been doing arcade in a long time I am serious yeah hey shit happens yeah that sounds about right it's not just a penis on a dude rig oh my goodness I mean I do know at least in persona 5 I assume in a bunch of these games that there's a whole shitload of explicitly sexual like monsters which we'll see how it goes maybe I'll just put it up on YouTube and we'll see what happens and it gets taken down then I'll put up a censored version or something I don't know we'll see how it goes no fuck that youth geez oh fuck okay they're pretty heavy start alright I love an arcade yeah I mean we never really know what happened to editing Rick he was a he was in pretty rough shape the last time we saw him slowly going mad also my drink of choice tonight involves whiskey I feel like that's the appropriate the appropriate call for him like this we got PA TL for Atlas a persona Atlas probably yeah PEO 3 right there – oh no not the Lego floor okay a lot of symbolism that I'm sure means a whole hell of a lot more to people who have actually played the game once Oh oh good hey blue boy I'm gonna nickname you Bartholomew mmm do this art show in the middle of Tokyo is a pretty extreme yeah what a very normal thing to see all right this is not symbolism yeah okay we got the Hulk inside of here mm-hmm it's odd for hotel to have a little old like beat up like old timey TV there you know if you want to proceed hmm please sign your name there it's a contract don't worry all this is that you'll accept full responsibility for your actions you know the usual stuff this is this is more or less than we used for a43 what it's based on arrows arrows design obviously made some tweaks obviously not a final thing there's a couple little things I'm doing but for a four-three game I figure it's better to not have just big you know vertical slices taken out there let's see I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking thinking fan I was there uh into your last name they give me to do they really give me two lines of eight characters so if I was like Fitzpatrick's and you're like Fitzpatrick's and let's see what would be a good last name for this cuz I could use my actual last name but what would be a good like d-pad last name Oh actually I could go with uh no this like this apartment it's like oh I could do oh did I just okay oh this is weird I was expecting Circle to back up not not a second line is your first name oh oh okay all right it's have a lot of negative space at the bottom the other one so the negative space in the bottom that black spot is supposed to be for for notifications but occasionally breaks so it's just a bar that's empty a lot of time so I decided to kind of toss that for this one and now the whole kind of like we did for Mario Sunshine so if I only have okay yeah let's so I only have eight letters to work with well let's see I mean I could put my actual name in here but I kind of that feels kind of weird to me the two official names are you Yuki Mikoto and re-sod to Minato interesting unlike the bar with the giant tea pile of oh yeah I'm still working I'm still figuring out a good way to use that and to use that space there oh man so let's do let's do I really wish I had thought about this before I didn't realize it was gonna be a thing and I always like when it comes to when it always comes to when it comes to naming stuff I always kind of just freeze up and like oh no what do I do now let's say what's the what the hell do I keep using it like it's the something in jiggle it was at ricochet Rick and jiggle Jam I'll do something in my I'll make the first name ricochet one of the last one be Oh God ricochet rigatoni how terrible would that be uh I I mean part of these two is just like man why don't they make me do the last name first I'm like oh yeah a Japanese game right president governor that actually would fit – that's hilarious yeah you know what mmm try to think of what will actually fit here 4 4 4 8 letters I can do something like that there's padding that feels kind of weird ricochet paddle yeah right it's so dumb that it's just like man I just need to I just need to make a name it could be literally garbage characters but it's like yeah but I'm gonna be staring at this name for like the next hundred goddamn hours you'd be good to not have it be dumb Patterson's not bad padding padding's so oor one I was like how would I jump forward but let me actually since I can just jump forward and backwards here now here's the question are they going to keep the name are they going to keep the name in lastname firstname format because if that's the case I probably don't want to I probably don't want to do it like that right back up here okay could do like patters Patterson PA d er s o n C this is the dumb part is like every youtuber i I i watch that does like games that have naming things they all have go-to names that you got you know Jim Sterling's got jungus Austin eruption usually does like erupted EO or whatever or eruption you know however that goes they leave use first names and last names prob'ly let's go okay cool it's like a do so I could do something like do something like that but that feels kind of lamb wait someone uses the name chunga's yeah oh yeah I mean I'm sure a lot of people do but Jim cuisine uses chunga's so padlock is not a bad one actually do I keep the e or not do I go like padlock like the actual one or do I I like padlock that's actually pretty cool this is like if if if a vine Kenya Sneden to come up with a with an alias in Final Fantasy 8 I feel like this would be that this would be the alias he would come up with for himself with Annie look more like a name with the two huh yeah all right let's do it let's do it Oh actually oh do I hit start for go all right we feeling good about this ricochet a padlock all right cool let's do it mm-hmm I mean hey the goal here is not to die right be one with with the matrix you can't plug your ears and cover your eyes oh this is gonna be a bright cheery jeans yeah dude it it in doo doo doo it in me oh hi what's up Kyrie oh shit ha hi-yah do it okay we're here in the awesome track through the headphones that's what he was been walking around with all day when you weren't shooting yourself in the head nice alright it's gonna be real hard remember some of these names for a while so I apologize in advance meets Rio Kirito am I not in the boys dorm oh my this is okay just like you hey hi why do you have a gun I mean you know let's start with a nice to meet you okay thanks for almost shooting me that was a very great first impression in the special dorm is it okay to be along with you right now look at how cool I am walking with my with my jacket swept back so I can put my hands in the pockets all casual like okay in a couple years he'll die his hair black and they'll become Joker goes we'll be murdered by the keymaster oh so many yeah hey yeah that was not a mm you know kidding she doesn't know what I what I'm talking about if you must I saw a whole shitload of coffins and some weird creepy kid meeting beside a devil contract so no I mean I'm still standing all right what's up okay man my door opens really easily early morning now I got pretty sweet-looking nah no open the door what the hell they fix the chats I mean more or less they're still gonna throw the senpai in there though that's gonna be interesting oh hey the day is actually day I mean is true yeah let's do it I mean is that a city I've never seen one of those before whoa what is that even for what is that green fence for exactly okay ghek akan geku khan she's kind of she's gonna slip past that name a little quick there god no all right left there to the right got it sure yeah well Aussie um yeah all right fair enough guess it's day one of the part where you almost pulled a gun on me yeah okay yeah riding alone is 15% or more on my car insurance by switching to Geico Khan whoa I'm fast okay let's let's look at this little shamble right here look at that lazy the Wrangler walk just yeah like a lazy cowboy what just my god I love how even as lazy walk he's like he's like perverse moonwalking that with how much he's sliding around there okay what's going on up here class rosters all right can't find your name oh alright class f okay who are you I think it's that way actually new you're super early ask someone else fair enough before the post names the kids are gonna be in our class I mean we'll never see them again up for graduate anyways interesting alright as class f oh hey MS Tori you me well she is older than me but I was hoping for miss our that are the teachers student aged uh uh hello as prophet as long as soon as we the teachers mumbling to herself huh there's an unknown variable student interest in the equate oh good a crazy math teacher oh my god alright hello how are you oh there's no way that I've got oh I actually do have some money but I don't think I'm going to make a girl happy I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do any of this right oh actually I might talk though all right I don't have bread for everyone so if you want some come early Oh nobody customers once school's out so I can't sell that much I mean you know what I'll buy I'll buy one of each nope no nope just one just one these oh hey two in harmony surpasses one in perfection all right good good life lesson definitely not a metaphor about like physical and magical stuff remember certain games separate trends cast the kögel reference or cameos definitely same world though Oh interesting all right Firebird give you Brad oh cool and I can I can rotate the camera good I was actually kind of wondering if that was gonna be a thing or not that's not a door unless it is and I just can't access it I'm gonna can I uh oh so circle we'll throw it behind me so that's good to know where I can't seem to pause at all so all that config stuff is locked so maybe the next time I come on here I think I'm gonna reverse these camera controls cuz I'm pressing right and left and I kind of feel like I want to have it the other way around all right spend all your money on apple strudel Oh God faculty office okay cool it actually does label the things you're near men's room the men's room don't enter I don't really let's uh all this backwards camera controls are gonna kill me let's go faculty office and hello are you if there's only one then yes hey you didn't say my name say my name say my name you're goddamn right yeah five different houses on the same street it's crazy yeah we'll call ten years ago our time travelers like music composition nice to meet you yeah why not I mean if it's a music class then I will love it – f specifically okay can do we're at a crossroads those are the heading dead parents this means it was a job worth doing it's worth doing well I hope you understand what I mean thank you for coming to my TED talk oh cool that's what we get I understand yes I have a question was a boyfriend I have no goddamn idea I see I thought you might know but I guess not I literally met her at gunpoint 12 hours ago and it's my own let's continue oh no no huh no um are we gonna be the bad seed immediately Oh final biscuit what up hello hello do uh hey it's it's brown-haired the blonde guy from persona 5 not bad bro both of these are super rude I'm just gonna call this Japanese Dave I feel like that's gonna be easier no Jin BAE iorry okay Yucatan Peninsula is that not how talking works well then they wouldn't be they wouldn't listen I mean he does he just did cool that makes things easy also did you know you've got a very tiny belt on your neck wife I'm just I'm just going yeah I know cuz this is like super dismissive and this is like ah yes yeah there we go ha ha yeah sure are you forgetting that I'm in this class are you forgetting are you serious oh my god all right just scoop up a shelf oh my god yeah we just have beds that are very close to each other don't worry about it Shh because we're in school and that's just how that goes that's just that is just how things work literally your entire life is gossip no you good okay the more the more you tell me not to the more I kind of like yeah you know what maybe maybe I should Susan is there just one person yeah yeah right because she was so evasive odd now it's like you didn't tell anybody about you-know-what and he's like oh shit the bank trains here yeah there we go yeah she tried to bang me there it is there it is it's not what you think I just met him yesterday and he's just like uh-huh yeah fill their guns with arrow bullets and all right no one takes rumors seriously anyway great good that's everyone's favorite thing about a new school everybody talking about them no I couldn't tell by the fact that a total goddamn stranger asked me if she was if he was dating anybody earlier look fun is maybe not the the correct the correct adjective usable see oh I decided to go home with genpei we're advancing quite quickly through this romance oh no it's selfie okay bye Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Berger Barrett Brown they're all telling us just like a convoluted loading screen the gentle spring sunlight is warm and so is genpei the sign-in sheet on the counter can save your game the sign-in sheet oh nice all right thank you all right Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Brown ran out oh my god okay I was like Jesus saving is taking a while here all right what can i what can I do here this room doesn't seem to be used okay okay like what can i interact with here says that all right the actual hallway stuff there can interact with that okay look at the TV this is it's a trend that just might spread all over town and x-rated but the Cherry Blossom springtime they're all over town now blossom is here with a little late compared to the other years but they'll be at their peak this week stir pans we got to talk about that them cherry blossoms ice there's Yukari Yukari I figured her last name already but I'm sure at some point I'll get a chance to learn it again mmm okay I was like there was a thing there can I not like Dwight there we go