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  1. Oh!! Nice video I was waiting for you to come back mate 😀 it's me Black-eagle-2 if you remember ^^ . Now don't you quit again lol.

  2. i really don't understand the new upgrade system
    my m1 firebird went to m3, but all my other m1's stayed m1

  3. Ghost_Animator I challenge you to subscribe to my friend Monster Beetz and show it in your video. Love you Ghost_Animator your the best.

  4. Hey Ghost Animator, I would like to be your editor for free you can give me a clip to edit for trial, please
    My Discord: FourMoff #4085

  5. А какое у тебя устройство на рельсу било,когда ты викинга с двойной защитой убил с 1 раза?Скажи пожалуйста!!

  6. Yo ghost animator i thought if i could make montage about all of your gold box videos? Msg me instagram if you are interested. Instagram: @_spicy.memes_21

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