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The Drag Shot – Pool Tutorial | Pool School

The Drag Shot – Pool Tutorial | Pool School

In this video we’re going to be looking at the drag shot. If like me you play pool in a local pool league, then you’ll know that not all the tables we have to play on are perfectly straight. Tables in pubs are often moved around or not looked after very well but it’s something we often don’t have any control over or can do anything about. There are often occasions, like in this example here, where we need to play a shot fairly softly over a long distance to enable us to drop nicely onto our next ball. However if we’re faced with a table that’s not entirely straight this causes us a problem. I’ve jacked up one of the corners of my table to demonstrate this and as you can see, if we play the same shot gently, the ball rolls off line, and we miss the red all together. One point I’d like to make here before we go any further is that it is really important to try and identify any imperfections in a table before it comes to your game. We all know how incredibly fraustrating it can be when we play a shot and the ball rolls off. However if we have just watched our team mate experience the ball rolling off in the previous frame and we then still play a soft shot that rolls away, then we’ve really only got ourselves to blame. So what do we do if we’re faced with this shot knowing that the table rolls off a little? The slower we play a shot, the more the ball will roll off course, so to over come the roll we can hit the ball harder. However if we want the ball to stay fairly close to the ball we have just potted then that’s not an option unless it’s dead straight If we stun the ball, we can stay on the shot line and make the pot, but the cue ball travels along the tangent line and way past our desired end position. The option we have here is to play the drag shot. The drag shot is like a sort of screw back shot that runs out of steam. We play the shot with enough pace to overcome the roll of the table, but soft enough that the back spin runs out before the cue ball reaches the object ball. The effect of this is that as the spin runs out the ball slows down just before it reaches the object ball and it’s like playing a soft plain ball shot from much closer to the object ball. If you watch this shot played in slow motion, you can clearly see the spots on the white spinning backwards as the ball slide across the table. The spin then runs out and the cue ball slows and contacts gently with object ball. It takes a little practice to get a feel for how much spin to impart, and the pace of the shot, but once you can execute this correctly it can be a really useful tool when faced with those wonky pub tables!

Reader Comments

  1. Really good video. Just last night I played a match on a table that was way off, and had to use this sort of shot. Merry Christmas.

  2. Nice video. Could you do a video on skill shots maybe? Planting 1 ball on to another and making them both drop is a shot I struggle with

  3. this video give solution to the problem presented in the video "Pool Tutorial – Stop hitting the ball so hard! | Pool School
    ", because one of the reason we hitt the ball hard is table that isn't quite level.
    thank you

  4. Only discovered your videos in the last month, I have to say they are absolutely fantastic. Very informative and extremely useful. I’ve been playing in a pool league for 10 years and reached a decent standard but I find these videos brilliant as little refreshers on shot selection Or even a fresh take on how to play shots on the table. Keep up the great work!

  5. If you are playing a long shot across the table to cut in a colour that is frozen to the rail, would you use this or a plain ball hit in order to maximise the pot %?

  6. Any tips on how to crap a cue probably as I am struggling craping a cue light crip as my cue aiming is bad wen I try and pot a ball would be better holding cue hard crip be better as I got a cue 17oz

  7. Hello,
    I'm french and a beginner at pool. I found your channel a little while ago.
    You're doing a fantastic job: the 3D animation, good explaining, very slow motion part. If at any time, you're interested in developing your channel in French, I would be happy to help (by adding subtitles or even voice-overs). Feel free to get in touch.

  8. Another excellent video. Didn’t realise the drag runs out over a certain distance and then reverts to forward spin! Would you attempt a drag shot when the object ball is close to the middle pocket pocket but at an acute angle where the pocket is unlikely to accept a ball hit with the pace required to stun the cue ball. I ask because playing the shot plain ball very slowly against the nap can result in the cue ball drifting ever so slightly off line but enough for me to miss the pot (and my table (8ft) is very level probably more so than most pub tables!). And respect to you for messing with the level of your table – I would be paranoid that it would not revert back (notwithstanding foot adjusters and marking the positions!). Thanks!

  9. Been watching these vids non stop and have subconciously gone from losing most games to winning most of them. I'm a glasses wearer so never had much confidence potting, but using your advice on cue ball position and tangent lines, the pots have started taking care of themselves. Cheers!

  10. Our local has an uneven table but mainly only on sides of the table. So we can't play gentle shots at all it's pretty frustrating.

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