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Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 241

In today’s episode, we’ll have a look at the
newly-reforged Vulcan turret. We’ll also be talking about the discounts
in this weekend’s special event, and welcoming back a favorite contest. Hello tankers,
The long-awaited, reforged Vulcan turret
has been unleashed. And we’re not just talking
about a fancy, new skin. This is a total reworking
of the firing mechanics, which opens up all kinds
of new options for the turret. If you wanna know more, we discuss these changes in detail
in episode 239 of the V-LOG. So, what’s new? Of course, eye-candy and
brand new sound effects. But there are also balance changes. Now, Vulcan is more
challenging to master, but it deals much more damage. We think you’ll like it. And to celebrate the rebirth of Vulcan, we’ve also launched a special,
limited-time, super bundle. In it, you’ll find the hot, new Ultra skin
and “Mysterious Red” shot effect for Vulcan. There’s also a new
alteration — “Rubberized shells”, which gives a very strategic boost to
the ricochet effect of Vulcan’s bullets. This alteration will only be
available as part of this bundle. Once it goes away, we don’t know when we’ll be
making it available again, if at all. So if you want it,
don’t miss the deadline. Of course, the new firing mechanics
are available to everyone, so jump in there and give
your Vulcan a test drive. But first, watch this
episode till the end. This Sunday is February 23. Does that date sound familiar? Of course it does. It’s time for Iron Days! As always, there’s lots of fun to be had. We’ve got a festive paint,
themed decorations and gold boxes. Got any plans for the weekend? That’s unfortunate. Cos it’s double funds in matchmaking
battles throughout the whole event! And if that’s not enough, solo juggernaut will be paying us
a visit on the huge temple map, together with an increased
chance of gold boxes. What about discounts? Yes, we have those too. Today, Shop sales. Tomorrow, garage discounts. And on Sunday you get to upgrade all
the sweet, new gear at 30% off. You in a rush? No problem. Speed-ups will be at half price too. Quick question. What’s better than a whole
weekend of double funds? You guessed it! A contest where you can win
prizes for the biggest battle fund. Crystallizer! It’s very simple. You have till the server
restart on February 24th to go into the matchmaking battles, get the top spot,
earn the most crystals, and take a screenshot
of the results table. Then, you send it to us
via the special form. From among all of the valid entries, the top ten will receive crystals,
containers and tankoins. But if you don’t make it
into the top 10, don’t worry. We’re also holding a draw where all the participants
with valid entries will be in the chance to
win some cool prizes, including a unique paint, shot effects,
containers and gold boxes. The winners will be announced
on the 26th of February. All the details are available
through the link in the description. Make sure you read
the rules carefully. So, here’s a common misconception. “I’m not a Railgun player
and I don’t like XP/BP format, so there’s no place
for me in eSports” WRONG. Sure, right now, Railgun
enthusiasts are having a blast with the Masters of the Sword
Clans and Solo tournaments. But if that’s not your scene, the first edition of this year’s TOF
tournament in the Tandem category is here! First of all, this is a tandem tournament, so there
are no team-building headaches. Just find a fellow tanker with
whom you have a good synergy, come up with a cool
name for your team, register it on the portal and
sign up for the tournament! Here’s the fun part. TOF Tandem allows you
to use almost any turret, together with medium or light hulls,
as well as supplies and upgrades! Prizes include crystals, premium,
Tankoins, containers, supplies, and the top prize the Acid paint and Spectrum module with
protection against all turrets and mines! If you’ve never participated
in a tournament, this is a great place to start. C’mon tanker. Who dares, wins. Check out all the details through
the link in the description. Tanki Youtubers! What are you up to,
you little rascals? Let’s find out. First, a submission from our
Wannabe Youtuber form. Watch Graves’ first episode taking
on challenges from subscribers! Next, some truly
stunning work by Nidzo, who presents us with a remastered Hornet &
Firebird M2 combo made in Blender 3D That’s all for today. See you when? That’s right – in a week. Bye bye. Last time, you had to guess how many times
Wasp would flip over before exploding. And the correct answer is D. Here are our winners! And here’s the new question. Who will the Railgun kill?

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