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The Stats (ACT, GPA, etc) Needed To Get Accepted to Top Colleges (Ivies, Stanford, etc) (&Instantgo)

The Stats (ACT, GPA, etc) Needed To Get Accepted to Top Colleges (Ivies, Stanford, etc) (&Instantgo)

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  1. I go to a really small school in the middle of nowhere and we are not even offered AP classes. We have an Advanced diploma we can get by choosing to take the classes required for it but its not actual AP classes. Im on the Advanced diploma and have straight A's and a 4.0 unweighted GPA on a 4 point scale but I'm still worried that not having AP will make it hard to get into a top school.
    I also have a 29 on the ACT right now (30 in Science, 29 in Math, 26 on Reading, 27 on English, and 7 on writing) but I'm taking it again next month. I cant take the SAT in my area either so I'm also worried about not having that too.
    Overall I'm worried about not getting into my dream school because of my area pretty much.

  2. the 4.0 system where I was had 97-100 as a 4.0, 95-96as a 3.8, and 92-94 as a 3.6. I was so scared that my 94 meant I would never get anywhere near a 4.0 lol

  3. This is mad, in Scotland, we sit national 5s and highers and usually like 70%+ is an A. The exams r so hard that the grade boundaries change every year dependant on how the students found the exam.

  4. Hey idk if you’ll see this since this video was made a while ago, but do you mind telling me what you did to achieve these scores? Like did you get a SAT tutor or just study hard( in what way?) I’m really paranoid

  5. I mean think about it. 25th percentile means that 1 in 4 have a lower score so of course they’re still going to look at your application.

  6. ok.. i’m currently freaking out… um what if i did horrible freshman & beginning of sophomore yr… oh gosh..

  7. Hello Kath, Im from Russia and I have a “C” for Algebra, but all other marks are A, the reason in my teacher but it doesn’t matter. Do I have a chance for Stanford?

  8. I feel my hs is trying to screw us all over by not offering a lot of ap classes and making a 94-100 an A. Still straight As but compared to LITERALLY every school around us we are much harder. Kids coming into the school district always complain that our teachers grade so much harder too… I am taking 3 AP classes next year for my junior year and there are only about 12 AP classes you can take, and even then, the years you can take them have so much overlap on them. So even if you try to take 6 a year, you will most likely only be able to take 3-4 if you are lucky. It honestly makes me so mad that people like my cousin who is in WI was taking ap classes freshman year and getting As, while in PA you can only take ap classes starting sophomore year and that is ap bio, which is notoriously the hardest class in the school. Our GPA is 97+ is a 4.0 too, but as an honors student, 1st in the class I can say it is near impossible to achieve that. I’m just hoping that I even get waitlisted for Stanford or Vanderbilt cause my heart is set and I’ll be broken if all my stress and hard work does not pay off

  9. Generally there's a rule from what I've seen,

    Great GPA
    Great Test Scores
    Great Extracurriculars

    Usually you are going to need 2 of them to have a chance for IVies

  10. Hello, do you think stanford will hold against me a 3.78 gpa but compensate with a 1550 sat, 35 ACT, non profit, and publishing a book/science competitions? Thank you.

  11. My school has grade inflation and I’m curious as to know what colleges think of students who have high grades in the class but low AP test scores.. thoughts?

  12. Do you think there's a minimum GPA needed to be considered (on the A/B/C/D/F scale)? I've personally been a bit concerned about this and I've had a hard time finding information. I've seen many videos saying not to "stress about a B," but I haven't found information for genuinely lower GPA's.

    I'm currently a senior and I recently applied to Stanford. I believe that my essays and recs were particularly strong, especially since they highlighted overcoming a challenge (rather not specify here) and how I've grown. I've also shown my passions through my ec's. I don't have any major awards or the like, but I might have a few notable updates that I'll send in March. My biggest concern, however, is my GPA. It was near perfect freshman and sophomore year, but I had a pretty rough junior year and ended up with mostly B's and even a 2 C's. This semester I got mostly A's, but unfortunately, I also ended up with 2 C's in my AP science classes. My uw GPA is around a 3.4/3.5 and weighted is around a 4.1. I didn't have anything major like a death of a family member, but I did have an emotional hardship that began during the beginning of junior year and I explained that in my application. However, I've been slowly recovering. Will my GPA completely disqualify me even if my essays were particularly compelling, or is there still a chance?

    From what I've heard, grades are used to determine if you can succeed academically at Stanford and I'm worried that they'll think I'll fail out if I was admitted. If I don't get in this year, I might take a gap year and apply again. I should finish up my senior year with strong grades plus I have a few cool projects that I'm working on. I'm just really concerned that the 3.5 is a deal-breaker no matter what else I have.

    Thanks very much!

  13. wait im planning taking a ton of AP classes my senior year. will colleges still look at them? (sorry if im uneducated)

  14. I'm stressin so much. I'm a junior and haven't taken SAT or ACT at all yet, plus my GPA is right around the 25th percentile of UCLA's recent admits.

  15. Lol I've been stressing about whether or not to submit my (awful) SAT Subject test scores to Stanford & this video gave me hope !!

  16. I can relate on the essay :/ My AP Lang teacher said that I was the first 9/9 he had given in years for my essay but then I got a 6/5/6 and a 5/6/7 on my Aug and Dec SATs 🙁

  17. I LOVE how you pointed out the ACT score thing because my friend in school got a 36 twice, once taking the writing and once not, and got rejected from ED. I know he’ll end up somewhere great because his score is great but it shows that schools don’t accept or reject people solely based on scores.

  18. You have no idea how happy and relieved I am, I’m a sophomore and I’m already midway through the year and i was stressing cuz i haven’t taken an AP course yet, I’m scheduling for junior year rn idk how many ap courses to take

  19. Hi I’m Freshman taking AP World History. Should I take the World History SAT subject test this spring right after taking the AP test or wait? Do you think I’ll be prepared as a Freshman?

  20. Wow how did you manage 6 AP classes in that short of time?!? I can barely handle AP Bio. Any tips for pulling off the magic you did? 🙂

  21. Hey kath!
    My friend watched this video and she said she got a 1000 on the sat, took 4 AP's and is an athlete along with taking a lot of extracurriculars. Will she have a chance to get in?

  22. Hey Kathy, I have 770 in subject tests in Math 2 and Physics. Do you think I should send them to Stanford?

  23. Oh my gosh, we have almost the same exact statistics. Stanford is my DREAM school. If you have essays from the common app, especially for Stanford and their supplemental questions, can you share them? Also, just curious, are you a legacy for Stanford?

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