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The Sims: 30 Types of The Sims Players!

The Sims: 30 Types of The Sims Players!

Number 1. The cheater. These people are the ones that once they enter
the game, immediately hit those dirty ctrl shift C to open that sweet cheat console,
and then just goes motherlode or type in testingcheats on, right click on the mailbox, fill needs,
and boom all needs maxed. Or their sim will go everywhere by teleporting. Number 2. The realist. These players are playing the game naturally
as the way it should, without any help from cheats whatsoever. They start with a standard sim that lives
in a small house with a few simoleons, getting a job from the bottommost position and work
on their way up, filling their needs normally, etc etc. Number 3. The failed realist. These simmers have planned to play realistically
from the beginning, but in the middle of playing, they’re struggling on the game and resisting
the urge to use the dreaded ctrl+shift+c keys really hard. But In the end, they’ll accept their fate
and use those cheats anyway. Number 4. The architect. These guys love building. Their whole playtime playing the sims is filled
with them building houses of every style, from suburban, modern, gothic, oriental, or
even some non-residential lots such as restaurants, spas, nightclubs, shopping malls, and others. But the thing is, some of them never play
the actual game. They’re just here for the building stuff. Number 5. The create-a-sim dweller. Create-a-sim is their definition of the sims
games. They will always be seen creating new sims
with various appearances and have several collections of them. But, like the previous entry, some of them
don’t play the actual game and are just here for the sims creation tool. Number 6. The custom contents fanatic. This simmer’s game is full of custom contents
or CCs for short. They usually have around or more than 10 gigabytes
worth of custom contents alone. They put tons of ccs on their sim’s appearance
from top to bottom and even their buildings. These types of simmers are usually divided
into two groups, the alpha cc users who uses CC that looks realistic in terms of appearance,
and the maxis-match cc users who uses cc that still retain the cartoony appearance of the
sims 4, and each group sometimes argue with each other on which one is better, even though
it’s all about personal preferences. Number 7. The mods fanatic. This one is a bit similar to the previous
one, except that they love mods that alter the gameplay instead of custom contents. You can see them casually use mods such as
being a celebrity, killing people with a gun, controlling their pets, doing some magic,
and other stuff that’s not on the game before. Number 8. The challenger. This type of sims players got a bit bored
on playing it normally so they decided to take some sims challenges. Challenges are a fanmade way of playing the
sims with specific rules and goals. Some examples are the legacy challenge where
you have to make several successful generations of families, the rags to riches challenge
where you have to start with no money and work your economy up but you cannot have any
jobs, the 100 baby challenge which is pretty self-explanatory, and tons and tons of other
challenges that you can try out. Number 9. The seducer. This type of simmers will go around the town
and then try to seduce every single sim they see, from the calm suburban area, to the bustling
downtown area, to the middle of the jungle, or even on another planet. They will even attempt to woohoo them. And it’s not a rare thing to see them use
the try for baby instead. For those who always use try for baby, this
is their average family tree. Yeah, child support isn’t a thing in the
sims so no worries! Number 10. The completionist. These people are really, really ambitious
regarding sims. They will try to max out all available skills,
complete all types of aspiration, and have all of the reward traits to make the most
perfect and talented sim to ever exist. Number 11. The torturer. Pretty self-explanatory. These people got bored on playing the game
normally and decided to torture their sims a bit. It usually ranges between locking them up
in the basement, forcing them to start a fire in a crowd by lighting up a firework indoors
burning everyone, putting them in a swimming pool with fences around, enslaving them into
taking care of your garden while forcing them to wear weird outfits, luring them into hungry
cowplants, etc. Oh and they usually have several tombstones
of their deceased victims proudly displayed on their front yard. Number 12. The storyteller. These simmers usually play the sims to play
out their own stories or even make one. For example, a teenager who ran away from
home then got pregnant and forced to take care of a baby while being homeless, then
met a really rich and handsome guy that somehow got attracted to her and now they’re married
in front of the guy’s huge mansion. Yeah something like that. Number 13. The moviemaker. These people uses the sims as a platform to
pour their movie directing skills by making sims machinima. They will then write a storyline, make their
characters, have them do certain interactions, set up the angle, then record. After that, it’ll turn into a good sims
machinima. Number 14. The photographer. These people like to take screenshot of their
sims as if they’re a model. They usually have tons of custom poses installed. After that comes the post-production where
they heavily edit them on photoshop resulting in some amazing piece of arts in the end. Number 15. The faint hearted. This kind of sims players are too scared of
