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The Button That Makes Your Blind Date Disappear

The Button That Makes Your Blind Date Disappear

– I haven’t had sex
for a really long time. (laughs) Sex isn’t really a bid deal for me, and- (buzzing)
– Not a big deal. – I understand.
(laughing) – [Narrator] Welcome to The
Button, a speed dating show. When the button lights up red, either player may press it and swap out their date for a new person. If two people can last
on a date for 10 minutes, they win an all expenses paid second date. – [Button] Welcome to The Button. – [Jessi] Hello.
– [Caden] What’s you’re name? – Jessi.
– Jessi, I’m Caden. – [Jessi] Hi, Caden. – [Button] The date begins now. – All right.
– Yeah. – Okay, cool.
– How old are you? – I’m …
(laughs) Why don’t you guess? – [Button] Jessi, you seem nervous. – Well yeah.
(laughing) I don’t know, ’cause well,
whose supposed to answer that? Or like what?
(laughs) There’s so much going on. – [Button] When was the last time you were both in a serious relationship? – Go ahead.
(laughs) – Seven or eight months
ago now, how about you? – Oh, that’s a long
time ago, probably 2013. So it’s been hard to find
someone with staying power. (buzzing)
– No offense. I’m sorry, you’ve been a great date. – Okay.
– [Button] Sorry, Jessi. – This is brutal. I’m an asshole. – Hello.
– Hi. – My name’s Mikey.
– Caden. – Nice to meet you. – [Button] The date begins now. – So, this thing can talk to us. – Yeah, can you give us a prompt? – [Button] When was the
last time you both cried? – Honestly, not for a long time. I’m waiting for it to hit me and so many moments have
passed that it hasn’t. I’m like, “Am I able to cry anymore?” You know what I mean? – I hope that cry comes
for you, in a good way. – Thanks, I’m waiting for it.
(laughing) I don’t know.
(beeping) (buzzing) – I’m gonna call it. – [Button] You are released, Mikey. Why did you reject them? – No sparks, I knew this was
going to harder than Tinder. (laughs) (rewinding) – Okay, I’m gonna.
(buzzing) – All right.
– It’s great to meet you. – Yeah, you too. (rewinding) (buzzing)
– Sorry. (buzzing) – Happy Birthday.
– Thank you so much. (buzzing) – Let’s see who the next one is. – I’m Carter, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, Carter. – All right, cool. What’s poppin’? What’s good? – Not much, just worked all day. What about you? – Yeah, I worked, too. Just give people pastries and shit. Make coffee, I’m a barista. Yeah, what about you?
– All right. I’m a server at Olive Garden. – Dude, lit, we get free
breadsticks, though? – You don’t get free breadsticks. (beeping)
– Okay, that’s fair. (buzzing)
(laughing) – [Button] Tyson, you’re out. – All right.
(laughs) – [Button] Carter, what is your type? – Honestly, anyone, if
you’re into me, I’m into you. Are we vibin’, Button? – [Button] Wow, I think so. Give me a little kiss. (smooshing)
Wow. – Hi, I’m Carter. – I’m Jane, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. How’s your day going? – It’s going honestly really great. – Yeah?
– [Jane] Yeah, how’s yours? – It’s good now.
(laughing) – What do you do for your hobbies? – I like to paint shit, man. I’m going to school right
now for graphic design ’cause I’m trying to
make a brand for myself. – Yeah.
– [Button] How would you describe your brand? – Maybe 2000’s cartoons. You watch Cartoon Network
at all or anything? – Oh yeah, absolutely in the 2000’s. That’s like all I-
– Yeah, totally. Like Ed Edd n Eddy, exactly.
(beeping) I’m trying to get all of those characters tattooed on me, bro. – Oh, really? Do you have any tattoos at all? – Yeah, I’ve got a clown right there. – [Jane] Oh, I like it. – [Carter] These are all stick and pokes. My friend does them. – If you don’t mind me touching.
– No, go ahead. – I’m sorry, these are really
beautiful stick and pokes. – [Carter] Right? I’m serious about
color-blocking on my body, so I have-
