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Superprestige Zonhoven, Track World Cup & 2019 Pro Cycling Sponsors | The Cycling Race News Show

Superprestige Zonhoven, Track World Cup & 2019 Pro Cycling Sponsors | The Cycling Race News Show

(timer beeping)
(quietly intense music) – Welcome back to the
GCN Racing News show. This week, a big weekend in the world of cyclocross with the latest
rounds of the DVV trophy and the Superprestige,
which was on one of the most iconic cyclocross courses,
the sand dunes of Zonhoven. (upbeat music) We’ve also got the US
National Championships, the Track World Cup from London, and also a look at the past,
the present, and the future of team sponsors as one leaves the sport, one remains, and two come in. Mathieu van der Poel has been
up to his usual tricks again, i.e, completely dominating. After a couple of weeks
break from competition, he resumed with back-to-back
wins at the weekend, in both the Scheldecross
DVV Trophy, where he was over a minute ahead of Wout
van Aert and Toon Aerts, and then over one of the most
iconic courses in cyclocross, the Superprestige in Zonhoven on Sunday. In that event, he made light work of sand and wintry conditions, cruising home 43 seconds
ahead of van Aert, with Aerts a further 52
seconds back, in third. Now there’s absolutely no sign
of anybody even getting close to van der Poel right now, let alone getting the better of him. As pointed out by Daniel
Ostanek on Twitter, “van der Poel has this
season, won all five rounds “of the Superprestige, all
three rounds of World Cup “in which he has competed, “and three of the four DVV trophies.” In fact, the only real
blemishes are through his absence at the opening two
rounds of the World Cup, the Koppenbergcross, where
he was uncharacteristically in 21st position, and a
round of the Bicro Cross, where he crashed and his ankle
swelled up like a balloon. Well, he did still win the next day. The question on everybody’s mind though, possibly even his own, is
whether or not he can carry his form through to
the World Championships in a couple of months time. In that event, of course,
he has been beaten by van Aert for the past
three years in a row, and there’s no doubt that
that result has always hurt. In the women’s events, Denise Betsema, who signed a pro-contract off
the back of a series of wins that included a round of
the World Cup in Koksijde, proved that the team
had most definitely made the right decision by comfortably winning the Scheldecross on Saturday, 23 seconds ahead of Lucinda Brand. On Sunday, though, she
could only manage second. Sanne Cant giving everybody a Master Class on how to run with a bike. The World Champion taking her first Superprestige win of the season. The riders will all be meeting up again for their next battle in Namur on Sunday, for the sixth round of the World Cup. Meanwhile, last weekend, we also had the USA National Championships,
which were held in some atrociously muddy conditions
in Louisville, Kentucky. In the women’s race, Katie
Compton has sat on the throne for a decade and a half. Looking to dethrone her were
the likes of Ellen Noble and Kaitlin Keough, and it
was those two that led off the start line, with Compton
trailing in tenth position, after having unclipped from her pedal. It’s been a tough season for
Compton, who’s just turned 40, and you wondered if this would be the year that 14-year winning streak
would come to an end. Not so. And once she got up to speed,
there was no stopping her, flying down the descents and taking chunks of time out of all her rivals. Compton would eventually come
home with over two minutes to spare over Sunny Gilbert at
the Van Dessel Cycling team, with Ellen Noble, over two
and a half minutes down, taking the bronze. That means it’s an
incredible 15-titles in a row for Compton, who will,
today, head to Europe as she builds up for another crack at the World Championships
at the end of February. In the men’s event over in Kentucky, there’s another winning
streak starting to develop. Stephen Hyde of
Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld took his third title in a row, but
only after a hard-fought and race-long battle with
teammate Curtis White. Midway through, it looked as
though Hyde would literally run away with it after a crash
for White, but he did manage to claw his way back, and it
wasn’t until the penultimate lap that Hyde would get a significant gap. Even then, though, it
wasn’t plain sailing for him as he almost came to grief
himself, near the start/finish area with a couple of laps to go. In the end, though, it
was job done for Hyde, with White in second place, and 20-year-old Gage Hecht in third, a man who you may remember
from his spectacular stage win at the Colorado Classic this year. Over at the UCI Track World Cup in London, the small British city
of Darby arguably became the number one in the
Men’s team pursuit as the Huub Wattbike Test Team took gold, beating Belgium in the final. The result is all the more impressive considering the team
is made up of amateurs who have applied tech,
science, and engineering to optimize performance. At day two of the World