anything bad that can happen to their sims. They will always have their needs full, even
with cheats, have their family with no breakups, divorce, conflicts, or any drama whatsoever,
or even disables aging completely so that they won’t die of old age. If they do die, they will then freak out and
immediately exit without saving even though there are methods to save them. Number 16. The fanboy/fangirl. These simmers usually have some characters
based on movies, games, cartoons, famous people, etc on their game. Let’s try an example. A family that consists of Tom, raphael, Selena
Gomez, Abraham Lincoln, and samus aran living as roommates with princess peach as their
maid, iron man as their gardener, and Kim Kardashian as their chef. Ah yeah, don’t forget their friendly neighbors
harry potter and Altair. Number 17. The know-it-all. These simmers know all, I mean, all about
the sims. They know everything from every townie’s
lore or backstory, all available features of the game, all methods on reviving sims,
all the easter eggs and references, all game secrets, and everything else. Number 18. The clueless. Not trying to say that these people are noobs,
but let’s just say that they’re pretty new to the game and don’t know what they’re
doing. You can usually find their sims in a bad mood
because some of their needs aren’t being looked after. They also have no idea on how to gain money
even with cheats, or any cheats in fact, have no idea what mods are and how to install them,
and others things like that. Number 19. The lucky folks. This kind of players somehow gets really,
really lucky when playing the sims, almost as if the game loves them so much, such as
always getting a raise and a promotion on their work, always finding rare gems and rocks
everywhere, or even discovering something really valuable just from rummaging the trash
can. If there’s the lucky one, there’s of course
the opposite of this, which is Number 20. The unlucky folks. This kind of simmers doesn’t always get
lucky on their playthrough. Their game seems to really hate them for some
reason. For example, they always set themselves on
fire while cooking, have a burglar in their house at night, or worst, having a meteor
right after you start a new game that will wipe their whole family. Yeah, if you’re this kind of simmers, I
give you my condolences. Number 21. The sloth. This kind of simmers are just too lazy to
make their own sim or houses from scratch. They usually just use presets on Create a
Sim, randomize their sims, even their names, use pre-existing rooms for their house, or
grab their sims and houses straight from the gallery. Number 22. The dramatic. They play the game as if it’s a soap opera
series with drama everywhere. You’ll find their sims cheat with each other,
argue, break up, divorce, make enemies, have a failed wedding, all the drama. And they’re happy with this. Number 23. The family player. These people are obsessed with large families,
with several children, siblings, cousins, grandkids, aunts, uncles, and just everyone
in the family. They will attempt to make the largest, longest,
and most complex family tree in the game. Number 24. The desperate. These simmers will create their own self in
the sims and then have them live with their real-life crush or their favorite celebrity
as their spouse. After that they will have them kiss with each
other and woohoo every single time because why not. Number 25. The explicit. These people are just a bit, aroused. They will install several, uhh, adult mods,
like these, or these, or even these, then they had a lot of fun with it in the game. Yeah, these mods exist, and don’t you dare
search these up if you’re under 18. Number 26. The supernatural fan. No, not like the tv show. I meant simmers who love having strange non-human
sims. You know, like mermaids, fairies, werewolves,
vampires, and all that. They love these kinds of gameplay and tries
to apply this to all of their family members. Number 27. The supernatural hater. Again, not the tv show. These simmers really hate the idea of supernatural
sims and magic in the game. So they really hate packs such as the sims
3 supernatural or the sims 4 vampires. They want it to be “realistic” and think
that the game should stick to the “real-life simulation” theme. Number 28. The inconsistent protester. These people always rants about the latest
sims dlcs, and knows that they won’t enjoy it. But guess what? They still buy those packs just because it
doesn’t look good on the main menu if it’s not purchased. Yeah, just don’t waste your money on something
you know won’t be worth it. Number 29. The generous. These people are what we call the mod makers
or custom content creators. They’re really good with programming or
3d modelling and are generous enough to use their skill as a contribution to the modding
community and please us for free. So yeah, just be respectful and thank them
for keeping this game alive till now. and finally, number 30. The youtuber. They’re the ones who make random videos
on youtube about sims even though some of them don’t actually play the game every
day in real life. Wait what? And those are 30 types of the sims players
according to me. What type of the sims player are you? Did I miss some other types of the sims players? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you so much guys for watching! Hope you clicked the like button below and
if you do like these kinds of videos and want more, be sure to subscribe to the channel. See you later!

