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Taking on LEBRON James in NBA 2k20 (Career Mode Pt. 7) K-CITY GAMING

Taking on LEBRON James in NBA 2k20 (Career Mode Pt. 7) K-CITY GAMING

what’s up everybody its dad city what a
flat this is NBA 2k 20 career mode and we are having a blast with this last
time we won the summer league championship this time we’re gonna meet
a mystery man on the plane and then we’re gonna play starting the regular
season we’re gonna see how that goes okay before you start remember to
subscribe you can see the game and sure would appreciate it ring that bell to
get notified yeah maybe some buzzer beaters yeah we’ll see alright private jet mama LeBron James so you see little bro
Oh little bro wait little are gonna arrivals I don’t know man what if he’s
sick what if he’s trying to pull me over the Lakers yeah when I first came into
the league I was just trying to prove myself it was all about ball it took me
a while to understand the responsibility the opportunity that I was given you
know I speak for those without a voice people who grew up like I did poor
without hope those people those kids they exist on every corner of the globe
and they’re all deserving of a chance I believe no one person is capable of
turning the tide but we all have an obligation because somewhere along the
way somebody picked us up and that’s why we pay it forward
do you think you’re ready for all of that I know I am welcome to the lead welcome
to the league baby yeah this maybe first game what did it first game definitely
Wednesday MBA Wednesday in be a Wednesday okay first game of the season yeah that was that was this summer
summer league where the other guy was the coach
we made amends with him now we’re gonna deal with him opening day this is so
weird to see me in in the lineup with everybody like the Stars the masses
leaning so don’t see think the oke oke oke oke is on this team – okay so I’m on
the bench obviously I don’t know if I’m gonna get much playing time on this one
which is okay because I’m I’m around great that’s a good dance
we should gonna keep it on him yeah let’s see who’s in the in the stands
over here see we know somebody hmm okay so we’re simulating all the way Wow hey
put us in coach goodness see all that subs happening down there
very cool okay first chord is almost over it’s
okay okay okay put a saint coach come on and probably now yeah he likes all the
data coming at him but but I’d like to play though Hardaway jr. has eight
points and maybe now maybe like the fourth quarter maybe more car blaze all
right surely now no well I think we’re just gonna have to sit out the game
hello anyone come on what it’s in the air not sport what we’re not out there they gotta put us in and hit the game
win come on but it’s in there goes with the
disk the rock girls we are on the beach okay I guess that was kind of fun from
the bench look I’m mad back there this is so things have changed here we’ve got
my Clair nation NBA 2k 20 players with NBA season progression I got messages I
got a phone I thought LeBron was my friend he didn’t he didn’t call me or
nothin play next game you can do a team practice or you can go straight straight
to the game lets em to the televised liquid why all our game every single
when there’s 80 of them look we’re gonna have to pick and choose we can’t win
them all in the NBA let’s play it Lakers okay one sixth
verse six here we go hey the game tonight how you feeling feeling great
okay because this one’s on national TV and you gotta crush it shouldn’t you
tell me it’s just another game oh no that’s the coach’s job my job is
to tell it like it is big gang man don’t let it get to you gotcha
and then please showcase boy for you you play well tonight and you dominate the
new cycle that’s where you win awards Jay that’s when you get better deals you
build up your profile I appreciate that let’s know it I’m just play my game
other stuff get my head okay hey you do you I’m just here to tell you about the
PR ramifications oh I gotta take this just think about what I said okay
guys got you problem pregame show and coming up for you
shortly it is the Los Angeles Lakers in action against the Dallas Mavericks for
Dallas they were swept by this team last season losing all three games they
played against him they’ll be motivated tonight Kenny just watch Jay worried
they City University yeah well you know what Jay that was the tough decision I
mean here’s this guy standing up for his teammates at the end of the day though
the rest of the team is what matters these things will take you to another
level as a teammate and people will follow you
way to go Jay yeah Jay felt this was our games are bigger than
I’m not sure the truth what’s down there by his convictions and with the cane
talked about ready to be didn’t have ascended to heaven shame for the call porzingis sign up okay I’m waiting
patiently on my chance Ron’s got it let’s see what he’s gonna
do they messed up the camera there let’s see what the Mavericks can do porzingis okay here we go okay
put me in coach don’t look good at all well we need hit
a three and get us closer okay take some shots make an impact on this nationally
televised game just entering his prime thus far
Lakers leading by 12 Rondo passes well and second foul of the game
Howard’s checked in for me he’s got some crazy hair oh yeah
remember we had we interacted with him early on right okay now we’re in the big