really should me outside on your own tonight it's too dangerous anyway must be tired you should get a good night's rest all right look did a little skidding around there back door's locked ma'am dig it does this vocalist is like having the time as a life in the background here women's restroom do not enter men's restroom sure let's go piss there we go we did it guys we made it that's the second that's the second game I can think of that has that has toilets that are either you know your condition has become great wait that's a legit thing I have to so I have to pee in this game I have to manually pee Oh No okay let's go talk to Yukari ooh what are you doing just looking around ma'am not much to see you're probably tired um you should get everyone's really concerned about me getting to bed no wonder they're starting rumors about all of us that is a security system that's good to know yes you the bathroom as a gameplay mechanic Yeah right oh my god let's go on upstairs peek P percent complete yeah please tell me that's a real speedrun just like I know that there's so many speedruns that have like goofy categories and shit but hey can I use this one it's a vending machine buy something drink CL CL Oh missed sobei madbull I think the best thing about this is that you could have made this exact same joke in 2019 and it would still sell if anyone's not if anyone hasn't caught up we've got Sierra Mist so B and Red Bull that's amazing all bye you know what out of the three of these the one that I'd be the most likely to drink would be a so B so I'm gonna grab so BAE why did it flush don't flush the vending machine the vending machine buy some drink oh it's the same stuff okay I keep want to turn the camera off the room seems to be empty now I'm not gonna go invading anyone's rooms just yet give it a little time all right let's let's go upstairs real quick all inve people's rooms on another night missin an optional key oh God yeah if I go if I think go hard I'm mad bowl just like nine mad Bulls yeah there oh man it's haji haji and a foon a and his copy ball oh wow actually coffee BOTS could legitimately be that could definitely be oh shit they got Pocari sweat they totally people look at that it's gonna be real hard to see but if you get very close to that it's fucking Pocari sweat I'm legitimately oh they're calling it sorry they're calling it Pocari sweet probably because if they said Pocari sweat they would legit get sued but that's amazing I that's hilarious all right okay you got me game you got me all right go upstairs keep looking around man Albert over at brown bird up by Roberto Brant murder coffee man daddy AC is the hardest boss Yeah right he makes you pee and poop a lot oh this one's dark what the hell these are the tiniest little stools mostly because they didn't have any coffee man do not open if open close it there will definitely be nothing dramatic happening here ever there's speedruns of persona 3 F and P but that's the only P if you catch my drift yeah I'll not look at a guy this uh yeah I'm not I I let's let's I'm gonna go in blind on this one i wanna i want experience this go back i'm not it's not really go back so go in you're blown yeah yo bandaging yet yeah baseball teams in town the shinjuku rockets are on fire the whole city is getting like like depressed in shed okay not as much anymore because the news reporters also are becoming quite apathetic oh my god this games in my head already yeah one of those them just a little practice okay I'm gonna call you Bob because of your be on your shirt on your on your sweater vest bye Bob sorry baki hiko oh he does kinda have an anus in Cooper look to him doesn't he yeah alright whoo boob just like skips ahead to July you're like oh well oh thank you thank you very much I appreciate that Soundwave I do what I can I'm not a big fan of dead air so I like to be able to keep things moving do you hear the rumor so I'm go to bathroom there they're adding bathrooms to the school you're kidding me not that one oh there's a bat there is a bathroom I hope we actually hear about this bathroom rumor I'm intrigued to see like yeah that new that new transfer student he uses bathrooms so weird only did she stop coming to school she does nothing but sit and stare at the walls all day I'm sure motors herself it's coming it's got look you're not supposed to invade people's privacy like that she's just having a thing or a moment here yeah class-five dumped oh is it you don't believe me first Bell is wrong oh my goodness let's get on in there then we don't be late on this Wednesday class Kim starts just after my birthday which means like the final boss of this game is gonna be on like my birthday Oh Lee hilarious over your textbooks we'll take a look at the first novel by Zen Zuka sigh oh why him I'd rather teach it's subo Kubota oh boy okay this is gonna be curious what they meant by composition at this point famous had a singer but he also provoked produce fine literature when a white sign the textbook well I'll just bring ku botas book next time all right hey Jim boy Jim pay were you listening who did I say was my favorite author Oh God who's she like she likes Kubota oh shit you got one right these are all miners that's true that is true you know how I like to pay attention I don't man you saved my bacon I didn't give you any bacon I would not give you I would not save you bacon I would eat you I would eat your bacon he must pay attention in creased all right I can I can impress the slugmonster in front of the school I would have context that sounds a lot worse if you haven't played dragon quest 11 and for the day go back to the dorms all right wild duck burger that legitimately sounds fucking tasty oh man I do love me some good duck bookworms use Berk books aren't lively in the evening well they close though I mean the strip club next to it is part of what helps so oh you were talking about me oh hello there I wouldn't have guessed from your in-game model that you were that you're a man hello my name is bad jacket how are you Shuji Akatsuki all right I mean a coot skis not that bad there are there are equally hard names already in this how is that possible you appear to be like a late 20s somewhere in your 30s age man I all right I guess I don't have a lot of room to talk I've it is my first persona game yes I guess I my own last name I alternately pronounce like three different ways but I like it he asked why are you here who else lives here the other night I saw no I'm good let's start with who else lives here in this door there are four so it's me you know god yukari meet Sookie and Bob you it's sooo rude dammit so close well see that's gonna be easy I'll come over to send aa sophistications why are you here yeah I'm gonna leave the bombshell for last don't say with your face like that that makes weird things sound out of your mouth you know in her room like people do oh he must be the chairman this mother this is who or did he just say that um the other night I saw oh no yukari's gonna think I was talking about her I was more talking about the kid of the book I do not I'm good that would be great I hope so too also we're starting in April that seems early I don't think I have a choice sure it's been a very exciting Wednesday yeah hey there's definitely some trickier names and others and they were sure I don't think that's the saying I don't think you're I don't think you've read the right books if that's the saying that you took away from this this guy does not even know who he's talking to if he's apologizing about puns hey Oracle hello hello let's get I'm already there I'm already I'm already with it my only regret is that there's not a joke input the thing in this game I'll uh Monkey Island or something oh we're in castle oblivion no problem or the underground vault of the Twilight town building so well he's sleeping zone ah well that's not creepy at all do they're doing their math homework on the projection that's W stands for weekend the dark is approaching yeah I mean it's probably dark out already it is late night bran forgot that brown hair dating I just watch him sleep I skip out the bathroom oh right uh well he went to bed a while ago but he seems to be active and panting this seems to be some sweat going I do just snap his phone ah yes Japanese flip phones okay nope we got another one so was myit was my character just completely oblivious to the fact that all this shit was going on like he saw but he didn't react to it at all this guy is much more is he was he just was black tears coming from his eyes is his brain melting out oh it totally is ooh yikes oh so what the hell did that look like to everybody else dark hour the dead guy yeah probably this isn't this isn't a strange exposition to these two characters at all an ordinary person transmogrifies into a coffin and is oblivious to all that occurs okay that's a sentence someone had to say out loud not ordinary person his human for he's asleep but he's definitely experiencing the dark hour all right the only question that remains is whether or not he has the potential I mean if you drop him from a height greater than zero then he doesn't know much more choice if he didn't they would have by now okay I mean you guys are awake too so like in any case we should continue to monitor him for a few more days great this is gonna be good love to turn into a coffin hey if it means you can sleep a little easier get that extra one hour and yeah right seriously chairman we know this we've been we've been at this for a while you don't need to remind us feels weird spying about like spying on him like this and then lying to the students there's nothing weird going on oh shit it's the barrel of doom from carnival night zone rolling down the hall at me go I recognize that nose it's one of the very very few things I know about persona Garrett interesting you have a very different shape than you did two seconds ago man with a long nose I bet you are you're probably not very popular with a with a schnoz like that Elizabeth a resident evil that is the that is the highest tinniest pitched voice I think I've ever heard space and time soul and mind okay I suppose that this is supposed to be one of the like hey it's a reference back to yeah I think that I assume that this is a ray a recurring thing in each of the persona games because I know it's in persona 5 so why why did it appear to us your right testicle that too yeah sure I understand your right testicle well that was pointy velvet key look at velvet key would be really already isn't a door like you'd need a even a velvet even a velvet lock would be kind of hard to open I don't think he thought this one through very well if it's like a regular key that's been coated in a velvet Sheen alright I want to know what the full moon okay I was wondering at that counter was for all right time to get schooled I got was like a pokemon trainer with the backpack there I'll jump a man today is the perfect day it's full moon day just like the moon is there instead of the Sun this guy's blue we're young and what more could we ask for it's an interesting those are the only two things that matter you're full of energy let's be nice to him do you listen to this oh wait am I supposed to say anything oh okay all right I'll just see where it goes from there mr. I'm mr. ACOTA I'll be teaching you classic literature teaching about good ol Japan all year someone play something we'll say classical it isn't relevant to everyday life but oh how they're wrong students the other teachers wrong wrong wrong slams on the thing this is our this is our our the lizard you feel tired yeah I bet no stay awake now open your textbooks first no syllabus is Issei monogatari the origin of Japanese literature Oh interesting is that what the with the what those uh monogatari try remember where I where I recognize that from that's all I get isn't that one of those like shoot-'em-up series or something you youngsters might call it double hello fellow kids until you are zoning out all right I assume that like the difference is I'm more physically tired and I don't have enough energy to do I won't have as much energy to do other stuff if I as if I hadn't stayed awake or something yeah right run florist run yeah the station is bustling with students on their way home sounds about right it is after school and weirder if it wasn't oh we're just diving straight on in oh there we go I was like that animation looks like it fits on like a gameboy advance it's interesting that like so it goes green when it's uh is what they meant by going green it was a trick to get us out all into the velvet room how is he well he is definitely masturbating this time interesting let me fix the chat real quick sorry about that look come on there we go tend to be unstable at first Wow rude memory loss disorientation an insatiable urge to rub cheese sandwiches directly under their nipples not even a little bit of Gouda I mean yes understand your concern but it's imperative that we recruit new members he's doing like a little butterfly blinks I heard he's your classmate how do you not know this working with someone from the same grade would that matter yes oh right please stop calling during your jackoff sessions Sanada that's this is unnecessary this is harassment all right and I will not stand for it if you keep batting it away it's gonna just swing right back that's how they're it's physics biology please stop don't you don't have to you don't have to give us a countdown I mean I'm us is gonna chop it off he doesn't have much of a choice right all right bateau time ah ah did it not do the thing Thank You Nana car by the way Oh Lu oh that's weird that came out strange let me uh I'm gonna refresh the alert box and hope that it can resize itself or something because that was very strange I'll double check that next time and do testing things to make sure that it doesn't do that vertical stretchy thing I wasn't great stop with the countdown look at those eyes too easily yeah I think it's gonna stay busted on this one let me see