Cup saw Australia’s Stephanie Morton dominate
the women’s sprint, while Denmark’s duo Julius
Johansen and Casper von Folsach won gold in the Madison. Kirsten Wild came out on top
in the Omnium and fellow Dutch rider Matthijs Buchli secured
gold for the men’s Keirin. Having already secured
gold in the team pursuit, Laura Kenny and Katie
Archibald took to the board as Madison partners on the final day of the UCI Track World Cup. Going into the race as clear favorites they didn’t disappoint the home crowd, taking a whopping 34
points to claim the gold. There’re also a few stand-out performances from young Matthew Walls,
who took a bronze, a silver, and then finally a gold in
the Omnium on the last day. On to sponsorship now. Last week, as I’m sure
you all know by now, it was revealed that
Sky’s long association with Team Sky would come to and end at the end of the 2019 season. If you haven’t already
seen our video looking back at their last nine years as
a team and what this news could mean for them, I will link to that at the end of this video. But it certainly looks
as though it could be a defining moment for our sport. If they find a replacement sponsor, that would be good in many ways, as it means our sport
is managing to attract the big bucks of the corporate world. If they don’t, it might look
bad that nobody’s willing to invest in the most
high-profile team in cycling, but some have argued that
it could firstly level up the playing field and also
potentially attract other major companies to invest,
companies who may otherwise have been put off spending
about 15 million quid, only to be in the shadow
of the mighty Team Sky. Whatever happens, it’s
going to be an interesting few months for all involved. The riders within the team
have been giving generally positive reactions to the
news, as you might expect. Chris Froome said that it
had made the team even more determined with regards
to their 2019 ambitions, whilst Gerain Thomas posted
a video to Instagram. – Like I say, try and
end on a high next year and then who knows? The future is exciting
and hopefully we’ll have another big sponsor to support us and, yeah, we’ll go from there, so cheers. – Meanwhile, EF Education First
manager Jonathan Vaughters, told the Guardian newspaper
that Sir Dave Brailsford has an impressive ability
to reach into a toilet and pull out chocolate. We do want to make doubly sure
it’s definitely chocolate, though, but don’t you,
before you reach in? Anyway, it’s going to be
very interesting to see how this all plays out
over the next few months. Contrary to that news, there
was some very good news in Spain, as parent company
Telefonica extended its support of the Movistar Squad,
through to the end of 2021; Movistar winning the team classification yet again with that news. And another team with a lot to celebrate this Christmas is Jelly Belly. After 19 years in the
sport, it looked as though the team was set to disband
after Jelly Belly removed their sponsorship, but
they’ve had a late reprieve. For the next three
years, they will be known as the Wildlife Generation
presented by Maxxis Squad, and compete at a continental level. Very welcome news for
everybody involved over there. Also investing in the sport
are McLaren, who’ve taken a 50% stake in the Bahrain Merida team, who had their 2019 team
launch last week Croatia. As you’d expect, McLaren
will be working mainly on the performance side,
including aerodynamics, mindset, and recovery. In other news, next year’s
Colorado Classic is set to be a womens-only
event, in a mission to, firstly, support women’s
cycling, but also to secure the financial future of the event. Provisionally, it is scheduled for August the 22nd to the 25th. Now with an increased prize
pool and expenses paid for teams attending, organizers
are hoping to attract some of the world’s top
talent, despite the fact that the race will come at
a similar time in the season to three World Tour races in Europe. We certainly wish them the best of luck, and, fingers crossed,
we’ll get to show you some coverage right here on GCN. Lotto Soudal new recruit
Caleb Ewan appears to have a completely new lead-out
train for next year. And so along with Adam
Blythe, he can now count on both Lawrence Naesen,
and Thomas De Gendt. Very funny. How low can you go? And finally, Corendon-Circus, the team and Mathieu van der Poel, have received pro-continental status with the UCI, which is very exciting for all of us, because it opens up the
door for them to receive wild card invitations
to the biggest races, which could well mean
that we see van der Poel compete at events such
as the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, just as
Wout van Aert did this year. And I, for one, would
absolutely love to see that. Right, that’s all for this
week’s Racing News show. Next week I am going to be
back with a look at some more of the best moments of this season, plus we’re going to reveal
the winners of the best male, female, and team of the
year, as voted for by you. Before then, if you haven’t
already watched our video on Team Sky, you’re able to
find that just down here.

