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Tennis Stars Heat Up the Dubai Duty Free WTA Summer Party

Let’s talk a little bit about summer since we’re
at the Dubai Duty Free WTA Summer Party What is your go-to summer accessory? The one thing that you have probably
too much of, but you have to have Sunglasses and hats! I love hats! Doesn’t matter which ones. What is your summer scent like?
Something that reminds you of summer? Freshly cut grass maybe Perfect for Wimbledon! The smell of the barbecue We would grill some burgers
some sausages some skewers You know in London, sometimes it can be really cold.
It can be really hot. What’s perfect? I would say like around 28. 28 degrees? But that’s hot! That’s hot but it’s not like sweltering. If it’s 28 degrees, I love it.
No breeze and 28… yes? Where are you going on your summer holiday…ideal
spot? Or somewhere you’d like to go? I definitely stay in Europe because
I think Europe is beautiful in summer. So probably, you know somewhere on
the French coast or Italy Where’s the best place to holiday
in the summer? Croatia! I haven’t been on holiday in like five years But if I were to go on a summer holiday one place
I’ve never been that I want to go is Ibiza You’re a bit of a daredevil like would you
do something like bungee jumping? I would I would yeah.
What would your team say about that? Well, they don’t want me to do it
right now nothing that dangerous But I’ve done some adrenaline stuff You know flying acrobatic airplanes
and you know driving and stuff. I will do it in the future, but not now. Enjoy London and enjoy the party!

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