Reader Comments

  1. I’m the one who
    •makes a sim family for about 2 hrs
    •goes to the gallery and spawn a house
    •make them have another baby
    •play for 30 mins
    •repeat everyday

  2. Hey CallMeKevin, only 20/30! Not perfect here although Jim obviously is… Problem is maybe that those last 10 ones aren't sadistic :((

  3. I used to be the failed realist but now I’m a real realist. 😎 except for when I’m building because it’s so annoying like why can’t I place this thing that was obviously made to go on this table but I cant put it there without cheating???

  4. 2:02 I was about to be like whoa that looks a lot like nicki minaj and then I looked at the name and I was like oh and then I was like I’m stupid

  5. I used to be number 15 as well. I’m not number 16 but I put my chemical romance in my world I think they’re elders now though 🙁

  6. this is how i do things goes like this:ne is:
    Make a character called Moe Lester, and get him into a neighbourhood and try to piss off everyone in said neighbourhood after that go to the next untill nobody wants to be around this character. lol

  7. I recreated Tangled but with a boy.
    Just the part where the child is emprisoned.
    Then I did something, I dunno what, but the game deleted. I still have the saved files, but I can't download the game again for some reason.

  8. I just do 30 variations of run away teen lol.
    Runaway pregnant teen, runaway teen but with a dog, runaway teen twins 😝 oh and the new teen becomes a social media star and is too good for her family so she ditched them cause they're holding her down lol

  9. I almost laughed out loud when he said 'And don't forget their friendly nieghbors: Harry Potter and Altair.' Mainly Altair

  10. My big sister is the clueless, im the lucky gal (owo) and realist, my big bro is the challenger. He does the rags to riches.

  11. Im the one that goes into detail on the create a sim, the architect, and the cheater. (will usually end up playing for over 12 hours). but i only ever 'motherlode' enough money to build a nice house, then I make the sims work for their money afterwards. 🙌🙌 no mods or cc atm either, cuz half of them end up munted in gameplay.

  12. I am a realistic cheater xd I used to do the motherlode thing all the time but then i decided i wanted to be a bit "real" so i didnt use that however i did use the cheat to fill all their needs and skills so it was easier to earn money so im 85 % more of a cheater than anything also i make everyone cheat on eachother then divorce then be friends and get back together when they are old so they go back to their first love or something and they have a lot of kids then i forget and never play again for a while, last time i played i used a mod that made a serial killer that smell pretty bad and he killed so many people that death was tired of it, after that i actually uninstalled the game because my computer was not doing good

  13. You know what? After 2 years of constant using cheats, I can't normally fill needs*. Don't do that, what I did. Please.

    *I meant I just can't get used to telling sim to go to sleep or something

  14. Uhh
    Being a:
    1. The Cheater,
    3. The Failed Realist,
    4. The Architect,
    6. The CC Fanatic,
    8. The Challenger,
    10. The Completionist,
    11. The Torturer,
    12. The Storyteller,
    16. The Fangirl,
    19. The Lucky Folk,
    22. The Dramatic,
    26. The Supernatural Fan
    At once is not so easy as you think. Seriously.

  15. Realist/fake realist

    It’s just annoying because any cheats cause achievements to stop in the game, agggggg I’m trying to get the 26 generation trophy right now and it’s killing me

  16. How i play Sims 4:
    1. Makes a family with a toddler and an adult
    2. Money: 9999999
    3. Cheats always the needs
    4. Steals a big villa
    5. Forces the toddler to do all the skills to 5.
    6. When the toddler becomes a child, make all child Skills at 10 and make it talented with all aspirations
    7. If he / she is a young adult, I finish all aspirations and skills
    8. The Sim dies
    9. Reload the game and do all this again

  17. I'm the cheater, the failed realist, the create-a-sim dweller, the custom contents fanatic, the mods fanatic, the challenger, the seducer, the torturer (a little bit), the faint-hearted (with households that I actually care about), the sloth, the dramatic, and the family player.


  18. I can’t build to save my life but if you ask me to create a sim you finna get the best looking sim you’ve ever seen in your life

  19. yeah, some Sims players are elderly, alone, and have nothing exciting to do so they make their own ideal world and put everybody in it and make them nice to each other, and life is good, then. If in real life they are poor, they can still go on vacation, or go out to eat with friends, have what they couldn't otherwise afford, and live in the house of their dream with Sims that they get along with. It's a fanstasy or reality, whatever is desired.

  20. Im so 24 lmao but before i managed to i made a mistake making them different ages so i was 18.. and after that just a normal life of 2?

  21. how i playy..

    acts like im recording a youtube video and even does a intro along with it knowing im not recording a thing

  22. I'm a 3/10 with slight 15/16 (I turned off aging and I've made a couple of Sims that I noticed weren't in the Gallery [James Veitch, the suspects from the Infectious Madness of Dr. Dekker]).

  23. I am the unlucky because a girl was evily gging in front of my house i got omged and left and I still want the Sims 4

  24. heres how i play:
    make members of a japanese band that i probably ship them
    motherlode motherlode motherlode
    steal a house from gallery
    trying to make my sims fall in love
    oops one died of starvation
    and i forgot to save the game
    wait the other just electrocuted themself….

  25. How i play:

    Creates family for about 1 hour

    Builds house for hours
    Play for a few minutes
    gets bored

    And come back the next day and do the same thing

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