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The Rugged Training Methods of Fiji’s Best Rugby Players

The Rugged Training Methods of Fiji’s Best Rugby Players

(upbeat music) – It’s in our genes. It’s in our blood. Everything that’s needed
in rugby is sort of incorporated in a Fijian when he’s born. People still can’t
believe that Fijians are really, really good at rugby. (upbeat music) – My name is David Dakuitoga, and I’m the founder of Yamacia Rugby Club. Yamacia rugby is an initiative
to give a second chance to unemployed youths, and minimize the drug use
around the province of Namosi. Rugby would be one thing that
will take their mind away from doing all those things, and get them to do something
positive in their lives. We have limited resources. We train using what we have. We use logs, we use tires, we use anything and everything. What we do makes us
stronger and sort of tougher because guys get to work
even harder than the guys with those modern resources. What we are trying to
achieve is to get boys into the wider world of rugby. We’ve played tournaments in Fiji, Samoa, Australia, and Paris, and Europe as well. When one of my club members get a contract and play in a tournament, my whole body it’s just so excited. My heart it’s just full of joy. Oh, my goodness, it’s just so good, feels so good. Rugby has changed my life in a way that now I’m able to provide
opportunities to other people. I can give back to Fiji as a whole. So, rugby is a life changer.

Reader Comments

  1. Ahhh I didn’t know the GREAT BIG STORY TEAM came to Fiji for this story?! Omg this has been my favorite channel since 2016. Thank you for making a documentary about rugby in my country ☺️🇫🇯🙏🏽

  2. "People still can't believe that Fijians are really really good at Rugby."
    … WHO?! Everyone knows Fiji has some of the best players.

  3. Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa are currently ranked ahead of the USA in world rugby rankings. Fiji is 10th. I’d say they have some pretty decent rugby players.

  4. At least they have a real rugby ball, back when I still lived there most people didn't even play with rugby balls 😂 great job on the video by the way

  5. Thank you I love rugby it’s one of my favorite sport and I even get paid for because I play so good

    EDIT: plz don’t hate on me sorry for bragging

  6. Look at all that idle land. What do you mean unemployed? Get your asses out of the house and enter commercial farming.

  7. Those don't look like boys, they're all buff! Pretty touch training they have there. I wish my country would focus on sports like this instead of basketball where our shortness put us at a disadvantage.

  8. Sega ni o keda meda laveti keda tiko vataki keda. Sega ni noda i tovo. Laivi ira na vo mera laveti keda. Stop blowing our own trumpet.

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