if it you know what I can do actually come to think of it I don't know if I can oh oh here we go I got this hang on give me one quick second here there we go now it should actually be correct and there was like a you could you can set the resolution and I had stretched it out before so it should be all good now sorry about that whoa hello it worked fuck Jesus that's huge my god that is the biggest fucking triangle I've ever seen but not nor an arrow on this is one of those ones that leaves your leg going and stuff he's gonna be thrilled with that so who's gonna die in this battle no he's totally gonna die as an aide I mean you definitely yeah hey there we go as we ruin my fun yes Hey holy shit thank you thank you nano carp as well thank y'all thank everybody holy shit most do well yeah I can shrink that down sometime as well because that is fucking big all right let's do it you are awoken by a loud noise the commotion down the hall you decided to take a look oh yeah I did I decided to do this bang bang into the room the bang bang into the room died I'm just gonna say okay clearly there's no time to explain oh this is very sudden we barely know each other dangerous to go alone take this gun a short sword you just had that in your skirts behind in your ass what what are you doing running around these halls with goddamn sword did you steal that from the school No pppp pppp i don't but i can hear you there we go she's headed to it's just life Oh even better oh that's not good wouldn't be smarter for us to go up front and just join their fight alright she gave you her sword as a metaphor if it might be so oh just stop that was like oh it's a stampede but no pit stops I mean probably oh we're gonna go into the 5th 5th floor it's happening what are we going to do I guess we're gonna keep going up I mean unless hmm I mean I'm not gonna go into my room cuz what the hell we're gonna just get stuck there time to go up and chop my where is there valid open here we go oh that's not good glass have you never heard glass shatter before oh I liked it even though even the hut even like the the heads-up display is like it's not a it's not a hut exactly but the interface is also doing like weird war pee shit there to go out through here this is gonna end well all right head we're on the roof the roof the roof is on fire I don't think I Locke's gonna hold no not a chance it's the night of the Blood Moon what are you expecting no oh this is gonna be bad yeah no God and on that day we received a terrible reminder well fucking oh that's not good blue da ba da Jesus Christ oh that's bad yeah they got they got a bunch of hilt with sword blades oh that's a very creative name what the fuck okay it's a ribbon dancer got it alright weak quick shoot yourself in the head I guess we are really like not reacting to this at all I can't tell me he doesn't even seem like he's in shock he just seems like it's no like huh are we literally about to shoot ourselves in the head wait wait a minute was this whole thing fabricated oh no oh no oh dear oh isn't me bad some definite trigger warnings people out there I'm sure literally and figuratively all right fucking hell so he knows about this stuff or intuited it's maybe that is messed up cool I am a Robo you Orpheus master of strings I really like knitting hey thank your caseous thank you thank you ooh oh oh oh God everything is horrible Wow oh no it's it's metal Greymon what in the hell I well that was the Fortius sound I think I've ever sweat a little oh no all of all of her vectors have fallen off some interesting sound design on that oh cool he's got like this lusty panting sound that's good okay well uh so that was a thing – holy fuck he shot himself and it actually worked what all right I mean it's so was she just gonna shoot herself in the head and that was gonna be it do they not know what this concept is Orpheus regained its original form the overt and a new persona okay I mean do you see the army man no Jesus no we got a couple of them now oh now I'm just sa die die die of the day of the week suddenly looked like it said die die die we're finally in like battle battle let's try and attack on cowardly Maya nice and miss just entirely all right seven and I don't know what down is maybe like defense down attack down all right let's see if we can use a skill bash deals light strike damage to one foe oh and it costs HPD use interesting alright ah got it oh good I just beat him to death with a liar that's cool alright P level one I guess that's persona level alright Oh academics charm courage Oh interesting did the first two of those start at zero or is it not like I guess they're I guess I got bits of that but not full levels that's cool I would it's a baby baby baby okay it's a little hard to tell there alright surge of energy inside your hip when spirit points have increased we're now able to create personas up to level two okay something inside of you has changed well we are a growing boy oh my god alright orphis has leveled up your magics increased by two or Julie's crews by one obvious learn to add a G okay we're gonna have to take some time to look at that status screen later oh shit he died turns out shooting yourself in the head is not a very sustainable thing to do he just rolls over and goes baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby I mean been better I'm unconscious those are three minutes left in this dark hour we're headed back in we're gonna learn how to make personas now or do you have to like capture the enemies to do it yeah you know you know you and your very pointyness is not too bad to see to know I feel like there's lots to worry about about what just happened there it sure was now that I'm in the Atrix let's go a persona is he just gonna give non answers and like yeah you'll get it are we supposed to be are we in an elevator is that the idea here but Murphy's joke right yeah way to on the ball thank you I'm trying I'm trying to kind of stay with it are still weak what do you mean weak I know you lost me I'm trying not to make ricochet a rudeboy alright so we have to become a social media master in order to pull this off I think we're gonna do a great job yeah you got to use like tags and keywords maybe not keywords keywords don't work anymore very very 2000 and late am i right my god we're going for 2,000 and fine I mean but it marches Oh Oh he means I'm literally unconscious right now and time is still passing almost came here of my own accord this time the shape of the cages in the back remind me slightly of I forget which Jack brother it actually is the one that is actually Atlas is like logo buddy mascot dude I'm an Instagram influencer oh great so I got a bust-up statues like a dumbass your mind is getting clearer you wonder how long you've been asleep probably about as long as oh I feel someone's presence beside me is it Jim pay whoa oh I slept through the day it was like did I go to school and black out warm that wasn't an answer oh shit it has been a whole week it's the 17th oh my god I appreciate that you Carrie I have a thought but I'm gonna keep it to myself right now for eight days sleeping for seven and a half days doesn't just sleep that is legitimately a fucking coma that's fine it wasn't that big of a deal there oh yeah I'm gonna be behind on a week's worth of sleep what were those things oh my god just keep reality for one week right Jack Frost thank you thank you thank you he heard that I'm sorry you didn't tell me before – I'm a bad ass thing to know about ahead of time thanks Yukari you're you sleep for seven days at a time no that was not what I was expecting that okay she'd not approve of the of the neck belt I mean yes didn't need that specific reminder more than I know about it it's appreciated the summer of 99 oh Jesus supposedly oh he's gonna turn up yeah it is it is a collar it's just a leather a white leather collar that's gonna come up to hurry Joe hurry Joe all right there we go we actually got a spelling gecko con okay I guess get coke gecko konso gecko con oh okay yeah that's not so your first time that's fine that happens such a coward I was scared too but still here I am Telling You all this the minute you wake yeah I mean it's useful to know you did just in general and you did see this is fine that's the that's the that's the big persona persona Expo called gecko con be a patient patient oh I won't go I bet you will okay bye buh-bye yeah Oh am I gonna go there nope alright alright it's Saturday morning interesting look at the phases of the Moon as part of our part of our thing here oh when I can voice acting for this you seem to be doing pretty well yeah I'm alright alright hey sorry to hit you with this first thing in the morning but actually I'm secretly you a kootz ki khatti kuch ski yeah I could ski Sun Kooskia son wants to talk to you today go to the fourth floor of the dorm after school okay fourth floor calling oh it's right at Japan so we have Saturday school right are you wearing a Samurai helmet enough about mammoths I don't see the big deal they're just huge elephants they're awesome elephants thank you very much the moon is very important moon show up often alright okay Higgins Jilla persona oh my god that wraps up for the Stone Age I'm tired of lessons about stones let's talk about the sing go ku era Japanese history is not that exciting until then that's unfortunate it's tough being an adult buddy you don't got to tell me dead for shit the Jomon period then one when did the samurai get their day in the Sun I'll just ask a question a random call a day hey Jim pay was a style of housing the Jomon period called oh alright so mud huts elevated houses Kate in the Jomon period so it was after the Stone Age I say mud huts oh yeah all right it's no use I wanna get to the age of Catan as everything else is so dull unlike the blade of the katana while you were learning about mud huts I was practicing talking about the blade and it's right I didn't get any credit no huh yeah everybody likes me giving answers to everybody no Jim owns the pottery but all right cool all right your charm has increased damn right it did after school after school to prove to Akatsuki that I'm not a fool all right welcome to the mall oh they got a karaoke bar that's gonna come oh look at that cake it's Gogi oh geez hanging with an old lady also known as Godey's next victim almost filled with people coming and going yeah right the other side it's known and allowed you were told to go the phone about the game actually mentioned that I was wondering if it's just gonna be up to me to be like all right we gotta yeah we may as well save over here I wish the saving was a tiny bit faster cuz I'm playing okay that's not actually not that bad it's just the first one that's long cuz because I'm playing this on the ps3 does the PS does the PlayStation Network version of it PlayStation or to you truly a man after my own heart oh I grew up with so much Billy Madison happy gilmore that was the shit even even a little bit a little Nikki of that guru that girl that one got old a little a little quick I'll do it when you say if you took yourself a moment that's true oh we got a sweet lounge here there I am I appreciate the sentiment do you have any bonbon the seat I get to keep it that's awesome shaped like a little chocolate truffle or that I already did it though I already sat down we met I think are you doing oh no we haven't met actually have we okay what is two plus seven answer quickly I mean no I'm just gonna go and excuse me they'll have you believe that this round Earth has 24 days what really the Flat Earth has 25 the extra hour comes when the when the sagging part of the flat is sags underneath and folds on itself that's how we have teleporting technology go which night it was you have to be more specific than that also you've been watching me in bed the one above the bed that said never mind yeah you know we haven't really covered the fact that we didn't notice any of that shit so Allie power I'm surprised that they hidden between I don't get it let's call it let's go with hidden I guess it's more like something people aren't aware of but the dark hour does exist it occurs each night so is the time technically midnight for a whole hour if you had to get a very specific whoops you got that has froze anything inside their coffins that's a more Roast way of describing it but yeah we can go with that I mean it's certainly a part that makes it interesting as creatures you are the third person to say this to me they're allergic to cedar I'm een if you're in an RPG then yeah oh wait a second I really like beating shit up mind your own business meets aru and it was great the other day it was over a week ago now that's true probably maybe I don't know extra curricular execution squad C's for short now let's see this game came out in like 2009 so I think that that makes it actually ya know so that would make it well older than Final Fantasy 8 because I see this is my first thought is seed so really this is the this is the video game adaptation of haunted Junction we've wanted all along I'm in Zombie I'm sure there's some incidents on the news that probably aren't caused by people being turned into zombies like squirrel skis on on on water skis it's probably not a zombie thing local man wins lottery probably not zombies do this one during the dark power police are automatically in coffins during the dark hour that's just how this goes 2006 a guy takes place in 2009 all right who can function during the dark hour you need a lot of coffee beating out there may even awaken to a power that enables them to fight the shadows okay that's persona the power you use the other night yup you're also the third person tell me that be defeated by persona users I mean do you not have a persona cuz you're also awake during this thing I'm glad you understand thanks I'm not a dummy I mean I probably am but okay I get the gun the suppository I think we're gonna have to leave that one behind I'm not really I'm not really feeling that that is that is huge – that's