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The Queens Of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4” Take A BuzzFeed Quiz

The Queens Of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4” Take A BuzzFeed Quiz

hey buzz see that’s me gia Gunn and I’m here with the dolls from RuPaul’s Drag Race all-star season four hi I’m Trinity I’m gonna lose on hello its me Valentina its pheromone and we’re gonna take a BuzzFeed quiz to find out which all-stars for Queen we are who’s it gonna be who’s it gonna be clay now okay ladies question number one which maxi pad challenge would you slay our Champlin challenge I never slayed a challenge so I don’t really know it’s about talent no riffs cheap Nats game no Roli no but I can’t act up at their throat oh I definitely think I’m talent show oh my gosh there’s so many I know I’d be gorgeous than the roof of any outfit yep designing outfits for three different categories I think on season three I actually did that sickening goo okay next up we have pick a legendary snatch game performance Bob the drag queen as suzhou or Carol Channing Aquarius Melania Trump oh I love Bianca as Judge Judy what about adore Delano as Anna Nicole Smith wasn’t that legendary I mean it was very good I personally liked Alaska male why me in the ass sometimes that was good that was my favorite and you say that all the time well baby I don’t really have many options I’m doing Bianca Beauty honey Judge Judy because you judgmental cuz I’m a winner okay let’s see if I can read this which passed extra-special guest judge would you want to see at the judge’s table I know my answer oh who is it Christina all day I just like seeing her especially when she has a pink wig on I’m picking Lady gaga because I know she was on my season and I don’t want to be anybody on this besides me I’m gonna save the best for last impressed Vanessa Williams well God is a woman so I’m choosing ariana grande I’m gonna go with Lady Gaga as because she was like amazing to me you’re giving she was she wrote notes for us she was really close that was your guys at sea yeah how was she in touch with the ranking she’s really much she must have been filming a star is born on that a time huh I have no idea choose a song to lip-synch for your legacy – and ladies and gentlemens greedy by Irena Green Day is here so I’m a pig that one because the wait that’s the one I was gonna choose choose it you might end up being me it’d be great what about stronger what doesn’t kill you by Kelly Clarkson that’s Kelly Clarkson dancing on my own cuz I could just stand there and cry like did you be amazing ahead of a question how do I go back my biggest goal for 2019 is to do songs that I actually know the words off with greedy by Ariana Grande okay well in that case but I don’t see twinkle twinkle little star on here that’s the only that’s the only one analytics to maybe shake it off by Taylor Swift I like that one well they don’t have a Britney through a song so the closest thing is gonna be into their Rihanna song do you like Britney I mean I don’t love her right I what’s written by lip sync – I love radar oh you’re that girl I’m gonna I’m gonna choose believe by cher because it has the most auto-tune in it okay what’s a classic drag phone I’m gonna pick cut to the feeling to redeem poor Monique arts cartwheels and wig loss oh my god she’s in the raft it’s a very good song it’s a very good song thickening all right choose an all-stars Queens you would not send home I would not Tatiana you just don’t send home Tatiana how come how come Roxxxy Andrews has been on here because no one ever ladies and gentlemen I I am gonna definitely say who are you nursing oh my girl my favorite girl is in this Tammy I was gonna say I would never sell another round I love Tammie Browns so much I’m obsessed with her I might work for like that’s somebody that it goes speechless when I see the only person to choose for me would be you know just like Tupperware it comes in set so the only person I would not choose this detox okay Oh cause y’all got the same structure the same part I like I’m not gonna send home my sister Kennedy Davenport that’s a Davenport nobody else did he did some laundry she’s a good dancer next one is choosing all-star Queen to get that chop-chop Jojo oh I know what twin let me go oh yeah yeah I have to choose other because that would be more irrelevant to me being me but not because I would yeah I’m gonna send home ben de la creme because she I got to do it before she sends herself home well I’m choosing Alyssa Edwards because she’s got a show on Netflix and she’s had enough well I’m gonna be the shady queen of the season and I’m gonna send home deep Oh then you just say you were not gonna send home details yes that’s not that I’m gonna be the shit out of the lady she was on my show like you what was the show huh spider that’s trailer blood and and and so oh this is a really hard question pick it just pick it take it bite it okay guys I’m gonna close my eyes and just touch one okay because I don’t know I yeah I’m the kind of three turn your phones around one two three Valentina so you’re perfect you’re beautiful and you look like Linda Evangelista but the Realty is that you’re one fierce queen who isn’t here to play oh my god but you guys know you guys know what it’s all about per se that sounds just like me so I guess I’m perfect and lovely like a model too speaking of perfect like a model you got me again speaking of not looking like a model Manila Luzon there are two words that describe you like I could name of a couple accent I could name a couple of different words than what’s here but eleganza extravaganza you’re an all-star baby and you earned that title a long time ago did you three times honey fair and I got Latrice Royale Latrice Royale how anyone who knows their herstory knows that you’re not just a bold and beautiful Queen but also one with the lovely heart of gold oh yeah I didn’t shark chunky yet funky Valentino’s you get girl you know I got me do you know she plays this by better huh she played it five times at home before she got here girl just to make sure that she got her so can I like scroll through your nudes oh don’t go through their phone bitch get out of there all it is is like baked good oh my god this has been so much fun thank you so much to BuzzFeed for making this quiz for us and be sure to catch RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars and 14 at ATM bye can I just make this phone that has baked goods everybody let my baked goods [Music]

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  1. Manila is stunning as a woman and stunning as a guy. One of my favourite queens and she is also a Leo so you know…

  2. Valentinas look is exactly a drag look I drew so like art imitating life shit I’m a set up life imitating art so funny LOL #SayShaneDawson #Artist #Drag #ConspiracyTheories #Illuminati

  3. Ugh I love valentina! She’s the one queen that makes me so unbelievably happy and breathless, she’s so funny and overall I live for her smile!!! ( I love aja as well tho do no tea no shade)

  4. Manila: oh Dancing on my Own cuz i can just stand there and cry like jujubee and raven


  5. Just from the tag and this camera work I can already tell they're a little too manly looking for that lipstick and make up they got on.

  6. How surprising, none of the queens chose Little Edie, the absolute best Snatch performance ever. Unwashed masses, indeed!

  7. Love Manila! Some drag queens I’ve worked with say I look like her- total compliment lmfao! She’s a similar mix to me too, she’s Spanish/Filipina – Mestiza pride bitch!!! #mixedgirls #hapapride

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