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Supermoto Racing 2019 | Supermoto USA – Round 5

Supermoto Racing 2019 | Supermoto USA – Round 5

Having been to all the Supermoto USA events,
me and my friends were all super impressed by the riders in the Open expert class. ‘Man you have no idea how far back this
dude backed it in from’ But then this guy showed up. This is the time difference between Gage winning
& Vincent coming in second place in the Pro Supermoto class. The difference is quite insane, haha. So how did it go for me and my friends? Well I had a really shaky start in the Vet
30+ heat race. I thought I had launch control engaged, but
I obviously didn’t. Still saved it though. I also managed to crash in one of the races,
but I got up real quick. It felt like a lot longer on the track haha. Looking at the footage, man I just sprinted
to get the bike up. My friend Lukas brought his in-destructable
DRZ to race, but unfortunately it proved to actually be destructible, dying on the day
before the races. I promised to let him borrow my FS450, and
he entered a beginners class, since I had had to use the bike in the other classes. Ey dude, be careful with it Ok? Our friend David showed up with his awesome
BMW G650X. Not only did he race on it, he literally rode
the bike to the track, brought all his camping gear and camped next to the bike. He’s a real biker superhero, check out his
YouTube channel right here, and remember to subscribe. I entered three classes, Vet30+, Open Amateur
and Open Asphalt. The first two classes had a dirt section and
obviously the last one was asphalt only. Even though I messed up the start in the 30+
heat race, I managed to climb up to 6th place. Lukas had a better start in the beginners
class on my FS450, and David were close behind him. Lukas ended up winning the heat race with
David coming in 2nd behind him. My starts in the Open asphalt and Amateur
races were better than in the 30+ one, and I finished 3rd in both the heats. I had some great fights in both of the races. If there is anything you can be sure of, it’s
that racers like to compare gear with one another. Yeah I mean, you gotta have the titanium ones,
they shave off at least 4 seconds on the lap times, true story. Lukas decided to race his Husky 701 instead
of the DRZ in the beginners open main event, to make the race a bit more challenging, being
on street tires and not being used to ride the bike on this type of track. It turned out to be an epic race, with David
and Lukas almost clashing with one another in the start. David showed some serious improvement in his
riding, this being the second race he has ever entered. Lukas struggled to keep the 701 upright, sliding
around on the street tires. It’s hard to see on film, but the turns
coming after the dirt section were very slippery, you basically had to ride the bike on a slide
to get any type of corner speed. Both of them pulled off a great race, Lukas
winning and David coming in fourth. My start in the 30+ main event was a lot better,
and I kept 6th until the last lap where I should have taken an outside line going into
the dirt. Ultimately finishing 7th. I did a lot better in the Open Asphalt class,
and with some battling I finished 3rd. The Open Expert class had a great race as
usual, with Bronson and Andrew having a great battle all the way into the last lap, with
Bronson winning yet. Now it was time for the Open Amateur main
event. Know how the heat went, I knew I was going
to have a battle with Jason Ruley and Ray Swaney. It was kinda clear that Jason Andrews was
going to win this race, but 2nd, 3rd and 4th was most likely going to be a big fight. And hell yes did it prove to be fight. I managed to get ahead of Jason in the start,
blocking him into the first corner. I knew that Ray had a really hard time in
the corners coming out of the dirt, where I had passed him in previous races. So my plan was to pass him before the main
straight. But I also had to keep in mind that Jason
was right behind me, so I had to block him but also plan for the pass. Haha, each corner I was thinking like: “Ok
so block Jason, but also catch up to Ray.” I have this ability to hear if someone is
behind me, so I don’t have to look to see if someone is there. Which some racers do. On the first and second laps I knew Jason
was on my tail and I was doing everything I could to predict where he would try to pass. But then, in the second lap I could hear that
he wasn’t behind me anymore. So I started to take better lines to catch
up with Ray. I later found out that Jason stalled his bike
coming out of the dirt, and struggled to get it started again. I was planning to pass Ray where I had passed
him in one of the previous races, where I knew he had no grip at all coming out of the
turn. But I managed to go into the corner hot, sliding
the front wheel way too hard. I managed to get the front wheel back by doing
a Marquez save, but to no avail, as the rear end came around as well. My memory of the crash is that I struggled
to get the bike back up, but looking at the video I’m like some sort of gazelle, picking
the bike back up and getting back into to it in no time at all. Even though I crashed I finished 3rd in the
race. This racing weekend was a great experience,
and if you have ever thought about getting into racing, you just have to try out Supermoto. It’s fun, it’s cheap and it’s challenging. And if you don’t want to race, but still
think this looks like a ton of fun, then come out and watch. Over and out

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  1. Gosh I love these supermoto videos! and you always upload when I'm doing my nightly youtube binge hahaha perfect

  2. Racing you always hear someone behind you if they're pressuring…some riders just can't help themselves from looking. I was always coached to never look behind you, always race what's in front of you. MX/SX could be different though as I've never raced supermoto, but will for the first time next summer. Hip fucking hooray! Nice vid btw.

  3. @0:29 hes fast because of technique…. look where his elbows are. get your elbows up… weight the outside peg in corners….

  4. I get to participate in my first Supermoto Endurance race next month! 3 hour race. I love all your race videos. Please keep doing them!

  5. Nice job! When is the next race at Sonoma? I live in Fairfield and would love to come check it out. I have many laps there on a cart…hella fun!

  6. He is from ama supermoto. The class is way more expert than club racing. i raced in one ama event in beginer and it was so fast!

  7. Jo mike
    Watching and listening to your supermoto videos is soooooo good
    I feel like I could watch them every day
    How do you like the brembo pump? I know a lot of people who a switching the front brake
    Greetings from Germany

  8. I've got a like new 2008 Honda XR650L I don't ride anymore because all land nowadays is POSTED NO TRESPASSING and riding it on the highway is boring.
    This looks killer and I live by NOLA Motorsports Track. Going to see if its possible to mod it enough for this.
    Killer video your living the life!

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