like I'm dr. Mario pill oh is that we're calling it oh it's gonna take a lot of strength to squeeze that one up there okay okay all right to that in the butt and also guns it just being a thing I mean yeah I'll do it hey it's suicide a car don't know when the moon hits your eye you're not coughing guy that's persona when you're awakened no room and you want to go boom that's pisode battles go Dean fighting creepy things I ran into rhymes too fast sorry do I get the whole second floor to myself oh I'm a suppository joke yeah I am now hold up get it with the gun yeah I was actually about to the next time I get a chance I'm probably gonna owe manufactured yeah that's right doesn't matter now what happened well that was fast when you shot that but you're strangely enough that that's persona whoa Oh gang thou shalt have our blessing when thou chooses to create a persona of the fool Arcana okay you have established a new social link which one of these is the fool or is that genpei okay so long as I don't just shoot myself in the head to visit the velvet ER and I think we'll get along just fine Yeah right oh my The Fool I guess that's fair – oh no it's him oh no it's jail boy like Oh even the exclamation points like Wayne I know but I want to know your name oh that's very creepy is that me that looks like it would be like a representation of myself oh good I don't care yeah kinda I kind of figured okay looks like you've awakened to your power ironic is I'm in bed and trying to sleep please don't look at what I'm doing under there it may prove to be your salvation depending on where you end up I ended up here in my room Oh Joe bye oh you're still here okay it's about almost two weeks ago at this point I was planning on it I'll be watching you even if you forget about me I don't like that you buy vol the boy has disappeared cool alright that was the thing oh but we didn't actually get to visit the velvet room okay cool thank you yeah all right we just skip right past Sunday okay sounds like someone's calling your name from downstairs if you insist do I have to clean up after what's this all about no no there's someone I want to introduce okay the Patton Oswald what the hell's going on here oh dude I was gonna guess genpei this is June pee or e from class to F they'll be staying here as of today yeah what's up Oh Yukari you and genpei will become the best of friends by the end of this many times it was so hot that's amazing [Laughter] you know you know what jinbei props for admitting it all right he's oh he's all right in my book I think infuse not remembering anything I don't think that really her a more friends to shoot themselves in the head I mean all of us knew each other oh-ho-oh is something gonna happen now why he's all in sweetness well you know I didn't agree to this part of it this is a little personal Tartarus goes great on fish all right Jim pays right with me all right cool good on a school night that's cool I guess tonight's us go my to actually start exploring places all right 420 yo we're gonna go ham on that tartar in 420 I'm also drowsy on Monday mornings me2 the only thing you do is sleep through first period wait tomorrow is when we have morning assembly so tomorrow's morning assemblies so if I stay up super late with this thing I'll probably sleep through it or something can I use the bathroom yet nope in there look what up yo girl yeah bingo no okay spooky have you never had that talk ginpei I feel like you're a little old for this Oh the details are gonna get saved for later – that's cool I mean yeah she's in a hurry you sound so snippy saying that oh there we go I'm apparently a ginpei as apparently just me just me if I took better care of my damn self oh she likes her look hey Thank You Nana Cobb boob for water I feel like a ham and tartar sauce sandwich would be fucking horrific all right don't thought it was like a construction zone let's hear some cool stairs though I definitely didn't read that as wild duck I've already seen that sign also that's like just straight-up a Walgreens logo talking and laughing at each other's inappropriate jokes it is 4/20 after all all right evenning poor poor ricochet hasn't peed in two weeks well it's gonna be interesting because you got divided among six people so they already have their personas that yes going in it's time for it's time for party mechanics goes great on fish we've been over this I don't think I've seen it it's no surprise well then surprise me only appears during the dark but why am i confused about that just like the shadows interesting you are way too into this man's the perfect also what's with the bandage still on your head oh good oh great how how long is he gonna be recovering from that head injury oh okay yeah all right I'm sure he won't complain as long as you don't go too far in no promises on that it's we're dealing with shadows Tartarus isn't something we can avoid so make sure to brush your teeth Oh God love the enthusiasm I will also have your backs which is mildly suspicious is is he are uh he'll be our he'll be our Morgana or something I don't actually know what half those characters do I know what they look like from five but that's it I know she turns into the bus is he gonna turn into the bus fix the chat it's almost midnight camera confirm to be a bus really wish they didn't have that strobe light on it but yeah other than that it's a great it's a great phone app whole green clouds yeah oh it's a fucking Coliseum oh oh everybody's mouths have no teeth or tongue it's just a black hole okay OS spooky fuckin hell that's a big-ass tower your Chairman's a bus and you're in Tartarus that's persona nice alright interesting like a maze it's like a maze it's a maze everything returns to normal I mean yeah burger grab our Larry no I mean no hmm suspicious anyway it's not like it would change our minds about fighting or would it well maybe now we'll find out I've only gone in to take a peek this will be our first time exploring no won't you're staying outside for the four of us going in yes thank you for for doubling down on that oh yeah I mean you did say you'd be exploring it so can I pee in the dark hour we're gonna learn some things about human physiology here there's a motorcycle in here or a scooter we get like doors well it's a clock with many pendulum inside all right we got our we got our standard military here's four clocks thing okay first we'll have you three get a feel for this place don't say feel like that I mean eating you information from here so you two didn't plan on coming in the first place nothing it seems dangerous right we're also going to appoint a leader to make any necessary decisions do we have three guesses who that's gonna be I mean realistically it should be Yukari well there's a ghost holding a control or several feet behind him so it seemed appropriate also true that's valid seriously poor Yosuke Bo's k you – yeah you summon your persona without any difficulties like he can I mean shouldn't be just straight up shoots himself in the head and you're like oh fuck shit fuck no okay these are shadows we're talking about here without your persona you're screwed that's only if you're lucky all right you see a strange drew yeah that's been there the whole time oh is that gonna be my door to the velvet room yup there we go they're just like Oh bye okay bye now can I be in a velvet room hey bud oh the chair back is the wire okay sweet let's do it that you are about to venture into how did it come to be that is the mystery isn't it does it exist regrettably you are not yet capable of answering these questions spilled all over myself that was good is why you must be made aware of the nature of your power I know how to drink I'm very good at it the nature my power not according to them I mean realistically the number zero either makes things the same or mixing zero multiple personas and when you have defeated your enemies do they have your face because that makes me nervous sees like the group sees sure to keep that in mind I will do my best so what do I do in the meantime as an odd interaction also I love that the next counter is us is like a screen overlay and not actually fully opaque so it just kind of disappears when it's when it goes to white so what's with the clock they're not gonna see the door are they blam optician Honda hell yeah yes I am many look I'm at least three loco I haven't peed in like nine days I mean fair there's a glowing clock 20 feet to our left can I please interact with that please okay up sugar and aspirin the triangle button hey the clock to the left for the entrance thank you woo hello alright let's take a quick second and look around here skill we got so deals like fire damage light strike damage okay so this is physical this is special on its fire element okay and I guess I don't know if I can only use mine and you car engine pay have nothing or if they're all gonna be put here based on the party items so we got for these we got our sobei or apple strudel on Cutlass sandwich popular tea often auctioned online our so be drinks auctioned online generally that seems odd Oh use equip rapey airplanes sure to engineer boots and portable player how do I item info like is that a button thing or is that just we're seeing it there alright key items we have the velvet key and that's it unless that's literally keys right or soda yeah Orpheus are our harpy boy we got very low stats all around bash edgy next at level six is Tarun de so Orpheus is the fool got it so he's week two electric and a camp tell maybe darkness everything else is neutral always equip this persona yeah well not always but for now got our equipment I assume we don't have anything else I don't think I don't know if this does anything but it's good to have status whoop oh I can switch to persona status – all right cool all righty we were just looking at this before it's like a plain timid social link rank fool group that seems to fight shadows oh the whole group is is full interesting so you card to kid takeba takeba persona user jr. popular and bright sunny has have senior executives daughter understand kiri Jo oh wait a second oh no oh that's not good I was like why did that sound familiar cuz it's totally gonna be whoops let me refresh the chat it's totally gonna be heard dad we're gonna have to like fight him and that's gonna be a whole thing jin-tae Ori class clown Akihiko Sanada boxing champ oh that's cool all right l1 r1 switch oh I guess two different once we have other social links and system oh I can finally mess with this config camera reverse on rotation the battle command I don't think I really care about that this is fine for now you can see the calendar oh that's when it's gonna be a new moon shower day shall a day I know it's Showa I'm just gonna call it shower day cuz why not quests we have no quests with a with a blue s eugen spells don't have any of those yet dictionary oh that's cool all right this is neat Volker enables the user to sound a persona though is supposedly possible do so without one is he just gonna do with his hand by the end of the game like a Borderlands box art cover yeah alright cool cool I want to take a look at this real quick do you mind not touching that easy to transport delicate equipment necessary for gathering information that was here when we got here a girl don't even alright let's save since we've done a decent amount here bomb Paul alright save successful alright anything else to do here we're experienced battle make sure you back them up I mean neither do I I've had one battle and over oh okay what the hell is that all right let's do this I'll prove that I should be in charge oh we can look at his status – alright imitation katana dress shirt straight tip and a silver necklace don't know if that really does anything and his persona is Hermes magician just cleave it's weak to fire and air I guess actually wait that's was that hang on a second it's strong to fire strong for fire and weak to air okay and you so this is Tartarus let's check the status we've got a practice bow got a knit cardigan you have brown loafers and a heart choker all right and your persona is IO the lovers and a weak to electricity electricity is gonna be a problem though she's good with wind so we have an offset for Hermes so that's good Patra oh shit we're getting some Zelda in here too but yeah we got to watch out for electricity it seems like some kind of device you've never seen before doesn't seem to be functioning right now so I'll be in there later all right I think it's time for us to get in there let's do it and later Artem you catch you next time thanks for hanging out are you ready not really but let's do it here we go their classes their tarot card yeah that's kind of what I what I figured all right let's do that's a lot of blood just started out it is I mean if the three of us stick together yes we can yeah she didn't change her her face in the time we've left you've got a scream your face no he's she said audio oh wait what okay Oh does it okay interesting all 60 of them alright let's do it then all right like that but what do you mean all right let's go all right let's begin keep mine these are real battles you'd be engaging it now let's see if you can eliminate all the shadows wandering around on this floor oh nice we got a Mega Man Legends style uh map generator all right that was a chest medicine times one oh there's something over there moving it hit before it attacks you press the X button use your weapon if you can hit any before it hits you then you'll love the bench and start the battle all right oh well all right I mean that is true couldn't hurt I mean make sense oh they're just like dancing around a limit there to leave so I think so stamina doesn't get regenerated like it's you can have health stuff but I don't think I think it was that like stamina can't be can't be regenerated or it can't be done easily anyway these guys got quite a bit quite a bit tougher right away wow you're just jumping right in all right how was that not dead how is that not dead does it