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The Porsche GT Race Car Experience.

The Porsche GT Race Car Experience.

Within the Porsche Experience,
we created a program on top of what we have
with the Racing Experience. It is level one,
level two, level three. We now have
the GT Race Car Experience. Racing everything what comes
after GT3 Cup car. People can bring their own car, but they, of course,
can rent cars from us. We have cars
like the GT2 RS Clubsport, but we also have beautiful cars,
like the GT3 R or even the 911 RSR. We also have Manthey-Racing serving a perfect full service
to the customers to get these cars running. There are no words to describe it. The force, the momentum, the speed. It is just incredible. We have got world-class drivers here. We have got
amazing engineers from Manthey and it is absolutely vital. If you can do it, do it. I mean, it is a dream come true. The best team, the best instructors, and the best surrounding
with the track tour: that is what makes it really unique.

Reader Comments

  1. Maaaaan, I wish I could experience this. Just to be on the track feeling the speed and power of the car, I can only imagine 😉

  2. I think your gt cars should do a tour…😅 in Kenya and im dying to see one up close…this channel is all i have😒

  3. Super!
    I hope GT2 is still going to happen as an AM racing series. I think the GT2 class would be very fun to watch turning laps in the VLN and the 24hr series.

  4. WoW . Porche is Amazing ✊ I wish I can Witness this Live and even drive an Porche . How cool would that be . Btw I love Right Hand Porche with manual shift .

  5. God… The dream of every motorsport lover… Feeling the power, the sound… The car herself… Everything just like a dream, but in real life… Thanks to Porsche

  6. This car is just so much amazing!!
    Wanna drive and draw!!

    I am drawing a car on my channel!
    Please visit and keep in touch😘🥰

  7. Porsche is the most emotional car brand and the only one that really fascinates me.
    But unfortunately also one of the most expensive.

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