leagues it’s gonna be harder yeah it is the second episode Rondo over to the
wing most and I get on into the post guarded by right kind of good knowing
that I’m not the one that got us behind I’m just trying to get us I’m trying to
get us ahead superstition this game with the right energy and intensity this team
has attacked calls for the ball is not giving it to me there we go
I’m doing my job outside Rondo cold not that wasn’t my job good job okay okay
Julie universe alright see for the transition and so far if your 1/4 settle up good
I’m glad you did it’s just like a normal shot hey well I’m sure the free-throw
let me remind you to subscribe to Cait City yeah so you can follow our
multiverse sports gaming apps and you know dad city is also a wrestling
superstar yes and a linebacker in Medan little flash is a wide receiver game 3
it’s one I should shut up I’m staying on my guy that’s my job right now try to
get him off his game see that’s what I’m trying to do I’m trying to make plays in
my vicinity I guess ball less when I’m playing with
the big dudes there we go when after you see it makers passing it around
and it’s they make everything everything alright so you owe me two sim to the
next appearance these free throws that’s it easy to quit joking around on
the birdie on the bench over there thank you shot so we can simit sim to
the experience 2nd quarter yes no 31 23 24 yeah we need to go on a run 25 28 29
it’s okay Anthony days take his shots that’s it to me a modern way to lay I’m
sure like a best friend sausage now ok ok ok I got a beat
I never made sure oh yeah oh I three would make it a game I’m
George outside there you go there yes you know what’s great about this game is
that because since you don’t control the whole game like you don’t control every
player the way you feel like you’re on the team and it’s not all up to you
you’re like in the ball game experience just like a normal player would you’re
not always gonna get the ball you’re not always gonna be able to shoot it so this
it’s so much more real this way like I’m mad if you throw it to your receiver now
you control the receivers yeah but it would be like being a quarterback
throwing it to your Sieber and just having to let him go okay here we go
yep I won three probably just shoot the ball sure throws good for Davis okay yes oh come on Luca you could have made that
really close Oh halftime oh yeah hat times part of
the story gotta pick up the intensity on deep so your step slow tonight gots
coach got time keep grinding okay he wants me to pick up the intensity on D okay yes come on come on keep it well we
turned it we turn the tide no it’s okay that’s okay so why don’t these track
this makes its Lord I didn’t mean to do that
oh goodness I just gave it right to LeBron yes I still need to figure it I
had to throw it in I did that last game what’s this LeBron the bright lights of
LA perhaps too much for some point again not leave the ambitions hasta for the
City of Angels perfect
his business aspiration now is moving it around
come on I can’t keep up fell no he fell them Oh
Sadie shaky bit shaken let’s do it again let’s shake the whole thing Oh chicken
demands its shaking though just take the broad okay north wing down three-point
lead can’t catch up with em sit in peace with the coaches right I’m a step slow you gonna pass or what four three dad sitting the points of the game he’s
tough man okay points in Lakers right look it around no I’ve got LeBron on me
who puts it up from 12 vs oh come on from the floor with that miss okay sorry
I need to make these definitely yeah definitely don’t distract me okay time
for the Mavericks steady men oh no huh substitution Oh after this I’m subbed
yeah after this your son okay just get this in there okay the next time out
you’re probably gonna be off next time out don’t stand like I’m just getting
started one minute in the books James with it I’ll guarded by coursing good
chemists own dear me so why does LeBron James have the ball
in his hands because look at that sixes he’s the greatest it’s too far away house too far away in
the game pulls it from 20 you could have drive he could have drove yeah great sure here we go now probably going out okay so this is it here today oh good on
Chooch he’s checked in for Dallas Berea comes in let them play this play and
then we’ll send the next parents come on I don’t know so this is it we need to we
need to get up a few yeah this is basically yet with 2.0 seconds he talking – here we go
so this is from our perspective on the bench 2.8 seconds the native three to
tie in a three point game and the perfect time to be perfect
looks like we’re not going in oh wait beat the Lakers
it’s exciting TV game to see all right let’s see you make some noise all right
so let’s check our points didn’t have a great game but I made an impact right
yeah but obviously playing that’s right I got some VC VC got the BC thanks for
watching that’s our first regular season NBA game we beat the Lakers and we beat
the Wizards yeah with the buzzer beater all right well yeah but we didn’t get
any play time in there yeah we didn’t so we got basically a few
minutes every score okay so maybe someday some iSchool want our autograph
and you know do all that it’s all good though it’s all good though we’re having
fun love this game right here we’ll give you a link to the full NBA career mode
so you can catch up we’ll see you next time bye

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