really you know what amazingly there is the tiniest little single pixel of yellow there that's amazing there we go yeah have one called stunning but I appreciate that snuff soul okay alright something to our what staircase in your body you see it I do the one wooden precede the next floor can't allow you go any higher today but please remember about it next time so she's gonna be like no don't touch it if I try to go up I guess so let's go over here because they were up it's not a shadow I saw I see it so try to surprise your opponent's get the strike first alright before you are spotted ah dammit wow they are really quick okay okay I hear does it all you ever get an instant game over there two elements would kill attacks you're currently weak to one of them great awesome sure yes teach me everything there are elements in this game what I appreciate how direct that is an enemy's weak to fire they're gonna be weak to fire Oh neato okay cool summon enemy is analyzing we have to wait awhile for the results but from then on whenever your analyze the particular enemy you'll receive the results right away wait you have to analyze them every time while you are selecting your target if a question mark appears of the enemy that particular enemy has not been previously analyzed okay I press the l1 button to issue this request I'm gonna yes I follow I'm gonna wait until one of these guys is dead before I try to analyze anybody oh well okay I mean if they're gonna make me do it then sure let's do the closer one here okay oh but I can keep doing things all right then I'm gonna attack this guy in the mean time and let's uh let's do skill I bet it's gonna be a fire thing but let's do bash for now Oh God refresh chat a lot of everyone shoot themselves in the head here I knew it so yeah I'll give it I'll give it a all give it one of these for the hell of it why not so Oggy not thank you sure oh we got the big party tech yeah nice thank you I tried really hard revival bead oh no where does that go okay let's get our treasure here snuff soul cool alright so uh how are you doing over there we're at half health give you some medicine okay that fully heals him all right so does at least thirty that's good to know seems to be a shop just around the corner approach carefully to avoid being spotted the map will prove to be quite useful as he explores so use it often or the glowing spots the enemies or those the treasures whoop damn turn is turning ah damn it so like I keep waiting for them to like rotate to turn but they don't they just kind of like huh and immediately go in a direction so that's true why is that in quotes also they only have a right quotation mark Oh interesting okay that is good to know I wouldn't guessed that you need to know I do some curious doing me like if I just remember those guys are weak to fire or all of them weak to fire or is it just that one so I'm gonna I'm gonna do one just to say okay so it is it is alright so it's it just a common thing then alright so let's try it do that one and one more over here so I'm not gonna keep doing it like this for all these battles but three of them could be a problem if we yeah let's do it flap flap all right cool it's a weird victory thing to say but I appreciate it Oh she'll time for Ricola mysterious cars are appeared in your mind you wonder if this is what Igor was talking about oh okay you'll occasionally have the opportunity to select a card from the ones shuffle before your eyes you pick a card with a persona then you'll receive that persona there are other cards even each of which has a unique effect or reward keep an eye on the card you want and try to pick it on I'm gonna definitely try and get the persona alright are they are they gonna shuffle do I have to hit a again okay this is that one yeah persona pixie welcome to pixie into your heart all right so now I have two personas that's cool yeah I leveled up you're now able to create personas up to level three do they always just match my level because I feel like that's a unnecessary thing to have to specify oh nice but I don't get a screen for them that's kind of a bummer I actually really liked level up screens generally there are a lot of fun to just kind of like you know yeah whoo cool all right so we got one guy over here who's facing us so he turns around then we have a chance to maybe sneak up on him for a change well yes I see it all right I mean oh yeah do we have any healing skills on hand because that would be soluble swords one allies oh okay cool then yeah I think we're probably good outside of ant all right there we go that's the shit this will be more relevant later fair enough whoa this is what the rush is for I would love to hear more about this oh pixee knows do you I gotcha you know to probably cost upon her stuff right we're cost everybody's turn there we go it's hardly a team if it's only one member moore or less but there's one last thing fair enough oh good thanks cool is there any way for me to know that how do I do an all-out attack is that rush I guess oh there we go okay oh no rush is just attack everybody wait so how does he all out attack work then unless that was right that's awkward could have been slightly better explained I think but I feel like rush is just Auto Attack which I don't want here yeah I noticed am I crazy do they not is the thing you already did rushes out of battle you've been doing them okay that's the one where it's like you knock them down and then okay alright I'm with it I got there I'm like I'm running out I don't want to burn through all of my SP right this second now thank second enough oh come on check out that one laughter but we're definitely when I heal her after this all right okay all right shuffle time so we got another pixie I mean if this is anything like gotcha pawn style stuff and maybe I can use the Pixies to merge them together this is middle one oh okay so if all right I guess not all right duly noted you can only get one of each thing I was hoping that you get like merge or do any of that stuff but I guess not sweet that's not how it expect you to spell da da da but it's good to know all right let's get some some healing going there we go I don't think I have anything that heals SP oh here we go snuff soul right hey wow that's actually really good for that okay I'm not so worried about that anymore fire it is Jesus that's odd usually they're more shadows on the prowl at least against an experienced let's go back to the dorm for today there should be an access point somewhere on that floor you can use it return to return at the entrance since there aren't any enemies to worry about why don't you split up and search individually yeah this is gonna end well Square button to issue orders split up they're not very strongly easily fall play to the enemy be sure to keep an eye on their HP interesting oh I'm gonna go this way oh okay let's keep going for right now but now we know that that's there so did he get the item neat all right that's cool and of course the direction that it would have had me go there's nothing so let's regroup alright that's pretty that's pretty rad neat Nene neat oh that's what that is okay so that brings us okay to the other one yeah let's do it here we go bro oh so he hangs on to the item until the end interesting all right not bad welcome back thank you it was a trip no problem we also gained levels so you know that's what that's a cool thing there damn it the chat's dead again Fox sorry guys it's time very quickly tonight I know the deal is there we go so it's funny yukari is actually set to be a support character in the in the little AI thing there so you can ask you car to heal you with her SP instead of yours valid we sure did we Came we saw we kicked some ass let's go sleep in Tula is that so thank you ah there we go we'll see about that yes we will Bob yeah we got another thing we got another fool zero thou art I and I am though thou shalt have our blessing when now chooses to create a persona of the fool Arcana did we not already do this we did this already did we level up has reached level 2 okay your power to create personas of the fool Arcana has ground alright so there's so there's two different things then there's your maximum level and there's a like Arcana types I guess interesting alright and we still haven't peed in a week and a half can i yeah can I go in here and do this ah there you are welcome to The Velvet Room well I suppose time for me to explain what I really do here it is my job to create new personas but in order to do so I must fuse your persona cards together in other words I shall merge them into a single persona except at the part where I got to Pixies and one was like me I'm out of here remember soon as you have buried within you is approximately 170 if you establish social it's like Pokemon if you establish everytime there's more the Shipra very interesting is so as you accumulate cards please bring them to me use personas I think I've literally got one card so normal spread triangle spread so it's two or three I guess talk and back so let's start with talk cool boy okay world's great new personas by fusing your existing personas together I allow a new one to emerge when a new persona is created it tends to be of a higher level than ones refused make sense over personas that are fused are lost forever standard fusion game style stuff since the process requires multiple personas you'll be left with fewer than you had before which powers will you forsake in order to gain new ones it is up to you to decide all right sometimes the power of your soul which thrives in the bonds you have with others thus it is only natural that social links affect the strength of your personas if you have established a social link of the same Arcana as the persona you wish to create then that persona will receive power from the social link and level up so if I make a fool persona it will level up got it and when a power will Steve depends on the level of the social link in some cases your persona may even surpass your own level bingo there we go all right so that's the benefit then of the social link is that you have your own max limit and the full one go are the social needs go above that so that's good to know to understand how now how important social links are to persona users I do now actually yes thank you types of fusion there are several types the normal spreads most basic type you simply fuse two personas together triangle spread and as there are three to reduce a percent of any net of an even higher order supposedly serve personas can only be created through triangle spread fusion those are like the Mewtwo's and the shaman's and general persona fusion exhibits predictable patterns dependent on the Arcana involved there are a number of combinations however they don't follow the usual patterns for example fusing personas of the same Arcana oh that's that's he's just giving a vague example got it skill inheritance persona creative fusion may inherit the skills possessed by its precursors in other words it's possible to give her persona skills that it could never learn its own like egg moves keep this in mind when you're trying to create a powerful persona the mechanism of skill inherence is not completely understood there are three key points I'd like to share with you first the skills to be inherited change every time you select a persona for fusion okay second the chance of skill being inherited depends on what the expected persona is okay alright so there's like a chance of stuff some of the same work kind of results in weird things yeah it seems like there's like weird shit that'll happen there there's more details into some other time last feet lastly the more skills the original shonas possess the more skills the resulting persona will inherit okay that seems reasonable – alright inheritance rules inheritance rules if you have one allow me to experiment explain more about skill inheritance for each persona there are skills that can that can be inherited in those that cannot is primarily determine that by the personas characteristics that's a vague statement of everyone here are some general rules one don't run with scissors – wait 30 minutes after eating before swimming 3 be careful not to stub your toe personas proficient at physical attacks are unlikely to inherit magic guitar that seems pretty obvious fire ice electricity wind all right so cool so I was I was right with that persona with an affinity for one of these four types cannot inherit skills of the other three types and I guess light and dark are a separate thing there spider house rules yeah I hope you like entering and leaving menus – yeah I was gonna say like if it's a matter of when you select it could I just back out of the menu and look at it again white guys personas with an affinity for light will never inherit dark skills and vice versa okay you know a personas proficient at healing cannot inherit any physical attacks that's a bummer as you'd expect for someone as good at physical text enemy bad at magic and very few persona can wield magic of multiple elements but there are some that can so that's good to know even more rare are personas who can inherit any skill although they do exist it's called mu you will learn more by and by as you experiment with fusion incense cards okay are you familiar with the Minor Arcana cards they depict coins swords of whatnot oh I guess we have seen those yeah they're like they remind me of the of the little like skill point things from smash Ultimates wow the chat already died again good lord mind darted to damage their instant kill attempts I see are you familiar at that of those the face cards the page the knight the Queen and the king holds special powers they're called incense cards my face cards incense cards and they can inherit personas abilities or I guess if it's based on the Tarot then they won't call it face cards these cards effects can be passed on through fusion to new personas if you haven't acquire one you should give it a try and last but not it's not last as