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[Applause] ladies and gentlemen welcome to a new series to find out which is the most bad bangs so we're gonna go through them all and the fucking pussy so let's fucking do this show me some savagery but selling off my face yeah sorry definitely wasn't a terrible pass but anyway let's see what savage thing James is doing but selling off I sprayed water on my face review again straight water in my face reacted look at his face my man tried to choke the life under him [Applause] [Applause] where did Mme come into rugby what the I mean he'll probably just get sin bin for that hey mom I just caught two kicked him in the face flipping it Bobby looked at him and kicked him in the face my might still decided he was going to tack in the dark gets kicked in the face still wants to tackle him when I've seen what's going on that's a high challenge that's a yellow card is a shove no more than that to allow me now throws apart you cited Christian does have it injustice done at this point watch it kicking in need services father actually before we continue yes I do know what won't be is like normally it doesn't involve a lot of this but we just can be looking at the savage moments the moment when shit gets real moments like this obviously if you want to watch normal what we you can watch the Six Nations actually by the time you've seen this well so probably one or six nations but yeah the Rugby World Cup is happening in Japan this year so you can watch that for some more ugly anyway show me some savagery never get long out throws oh my god oh those are sick parts Oh Oh fine good oh my good that's nuts that is sick that is sick that is so sick ha ha you ain't Acula me nigga and then my mouth at the ball is about to get cold nope sit the fuck down take that ultra motion care disappointing because you're gonna get showered up there you go pity oh that's a heavy landing hey that's embarrassing my mom was trying to tackle him and he just got offloaded like a bird tissue paper Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] as a flag out as well let's go let's go let's fucking go guys that's fucking go Josh just bullies just boys alright we lost one so I fucking love it it's yes let's see everyone's getting sent up you get a red card you get a red card everyone is a fucking red card fuck this work be game just compose a fun she having kids kids that was a murder yo you just knew it was coming Eddie my man bet his back my mother was doing the limbo without the pole did you take your stick just walks off like yep that's just what I do that concludes there's really no god damn uh I should give a way in for like I'll savage each boys okay drum roll please nine nine nine ten Bobby's fucking hard man until the next video this is Ricky boy he is a legit every team we go NFL next I'll see you guys in a bit peace dare yo actually hold on let me just see this one more time but I got broken oh god I love it I love it I piece [Applause] fuck you be poor without big blue big boy how I come true

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  1. Y did jj just leave this series here like this is the first and only episode of this series jj laugh

  2. My mum told me to stop watching u cause I kept laughing way to hard at and ur video but I still watch them

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