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  1. Hello almost a year later lol. Just letting y’all know since apparently common sense isn’t so common😉, this video is just my personal experience with my UNC application process that I felt like sharing. Nothing more, nothing less. This is not me bashing UNC (Tar Heels will always be my fave team lol). And in closing, if you got accepted to UNC: congratulations! No need to come under this video to drag me as a way to pump yourself up because I’m happier at Howard University than I would’ve ever been at UNC. Thank you and enjoy the video for what it IS and not what it ISNT.☺️

  2. Can I ask where you are from in NY? I'm from long island and I visited UNC yesterday and it has become my dream school but I know how competitive it is to get into out of state.

  3. I got waitlisted from UNC Chapel Hill in January. Being an in-state applicant, I was really bummed. I'm currently on their waitlist and hope to God I get in because it's a top-notch school and many of my friends are going there.

  4. same thing for me, i’ve loved unc my entire life and was denied with a 1540 SAT and what i would consider an exemplary application 🙁

  5. I live in North Carolina. I am a huge UNC fan, my brother went there. I am applying in January 15 for regular. It is so damn competitive because everyone in North Carolina applies to UNC.

  6. Feel for you- ironically my daughter applied to (in order of desire) Duke, UNC, UW, Seattle U. She did the early application for all and won't graduate HS and Running Start (she'll have an Associates before a diploma, lol) until June. So kind of seeing this situation right now, but I'll admit Duke has been the best about staying in touch- another avenue for tuition is ROTC; daughter wants to live abroad and gain experience (she speaks a few languages) and the Air Force is a good way to go.

  7. College has become a joke in America. They don't seem to understand that they be playing with people's lives.

  8. No bc I love this SM loll and it’s sooo funny that you’re trying to hold back how pressed you rlly are❤️MORE STORYTIMES PLSS

  9. Omfg I jus found ur channel nd I saw u had da same name is me!!! Which where I live I dont find at all🤷🏽‍♀️

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