a whole bunch more I regret to inform you of this but our powers are not perfect what although rare there are times when cards that are placed incorrectly cut oh if you place them wrong it makes an accident got it there's only persona but most likely be different than what we anticipated please pardon us of this does occur so every once in a while so there's a random chance of it fucking up basically oh that's why do they make it look like there's I'm not crazy right like look at that look at that thing on the right it looks like I should be able to scroll down to look at more stuff but there's no there's no more stuff to scroll down to that's bizarre I don't even know if I have yeah I so like for example I don't I don't think I want that I think I want to keep Orpheus right now valid invalid oak can I even merge them at all I'm confused about the numbers over there mean four four two and one unless it's like it's like a class two and that makes a class three or something all right I'm not gonna do this right now no this is a whole separate thing okay I gotta do anything right now I'm gonna doing anything of that can you know what they're actually usually beneficial all right fair enough then let's leave so I'll have to keep I'll have to start keeping an eye out for getting those like other kinds of cards do click 'save while we're here Tartarus know that's how I just sauce right Ryu G that was his name I was trying to remember the guys name here select your party here before you're under Tartarus I'll explain the details some other time it's ribn uh you did well today now let's head back to the dorm cool we talked to you you guys did a great job but you won't have to shoulder the burden forever if only I hadn't gotten injured I'm feeling tired let's go back and dude I can't take any more I'm starving yeah it sounds like we're all kind of beat up dark I will soon be over it will be the next day when you stop exploring return to the dorm yeah it sounds fine yeah all right you can keep the personas you have for now but personas exp to level up increases rapidly compared to your own so a few levels you want to fuse them anyway get something more on your level you speed a level oh oh I see yeah so like getting to the next level jumps dramatically that makes sense nope hello hey your ricochet right yeah why man I knew it I heard from Jen pay that you're pretty close with Yukari saw god damn it I guess doesn't matter I'm looking for someone with a little more experience anyway what are you talking about me i'm kenji tomo chica there's a morning assembly so we better hurry alright thank you for coming to my TED talk it walks up saltines walks away oh man they're the only ones who get to have that third dimension I guess I missed that wall is in a coma aren't you also popular Yukari yeah we we had mentioned that I think yeah that's gonna be a thing there's definitely a thing I was also thinking 299 to be honest 299 walk away passes her eyeball around the room here we go you were in 2006 minused and we're already talking about sustainability you don't dig into a well you dig a well two of them in fact education your participation ideas and in through are essential you are like 27 I don't understand this you're just gonna stand okay there we go it was alright thank you Jim pay thank you right I love you Jim pay here the best all right we're back in class going over Meiji era literature tired of these text books I just went over this novel in the last class I've got a great poem cover instead close your textbooks everyone in listen isolated cloud to spend it over the tall snowy mountain peak feel tired nope no sleep in better not be sleeping back there you should be ashamed of yourself taking nap I pour my heart into reading this poem that you get another essay Oh along with your regular assignment tonight I'll expect a slice of cake when you turn it into that's what the fuck that's bullshit alright I'm the academics went up but like what as of today you'll be able to use your time after school as you wish like peeing they used to spend your time spend time with those individuals also them any place you go to in go to in the area to raise your charm courage and academics here to look around in town as well as in the school hey we've finally entered standard like dating sim mechanics at long last are like life sim I guess hey new guy what do you think of the girls here compared to your old school they're better here totally our school has tons of hot chicks great interaction hey new guy what do you think who was I talking to I hey there dude another gorgeous day I should go for a jog for practice hey jump a bit serious my speech this morning was crazy I heard no one is even close to her in the election considering her background I don't know why they bothered let's face we're all just plain ordinary compared to her man I hear that starting on the 23rd some athletic teams will be recruiting new members it's interesting that you say the 23rd instead of just Thursday but alright just the track team can a team and swim team though the others are full parents and join I want to go check it out go down the stairs to the right and eventually you'll find it all right down to the right do you tend to get lost in stool in school I mean generally no but I'm gonna say yes because I'm curious what she's gonna say where you headed the department I guess stairs to the right double doors on your right hand side and head straight okay what about the other ones art club music club go down the stairs the right art room will be right there okay so those are more immediate and soon council room right across the hall from this room okay buddy else in here to talk to know anything else to interact with I need like a bump bump bump bump bump ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba all right all right so we got full-on hallways everywhere here so down the stairs to the right OOP hello she's gonna quit being a high school that's it Willis her life not mine has already been a student quit you know she had only two years left well she do she doesn't graduate from high school oh no we were skating in my room huh was it what oh man I forgot Dustin's a little song there was it screw you parents I hate you school is for chumps all right so this goes to the faculty oh no oh oh this is all part of the same got it all right I'm hip with it double doors on the right nope that's library that's the faculty office already we already did that more faculty office yeah nurses office our emergency exit okay so I wanted the other I probably wanted a stairway on the other side that I like went past library yeah all right let's go back oh my god chats already dead again this is rough I don't know why it's being such a pain in the ass tonight sorry guys all right let's go back up and down the other side of the hallway Oh actually bathroom let's make them feel real good enter do it you know you want to they're the loudest flushing toilets in history excuse me everyone I need you to know that I have just peed or pooped disgusting fluids and or solids have left my body I just want everybody to know that I've ejected them from my system and we're all good now so I hope everybody's cool with that and thank you all right so is this the one I wanted no that's emergency exits again so I think I want to go all the way down the hallway and then there's double doors that's the music room okay so I get to choose my curricular activities I guess wait a minute okay we've connected that's the faculty side of things home economics I never had home at home ech and in high school I was always curious about a home a class but it never came up and the only time that the phrase home economics ever entered my lexicon was when watching a goofy movie just 60 more minutes of home economics then out with the textbooks in in with the comics a song I haven't thought about in probably 15 years minimum like so gymnasium indoor swimming pool practice field I'm gonna guess yeah this is gonna be kendo yeah let's observe always but I've always wanted to try kendo I got to use kendo swords in Taekwondo forever ago but never got to do actual kendo all right one of those guys kneeling down looked like chod sure I'll go observe the swimming of the swim team too Oh huh all right indoor swimming pool all right so at least I know where this stuff is at this point so I guess I have to come here on Thursday afternoon all right very fast I'm just staring at dudes running around NBD all right oh ll anar will also turn the cameras that's good to know a tree seems special for some reason I want to rights there is it commemorates something is this the same school from five because this area actually looks familiar I saw a teensy tiny bit of the very beginning of five and this reminds me a lot of like an outdoor courtyard II kind of area in five where the girls swim they they don't they swim in the bathrooms talk to me later okay I do I have to what's in here the janitors room okay I can't interact with that art room sorry the art club is no longer accepting new members so I can't do that I can't be part of the music club the there are lots of classrooms here but you knew that I wouldn't have to know that it's a school that's the idea I can't be a saxophonist boo bummer Home Economics mixture of Japanese in some other language Oh interesting you must be at least average oh no where am I at right now I am at slacker okay well we can't all be perfect I probably don't need to pee again whomp-whomp standard Aryan Japanese school stereotype like behold of sneaking onto the room oh yeah there's a lot of that too isn't there of like oh let's go we're gonna go have a lunch on the roof and I will strudel Cutlass sandwich I'm glad that I grabbed the sandwich because now it seems like this is gonna have handy ass I also didn't get any money uh from any my exploits I noticed so that's important to keep in mind I guess well you were at when you were absent there was an election for student council president meets her senpai speech was so cool I voted for her everyone else looks so small compared to me true senpai meets her senpai can I not go into II I can't go into II man even the land Hikari can go into other rooms doors locked meetings Monday one day from Wednesday Friday okay to f PA room can't go in still to F is that an emergency exit yeah try to get a fuel for the place I wanna make sure that I'm not like missing anything I just became a junior I'm supposed to be having fun they just came into some money so they're getting all strict about my future and junk I mean you know oh speaking of the roof this school is only two floors tall good to know can I go around here oh I can't it look like I could for a second but alright and then we go dude could you could you jo-jo what all right so I think oh no I already know how to talk to you well the artsy stuff is so let's get on out of here actually before I do let me just see if there's anything interesting happening in the rooms that are over here cuz I didn't really look at this faculty office when me was enter without a good reason valid it sounds like he knows he's saying doesn't even listen to this last year was dating two women at the same time thing is they work together when they found out they both dumped him saying he who hunts two hares at once will catch neither I mean the student like you who's always trying to do two things at once will the teacher continues to scold the students of the student Oh No whoops still a faculty office and the library the library is locked well no I can go into the nurse's office guy mr. ed Ogawa keep in mind that you are interrupting my um scholarly pursuits you are jacking off with that skeleton aren't you you seem healthy enough my eyes cannot be to see you now get back to class sick or tired okay all right good to know let me fix the chat again no but came from that way it's the library hello I came here cuz I'm not feeling too good I just wanted some cough drops that he gave me this weird-looking medicine that wasn't in the mood together Mike hurt so I decline and he busted out another weird medicine that I never seen before okay alright let's get out of here Brando parameter grant round one run it along in the school yeah I guess it's time to go I can't really interact with any of this stuff it seems like can i no I can't reach into any of the open lockers are these all shoes yeah they are alright let's head on Elle it's actually explore this would be cool yo ladies the where oh my god I did just now I can't look at anything else are you also gonna screech Akihiko senpai captain the boxing team seems like a chick magnet II kind of position to be in disagree no my god yes no I got the heart and everything Polonia that's a weirder to spell that Polonia you know is right I'll be at the police station Moo not them all see you there you know what the mall is right I won't be there then they just don't react to that at all that's amazing it's like it's okay whatever is amazing he treats us like dirt and it's great oh yeah what are their names yeah that's what I thought all right now we're just going straight there cool Oh or we're not goin straight there I'm waiting for my boyfriend we're going to Hakka hagakure or if you're in America huh Gak your hag a cure but melo every school is at least one mystery that no one can solve I was at the school and its share like the sculpture in the art room that moves by itself it sounded cooler in my mind it's called it's there they're standing there for like a life wasn't life studying art whatever the female students in continues to siphon eat the cherry blossom a strange feeling someone's watching me Oh buddy buddy she's Rep buddy look oh we just there's an invisible barrier keeping us from expand oh hello interesting all right so this is a whole bunch of stuff we're gonna be looking at eventually but let's go to polonium all I'm gonna I'm eventually gonna forget how that's pronounced it's inevitable that's gonna be a thing the hi hello young man say have you