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Tennis Drills – Volley – The Best Drill Progression to Improve your Volley

Tennis Drills – Volley – The Best Drill Progression to Improve your Volley

The wall is the perfect tool to improve
our volleying technique because it allows you a great deal of
repetitions in a very short amount of time. The
forearm volleys you get as close to the wall as possible and try
to keep the ball in play. The racquet stays nice and still very little movement of the racquet head.
You can do the same drill with low forearm volleys where you get as low as
possible and keep the ball in play. The next step is to include a step for each volley.
You are trying to coordinate it so that you front foot touches the ground ask the strings touch the ball. Next you will go in and out getting close
to the wall stepping forward and then backing up. Try to coordinate
the step forward with the strings making contact with the
ball In all these drills you are gonna work with forehands and backhands On the backhand volley make sure that the racket this on the side of the body The wrist should be up and firm for forehand and for backhand volleys. Moving across the wall is very helpful to practice coordinating the step and the hit. The foot should touch the ground as the streams touched the ball. The
racket is nice and quiet very little movement. In the half volley drill the key is to set your body movie your feet and make sure that you are hitting the ball in front of you. You are hitting two volleys, backing up and hitting two half volleys. This drill is excellent to practice setting up to the ball with little steps and moving forward and back. High volleys can be practiced by hitting the ball down so that it bounces before it hits the wall.

Reader Comments

  1. Very good. It's my first time knowing that the wall can greatly improve the volley skill. Many thanks to the coaches.

  2. I like these drills but caution that the wall tends to train you for downward moving passing shots. Not uncommon but you need to practice with topspin and slice shots that are still moving up at contact. Also, I don't believe it's good to time the step with contact. Better to have smoother continuous body momentum to deal with balls coming at different speeds so you don't mixed up the timing.

  3. I don't like it. It makes much more sense to be hitting the ball in a more linear direction. Here they're hitting it up… in matches the racquet angle is almost like that ..

  4. as M.Hingis says wall's your best friend))) u practice your hand u practice your steps = even serv'n'vll steps! good vid

  5. Great drills! I disagree with the timing the landing of the front foot with contact though. This concept stops momentum. I see pros landing with their front foot after contact majority of the time. This concept assists in carrying momentum through.

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