Reader Comments

  1. The USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships were a muddy slopfest and a lot of fun to watch. Amazing athletes fighting up the hills in water and mud. (And I won't pick on you for your pronunciation of "Louisville" 🙂 )

  2. Marathon runners compete like auto racers at endurance events such as Le Mans–all the groups compete simultaneously and the top-finishers in each category are sorted out at the finish. Maybe big-time cycling could try the same with one-day races or stage races or unique events like the Dirty, oh wait, they already do and that's great. And fondos are run like that that and it is fun to compete together and see who ultimately makes the podium at the parking-lot party.

  3. Just as it would be great to see Mathieu Van der Poel race in the Classics, it would be fun to see Froome, Sagan and G compete in some cyclocross events.

  4. With Huub it's more the way they ride the race that's different and worked so well for them. They've worked out the strengths of each rider and take their turns taking that in to account. Can see national teams doing it to a point with the riders who are strongest at the start doing more there or as with the British ladies win where they caught USA on Saturday Archibald did a massive turn in the middle letting the others rest.

    Still think it's a massive shame MClaren have sponcer Ed Bahrain just as Sky pull out, they would have been a perfect part sponcer to take over with.

  5. No mention of Team Jumbo securing a second title sponsor for 5(!) years? Came out only last week. And positive sponsor news!

  6. Don't think we'll see much of MVP on the roads, he wants that mtb cross-country gold to much and look how effective its been for him doing the mtb season this year before going to cyclo-cross. Wouldn't be surprised if more cyclo-cross riders do the same in next few year or if the mtb riders do the reverse. Far better training for cyclo-cross than the road in my eyes, the rider can measure their own output, how hard you work which you can't really on the road, you work more of the body as mtb riders use their top half's more and it teaches you the skills you need on top that.

  7. Nice job as always, Dan. Let me know if you want to discuss getting your hair back on track.

    In the meantime, why don't we ever acknowledge the reality of Bahrain? What do I mean? Take a look – – This is not the first episode of this nature to be reported about Bahrain. In fact, I worry a bit about my own safety even bringing it up!

    I know cycling needs sponsors, but are riders/managers/fans really that morally bankrupt that they will hitch their ride onto any fascist dictator that dangles money in front of their noses? Cycling can do better.

    The press can do better on issues like this, too (haven't heard one peep from GCN, CN, VN, CT, or anyone else). It really is shameful (no matter how much I like Bahrain-Merida's kit colors and design).

  8. Yup, "loooieville". Practically French. However, if yinz come to Pittsburgh for the Dirty Dozen you will discover a town called "Chartiers" that we pronounce "Shar tears" plus our quaint habit of totally neglecting "to be" (as in "The chimbly needs wershed". Who said dialects were only for GB?

  9. I hope Sky finds another major sponsor and does not end up like EF Edu 1st drapac powered by cannondale dressed by rapha rolling on vision measured by Garmin trained on tacx borrowed from your mother… there is a finite number of sponsor names that fit on a jersey!
    Seriously, despite its dominance, I think Team Sky actually helped the cycling sport to move forward (albeit slowly). Thanks to a sponsor who understands that this kind of investment gives their brand visibility and positive connotation (OK, maybe not for French viewers).

  10. Thanks for the race news. Though if you want to pronounce Denise Betsema right, listen to it in Dutch if available sometime 😉

  11. Because we try to distance ourselves from the beheaded French king who is our namesake, most lifelong residents pronounce our town's name as Looavull. Similarly, up the road a piece is another French named town called Versailles that is pronounced Versales around here. Russ Zeckner, Louisville, KY.

  12. Dear GCN: Road Ultegra rider going to 11 spd any year now on my TI frame that I love: Just learned that Shimano offers the HG-800 11-34T 11 speed cassette that can go on all of my old 8=9=10 speed rear wheels. Maybe an 11-28 or so in the future? What a savings to get to 11 speeds without needing to build two rear wheels, one I'll gear 11-34 and the other 11-28. It's big news to me.

  13. Hi my name is Magnus i ride in the u12 for road and cx, my view on team sky is that noeone should invest as it would be the end of sky dominance and maybe new tour winners.

    My favourite pro riders are primoz roglic, tibot pino and my favourite off all… romain bardet. i am a massive GCN fan

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