heard anything about this business of ordinary healthy people changing overnight huh you know time gets hurt at all how can you not know about this you live here he said no I wasn't talking to you I was talking to her sure let's see yeah I know about it obviously it's all over teeth good way for the sale isn't the Saturday the sale day at oh oh oh he gay pharmacy how he gay is a little bit that's that's an interesting game for a pharmacy Oh game panics got Jack Frost on there oh he gay go after someone you're still young you've got no excuse not to be together with some girl town alright so we can go out that way are you here for the arcade if you want an over the games here I can tell you about them yeah sure you play either horror house or mole whackers that's one of the few minutes there your courage goes up well Marcus test your twitch reflexes so it increases your speed now I was gonna say it's gonna take up time so let's not bother that let's go straight to the police-station here we go that's a teeny tiny police station and yeah what if he likes dudes oh look it's the Blue badger like character on the side he makes mad films okay am I gonna get a gun really wait 5000 yen okay Kurosawa has connections oh good this isn't strange at all these things still cost money I mean yeah of course they do wait so is this gonna be my gun shop I realize that oh my god okay see you later bud oh look over there it's something 469 on the left – oh that's not spooky you got it Leon Kennedy and I'm doing what I think is left all right give me them guns another that much we should be able to find you need weapons and armor so that's good hey all right it's a two-handed sword one-handed sword crit rate up low what an unknown effect and light easy to use for unknown effects wait so oh that's that's my attack goes up so wait hang on a second like do I so 37 okay so it's going off of my thing there so I feel like I'm gonna stick with one-handed swords Plus unknown effect that's really weird goes up by two that one goes up by through the hit rate drops and alright let's buy yes so are the others gonna equip themselves or am i buying stuff oh and I can do this okay oh there we go nice all right so 36 for him okay yukari's on here also all right everybody's got stuff going on so he likes the the big stuff okay now I'm getting there accuracy is always important because I was suggestive on concrete but you get bootleg weapons for the police yeah that sounds not too bad so can i buy I guess I can have enough Yente to buy all three of these I guess I'll buy this for four ginpei no and now if I oh I can't do that there Oh balls okay shit I just screwed myself there I'm sure oh I don't even have weight where did it go oh no that's it right there oh okay well oops all right I sever every one you cook them in the tartars waiting room all right well I guess we're going in with not any armor then since the armors really goddamn expensive too and I guess the next time I get some cash I'll have to all have to do that then yes well that is a huge bummer whoops and yeah she I won't worry too much about only 5,000 yeah I'm gonna take off since I'm gonna know I wanted to equip you bastard Jeppe has left can i equip him right now probably not huh so I have to equip them later ah I really screwed myself with that oh that's a bummer I guess I should have looked at it I should what I usually do in these kinds of games is I worry about myself first and then my party members after but trying to be smart about it depending on where you go you may be able to raise your arm courage or academics does hard enough you may be able to make new acquaintances oh just get past that that's cool Saviour till it gets dark no power records store sells a variety of music and a pharmacy is gonna be for like medicine and stuff welcome alright this vault panic fear and distress HP hoity-toity cat food of a fine felines muscle drink gross revival bead it's a phoenix down and again it looks like I should be able to scroll but I can't so weird alright goddamnit I think weapons only have tech only affect your basic skills or basic attack skills we need to get rich we definitely need to get more money save enough space to admit and I'm playing apex legends aha Shiina Shoto Shoto antiques since we closed i'm reopen on June 9th oh that's gonna be a while all right the karaoke up there be blue all right welcome oh dear okay spirit spirit ring life ring a luck band speed band guard management power band okay I think we'll be good without those for now anyway we got chug all cafe or chagall guess club escapade it's not open you know what let's do those do the arcade why not uh yeah no nevermind I guess we won't do that that's pretty damn expensive all right oh do we have a Dave we do have a Dave baby baby baby baby baby let's go to port Island station let's do some exploring man plan a final problem the weather is nice today yeah it is isn't it oh they're so nervous and cute the florists rafflesia all right glass vase is not a flower all right I'll think about that on another day when we got up here well we've got a train now it is a station the saw the best part of the station is the size really that's the best thing about the station how close this to the ocean we're proud of it I love it yeah why not I'm glad you like it oh yeah sure buddy Renaissance Hotel as a busted bathroom oh no we can't pee today oh whoops I didn't mean it well all right let's go back in and take another look around the bam-bam-bam burner tramp barrel hello do you like movies I love movies me to movies kick-ass I love them cuz they're like a microcosm of real life I suppose that's fair Friday and a certain day Friday in a certain day screenshot movie theater that's great those of you want to be more courageous three heroic tales being shown a student ticket is 1500 yen nope alright so we got a movie theater at the train station that's normal and school started I'm so lazy why listen I don't need a reason to be lazy besides everyone gets like this after days off it's the truth man alright did to quit ramp ramp Farrell back to the town map II walked ode die station yah thought I that's true Dave dave has made appearances years back at this point at least a year ago I have a new teacher but he's we're already a little into the first term and it still feels weird to be in the room with him why it's like he doesn't talk at all even during lunch time I'm a 6th grader I'll be moving on next year I'm stuck with a teacher like this huh what's he like how should I know we never talk when I say hello he just smiles ok oh I can actually go up the down escalator that's cool oh all right this place is a mess he's a messy shit it's a messy shi'ites the vending machine dr. salt moon kissed and fountain do we got another three you know dr. pepper Sunkist and Mountain Dew is amazing I envy you student it's a new term for you guys but for your cabbies like me it's the same thing year in year out are you okay not feeling bad enough and just I feel like I've done it all before you know every year all right well I'm gonna look at this observe it now this is a manhole look at this stuff at all how many Flyers shape the phone booth okay that's all I get to know about it though all right oh there's actually more stuff here you have to die strip mall as you can see I'm just a salary man I'm not I'm not just skipping work no geez okay there's a lot of stuff going on here oh thank you nano thank you thank you Mountain Dew all right I'm gonna there we go I was like I'm gonna wind up walking through the thing aren't I there's a real estate sign if you have any questions please contact Minato Estates all right do you do general my friend has a cat and it's so cute I won't want to my mom hates animals oh I love little rainbow effects those are cool like rainbow lens flare thing going on ramp oh my god there's so let's start on the first floor we'll make our way up there's a lot going on here I'd bookworms closed for term on extermination will reopen on 425 all right so that's what Saturday I think wild duck burger mystery burger 500 yen in greens are a secret you a little bit of courage to eat here we stare till it gets dark no why would I do that I can't even buy anything we got more stairs going up we got octo Pia takoyaki cook all right my takoyaki is delicious and only for it again there's no octopus in it but try some anyway goodbye the takoyaki yeah you know what yeah let's buy it weird takoyaki so I get to know anything about it something other than octopuses inside oh no oh dear oh no I didn't mean to uh go back in oh nice it returned me to where I could where I left that's good all right let's go up see what's up on the next floor all right we got sweet shop a sweet scent dripping out the door but I don't get to experience it anyway haka hagakure huh Gawker a ramen shop tuna called your leek your skin beautiful we share that till it gets dark no or we got what katsu restaurant too crowded right now all right the third floor we got another vending machine well we got nasty nasty Bauer bar and one up all right one up one's a little bit of an easy bit of a softball Bauer bar is that supposed to be like Powerade I'm trying to think what Bauer bar might be I don't know what that would be book on manga are stacked up the ceiling all right so it's just like my closet beef bowl shop oh man there's a shop after my own heart Oh too crowded no I dig around in the trash all right I think that's I think that's everything here all right so that's good to know all right nasty oh my god you surf garbage chunky baby hey Jack bar is Jack bar a thing or is that are you friend of that here or Nagasaki shred yeah oh my god some of my eye goddamn all right oh yeah most friends have jungle gyms can I climb up this you know you want me to ah boo okay not allowed to interact with here the water looks crystal clear okay can I some Inari sushi I think that when you join your hands and wish a friend this small shrine time will pass as you fervently wish not ya recall how it works oh no I'm good there's a sign with information about the holy tree it is said that the Tokoyo no noggin Aki Dori that's a mouthful perched on this tree when Amaterasu sealed herself Oh in the Amano iwato since the tree grew so large a torii was later made to serve as a perch okay I knew about half of the things that they were suggesting like word wise it's a huge tree he learned that he learned so much all right my my my you look like a little peasant boy I'm sorry Pleasant little boy what you're doing in a shrine no you don't look the prayerful type me I've come a long way to pray to the God here he's a strong one the offertory box and the written oracle are both good for your fortune then there's Inari sonbai the red gates woo some crazy things might happen you pray to him but you have to pray for a long time it's no problem for me but some people skeleton schedules are too busy all right bye leaving money in the offertory box your academics will increase if you're in great condition the increase will be even higher time will pass uh not yet I don't know if I want to do that just just right now fortune boxes under repairs doesn't seem like it's Forge it was too good then hey all right uh you know what I was gonna go back to the dorm so I think I think all uh apparently by bar says it keeps going for 24 hours so it's a 24 reference Oh like Jack Bauer but the actual food item is probably power bar like I was thinking power bar but it said you want something to drink which is why power bar seems strange there uh you know what yeah I'll put on a get in you're in great conditions your academics have increased dramatically cool evening let's go home thank you cool to do it Gunnar exploration of Tartarus akiko is still on the mend so for now I would like you to lead the team you never know when a powerful enemy might appear like the one you faced the other day even though that was literally the exact same thing in fact weaker than the things we fought in Tartarus alright since I'm sure there are other things you'll need to care of you may go out at night if you need you may go out at night if you need to all right you did very well if your first night in Tartarus tell me what you think about it it was eerie tends to be once first impression on experience in mysterious tower all right um I think I might go for it like I think I might going to Tartarus again doesn't have the potential enter the dark hours just an ordinary policeman be knows about us it helps out when he can why does he help us but he's a police officer so he's dedicated his life to helping people plus he's a pretty cool guy alright oh he's just hanging out oh no that's Jim pay you know that thing we used to sounder personas the Evoque er I was thinking why does it have to look like a gun yeah tell me about it vampire down Oh Dan a damp down you got to be a little nutty to point a gun to your head and pull the trigger you know yes yes indeed there I get pretty tired after we go to Tartarus I feel like I spend all day hiking up Mount Fuji about you I feel tired – yeah I think we just have to get used to it let's go another round let's do it trigger burn status sure can I do I can't do any equipment stuff there all right that's fine anything else go to Tartarus tonight let's do it around midnight don't be late I'll let the others know cool move posso move as we explore Tartarus this will be our temporary base of operations I'm counting on you don't you're a let's check there are status exchange their equipment you have a new sword for cool sweet Thanks oh cool nice are you gonna be on the team that doesn't know all right I have nothing to do in the velvet room so I'm gonna save and I think we will go in for one more thing with Tartarus and then that'll be it for tonight all right let us dive on in are you ready yes I'm ready something else about Tartarus a few floors up there's a barricade preventing you from going any higher the tower seems to have a number of these interspersed amongst its floors I know I