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The danger of Blue Zone looting in PUBG

The danger of Blue Zone looting in PUBG

Man the loot here is terrible Yeah it’s been pretty bad Yip… Oop – circles coming in, we better head off Ah sh*t it is too – okay Wait wait wait a sec – where’s Rowan? Rowan are you going to join us? Yeah yeah yeah just grabbing a thing. Coming. I’ll be right there We’ve got a fair distance to go… Yeh yeh yip I’m on my way Hang on Rowan you are in the blue now you need to hurry up! Yip yip I’m coming Rowan are you going to join us?? Yeah yeah I’m coming. I’m nearly there Where are you? **inaudible** Where? **barely audible…** Where?? Georgopol What?? Rowan that is ages away – the circle is in military base! You’re never going to make it to us… Ah subjective I’ll be fine – so – jokes on you Well – we’re on our own Yeah good stuff working in a team Rowan… There’s literally no way he’s going to survive Okay it’s us and one other team… You know what would be great right now? A third teammate Yeah
– Thanks Rowan Thanks very much Oh!!
– OH! Argh damn it, damn it, damn it! Noooo! Oh well – GG man Wait– Wait a minute… Wait we’re still alive… Does that mean that… You told me to boot the loot But you know what I found when I was looting?? A mother f***en chicken dinner! Yeaaaaaah!!!! We are never going to live this down Never So the moral of the story was always loot in the blue because you’ll win like I did Subscribe! I mean, yeah, subscribe… I guess Yeah well agree to the whole sentence – loot in the blue because then win like I did Subscribe! Don’t listen to that part – listen to the ‘subscribe’ part but not the first part Just the ‘subscribe’ part Subscribe. Tick the bell and loot in the blue Na don’t loot in the blue But subscribe and tick the bell Shawtyyyyy Subscribe

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