(buzzing) Oh.
– [Jane] I’m sorry. – Hey, you catfished me, bro. You catfished me so hard. It’s your loss though. – I know, I’m sorry. – [Button] Jane, why
did you reject Carter? – [Carter] Yeah, I’d like to know. (laughing) – In general, I could see us
being really good friends, but I can’t see a romantic
relationship in it. – [Button] Okay.
– [Scott] Hey, I’m Scott. – Nice to meet you.
– [Scott] Good to meet you. – You have beautiful eyes. – I love your lashes. – Thank you.
– You have a good look. – Thanks, so do you. I like your beard. – [Button] Scott has ADD. – You have ADD? – I do.
– Me too. – What?
– [Jane] Yeah. Fucking crazy-
(thumping) – [Button] Woah, woah. Oh, did I like ruin it? – No, you’re fine. – [Button] Thank you, Isabelle. – I don’t know, what’s your experience? I know with ADD, for me, It feels like everything’s
moving through my head a million miles an hour.
– Yeah. – I get embarrassed by things easily because I think that
I’m saying things wrong. Like this would be-
(buzzing) – I’m sorry.
– [Button] Goodbye, Scott. – All right.
– Oh my God, I’m sorry. – [Button] Why did you reject him? – He’s really cute, but
I don’t want to talk about my ADD and stuff with someone else. Is this make me kind of a bitch? Hi.
– [Mikey] Hi, how are you? – I’m good, how are you? – I’m well, my names Mikey. (buzzing)
– I’m sorry. – That’s okay, no. (buzzing) – Ooh, this is hard. Hi.
– Hi, how are you? – I’m good, how are you? – Good.
– Oh my God, I love your glasses. I love your earrings. – Stop.
– [Button] Brenna plays the jazz flute. (laughs)
– Oh, but like Ron Burgundy style? (laughing) – Kind of, I play in a funk and jazz band. – [Button] When was your
last serious relationship? – Three years ago? And, I lived with my ex, then there was a really bad breakup. And then I ended up
having to separate myself from my entire friend
group and kinda restart. Yeah.
– Yeah, mine was two and a half months ago, – Oh shit, really?
– Yeah. But, we just weren’t right for each other. – [Button] Do you like to dance? – Oh absolutely, do you?
– I fucking love dancing. – Hell yeah, where do you
like to go on the weekends? – I go to like Mostown.
– Chop Suey? – Chop Suey, yeah.
– Yeah, Chop Suey, yes. – [Button] Let’s see a dance move. – Can we have music? – [Button] La, la. That was actually really good. This seems to be going well. Brenna, are you attracted to Jane? – I am, yeah. – I’m very attracted to you as well. – [Button] Hold hands for 10 seconds and stare deeply
– Oh yeah, absolutely. – [Button] Into each other’s eyes, – I am so down for this. – I’m so down. – Hi.
– Hi. Should I take off my glasses? – No, it’s fine. I can see you’re beautiful jade eyes. They are so nice, yes, hi.
– Hi. – [Button] Okay, okay, that’s enough. – Wait, give us 10 more seconds. (laughing) – [Button] Would you like to go on a second date with each other? – I would love to.
– Fuck yeah. – [Button] Congratulations,
you have won The Button. – We won The Button. Hell yeah.
(clapping) – I’m so happy.
– I know. I don’t know, I’m nervous. – [Button] Now say, “I love you.” – Oh, too soon, Button.
– Too soon. – [Button] I tried. – Okay, you’re right, thank you. (peaceful music)

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  1. LOOOOOL. The button exposing people, Carter.. i cant. Jane lets everyone talk all serious and then pushes the button 😂😂😭 like at least let them finishhhhh

  2. 3:02 "It's going good now" I actually screamed out loud XD I love the hell out of Carter, so sad the other girl buttoned her out

  3. I was really waiting for the button to do a Spongebob reference
    " You can't hide what's inside " from the Salty Spittoon episode

  4. I thought I was the only one but reading thru the comments I can see a lot of ppl cringed during the 1st date with that girl Jessi… lolol… i just skipped her part 😅🤣

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