told you that the layout changes he's did these barriers seem to be in fixed locations therefore I'd like you to try and reach the first barricade all right I think I can do that Tartarus go to the next block block number one okay all right well it immediately changed all right look it's a great source of power above you it's still relatively far away but keep your guard up nonetheless all right so I'll have to keep an eye out and try to make sure we heal you know as we try to go up all right so lights are enemies then turn around there we go alright alright well I get a little smiley face what's that all about oh nice just straight up fuck them yeah right definitely should not get comfortable with just being all the blaze through these guys it's cuz you peed yeah right I mean maybe actually shuffle time alright so I already have pixie so I may as well go for one of the other two then so I'll do this one I've chosen Minor Arcana card wand rank 1 alright the wand spurs growth your experience increased our okay cool great he is in uncanny fellow it's weird alright that that is the stairs right there so let's explore these other areas alright 990-n alright neat well the stairs here too alright there's also a guy right here oh boy that was close got him now oh no oh no what are those oh my god you you know oh my god I do not like that nice oh good to know the guy attacked pretty goddamn hard right away I'm gonna definitely need to prioritize getting some goddamn defense going on only fix the chat thank you I tried very hard alright so pixie and coin I don't know there we go coin rank-one all right coins bright obtain Oh sweet so we get money for that all right so so that's how we're gonna get money from battles I guess all right so these are stairs going up it's a lot of stairs oh okay these are just like small platforms oak there's a guy here II pick a direction pick a direction there we go didn't even see us that time player advantage what are these flower boys merciless Maya okay in the meantime let's try and take out some of these dudes nice do it on that one and I think we're just going to attack these guys because they happen to be like strong or something to that then okay so it is strong to fire its weak to the other one so that's good to know so I don't have anything I can reasonably do there so I'm just going to attack okay those aren't quite as strong as the hand guys that's good to know slam yeah there's gonna be a lot of stuff I have to remember okay there's another guy in here let's take a quick second to whoop whoop no no no talking to you request healing nice alright cool automatically picked the right character – sounds good chef Lau all right you can tell Jim pay to use a skill okay oh no I hit square I didn't mean to do that I didn't know square automatically made you wait I guess we're gonna do this since this week to fire right nice okay so far so good I got a lot of pouches going on still pixie so I want anything other than that do that one alright 540 n all right so we're starting to get some money that's good 13:03 okay so let's head back so we got this passageway overhaul oh that doesn't really go anywhere there's our stairs so we're gonna go back up and around here we do have a guy waiting for us there we go and change to use pixie I think you ever equipped to get any you have to have her equip to get any experience on her okay I might try and get Orpheus to three first and then and then switch to fixate dah here we go oh shit alright critical sweet still pixie and also a sortie thing yes alright obtained a rapier oh so I just straight-up got a weapon for that that's cool alright still some more floor to explore all right so that's our way out so I don't want to no I'm not alright we got another guy over here okay come on turn around there you go all right there we go got him oh we got a new one yeah what is this muttering tiara all right I'm gonna use bash on one of these guys okay nice all right so that's one of them down yeah it's weak to ice and wind but good against fire ooh or miss those that's good tactics can i oh boy no no no hang on hang on so I can't get him to use a specific I'll know how to get him to actually use a specific because that's all–that's wait don't know how to figure that out later let's just let's attack this once it's already doing damage to it nice Oh No oh he fell over so missing is actually like downs you that's not good yeah let's do it oh he's not even gonna be part of the all-out attack oh it's sad still killed it though that's good oh my god the chat died again I'm sorry guys just can't control you can't control them oh I think you can tell him to use a skill but you can't tell him exactly what to do okay Santiago probably use a skill interesting okay I'm gonna go for me I'm gonna go for the weapon screw it imitation katana alright so these are so maybe coin is the rank one then hey hit points the spear points of a crease you're now able to create personas below four and Orpheus got a level two yeah all right strength up we've got endurance up and got agility up so he doesn't get to run it till six so I think was there something looked like it was glowing I guess maybe because I just changed levels Oh Pixies at level two already okay so I guess so I guess I'll use persona I'll use a pixie for now alright though that does mean that does mean that I won't have access to fire though although I guess the lowest level dudes it's not like the end of the world right now I will have healing but let's also do that too all right that's the end of this so let's head back and we go up the stairs because you base levels to every persona has a base level ah I got you okay they're raised feeble feeble second floor that's interesting or Sybil all right up we go here we go so place like a maze even the access point seems to be randomly distributed feel like you're in danger don't hesitate to return oh yeah the stairs are gone that's awkward give this guy some space is he gonna turn here is there we go noice yesterday I can switch something battle – I guess that's fair alright uh so skill we'll just beat dia so I guess we're going to attack yeah there we go yeah okay I got to it's fine clown we are the man you guys gonna get a level up maybe no okay well you tried and that's what counts let's go left first all right we got an item high-tech sandals times one I guess they're all probably gonna say times one hopes I want it quick engineer boots what about our high-tech sandals whoa that's a lot better it sounds pretty good to me so I can't change their equipment unless I presumably talked to them yeah so he's got straight tip same thing look I assume her equipment is also gonna be a base for yeah can I switch hers out I can't okay anything else nope doing good so far switch portunity get exp for both this game also has split exp if you all get XP on the one you end the battle with all right sounds about right all right so we got a guy right here it's itching for a fight Oh barely got him alright I don't think I got an advantage though I just don't get attacked first all right oh they got one in right there oh and it's so close last one indeed yeah critical hit let's do it yeah son of a one I don't know what it's a son of now I'll never know thank you shuffle time still a pixie no is that cursed I don't think I want to pick that up the other one looks cursed I don't want it alright nothing here we got an enemy right there oh damn it did you get me damn it alright look that could have been a lot worse cool alright son of a shadow alright okay so there's stairs going up you got a hallway here so let's see we came this way nothing there there's our stairs so let's go over here and see if there's anything worth checking out looks like we have an enemy for our we have a couple enemies prowling around okay there we go kaboom I don't think we have a title yet I don't believe we do we gotta we got to come up with a good title for this Oh not enough oh yeah you got the double hit or a critical hit rather nice yeah and one more yeah yeah love those critical those are very those are very fulfilling very cathartic yeah thank you oh no no yes what's the cup do your HP is in restore that's cool all right so he's tired so that's not good I don't think healing is gonna matter for that but no one are interested I'm not trying to stab you I'm tired man it's not good need to say clickable things yeah none of these seem to be helping there well that's not good cuz it sounded like there was gonna be some particularly nasty thing waiting for us at the top and I know that you can basically keep returning to oh all right I'll fight this and that maybe that'll be maybe that might be enough for oh wait no oh it was a rare thing wasn't it fuck I don't know ha I don't have to keep that in mind for another time I guess well that sucks also I didn't think I was close enough for him to see me blargh all right thankfully these guys are good week so yeah yeah let's do it so I guess oh no he's still in there who's like I see too tired for this but metalslime perhaps yeah all right okay I'm gonna clear this floor and then I think we're gonna back out still Pixies so I guess we'll go for the all right experience increased always good whoop didn't mean interrupt you there nothing there all right let's get out of here I even can actually come to think of it I don't have stairs that go back down do I so how would I even return right now OOP hello oh that's what the faces are for got it great good and tired perfect got it oh no I'm feeling tired too now I was just great two seconds ago okay how in the hell do I get out of here now no this is bad I mean it goes right then I can do the thing if not then I don't have a whole lot of choice here okay let it go for a second camera good let's get through fan out and look forward nobody need to find an exit point there is none I've cleared this whole floor there is none there's just not one on this floor I think I'm just screwed now that is definitely not good that that sound effect sounds like it sounds like someone's like empty stomach oh boy yeah this is gonna get a little bit rough gotta find a way out oh no it's on this floor yeah I don't have a whole lot of choice right now unfortunately and I don't know if I can have them split up to look for it or if they're gonna get themselves screwed something's right there look oh it's still looking for me okay I didn't know how far was gonna chase me it's our hallway over there really there is there's so many enemies around oh shit damn it okay it's just one but we got to get the fuck out of here and stay out of battles the one experience so we're getting less experience among other things damn it stay away I can't see far enough down the hallways to tell fuck it oh this is bad okay okay good he got the crit in okay that helps nice oh not quite dead though there we go okay still a pixie or cup cool HP is in restore I don't think it was really an issue there oh god this floor goes on forever oh oh no it's an item damn it going shortbow I can't give that to her right now though you time we go oh we got separated oh shit okay okay so now there's an enemy right there unfortunately it's the direction I got to go I'm not loving this I need to find a way out I found more stairs up goddammit let's go this way there's no enemies over here yet oh yes thank God okay get the fuck out of here yes return to the entrance Jesus who my god I'm going back to the dorm a beat going back to the dorm yeah we're definitely uh well what we're gonna do is I'm gonna save and then we're gonna come back next time to continue and move on to the next day and maybe when we come back on the next time around we'll have a better we'll be able to make it further in so thank you guys for hanging out with me for this first trip through persona 3 looking forward to playing this I like it so far it's pretty good definitely got one of those like high-risk kind of feels to it so that's gonna be interesting to get through on Thursday I'm only playing a hollow night I think that's in our fourth stream maybe your fifth one for halle night and yeah of course the chat broke again god damn I don't know why it's it's particularly bad tonight I don't know the deal with that is dropped frames 360 I hope that I'm not six entire seconds off here that'd be bad but regardless yeah Thursday we're back for Halle night we're Tuesday we're back for this again then the following Thursday we're doing Dark Souls and the Thursday after that we're back to Shantae for one of the other DLC modes and every Tuesday we're gonna be doing persona 3 fast so thank you guys very very much this is pretty rad now I'm looking forward to more of this and I'll catch you guys later see you next time bye

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  1. Aw man, first time I hear of this, wish I was there live. It's surprising to me you went with 3 and not 5 first.

    What's your streaming schedule by the way? I might have to check them out now.

  2. It's a shame I missed the stream. I love the Shin Megami franchise. Hope to catch the next one. By the by, FES stems from the word "festival" so it's supposed to be be Persona 3 Festival, but personally I prefer Persona 3 Fucking Even Sexier~ edition.

  3. This hit my home page outta left field, this will be a fun watch its been forever since i watched someone play this or played P3P myself

  4. Glad you're enjoying Persona 3 Fes. I love that game. Be sure to check in on Elizabeth's quests regularly. It pays off.

  5. Noooo!!! I missed the stream!

    But I'm glad you're checking out Persona 3, Persona has become my favorite video game series ever since last year when I played Persona 5 first! 🙂

  6. Finally got the chance to check out the whole stream now! Yay!
    I've seen very little of this game, mostly watched my former college roommate play it. Looks fairly interesting though. Probably gonna start with 4 or 5, but it would be cool to play this for myself someday.

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