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Tennis Drill – Large Groups – Kill it

Tennis Drill – Large Groups – Kill it

Kill it! a fun drill for large groups by Edgar Giffenig 8 to 16 players form two teams across the net. The player spread out on the court one player start the point with a lob
after that both teams try to set and easy ball
behind the service line to one of their teammates after passing the ball twice in the air
to other players on their team. General rules: The serve is a lob from the baseline. The returner cannot let the serve bounce Each team has to touch the ball three times. With advanced players the same
team member cannot touch the ball twice. The kill shot cannot be an overhead. If the set up shot is in front of the service line, the player
cannot try to hit a winner. The ball can only bounce twice
on each side once the point is being played yeah The game requires a little bit of practice
but once the players get the hang of it they really have a blast. on

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  1. Great game to get hit by a racquet and/or the ball. Not only that but the kids who are shy will just stay out of the way and not get any practice. No thanks.

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