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STOP Team Fighting and START Climbing! (Take control of ranked)

STOP Team Fighting and START Climbing! (Take control of ranked)

Hey everyone. Team fighting is supposedly one of the most
important skills you can learn about in League of Legends. But we’re actually going to take a look at
how that’s wrong and instead focus on alternatives to team fighting that are better for carrying
games. And while everything in this guide will be
discussed from a support’s perspective, the concepts behind it are applicable to every
role. Let’s kick things off by looking at a random
team fight. We’ll give you 2 seconds. Tell us which side wins. Ready? Go Alright, around 50% of you assumed that the
blue side would win, and the other 50% probably thought red side would win. This is the problem with relying on team fighting
to win your games. When 2 evenly matched teams fight, it’s literally
just a coin flip as to who actually wins. There’s an absurd amount of variables going
into team fighting, that is becomes near impossible to accurately predict who will win each time. Let’s draw up an example to show you just
how many variables there actually are. Imagine you’re playing Soraka and both teams
are posturing around mid lane ready to brawl. Your Zed happens to be in position to flank
the enemy back line, which is good, but then you realize the enemy support is Lulu. She can just polymorph him when he goes in,
denying his kill threat. Oh, but Zed bought QSS to outplay the polymorph,
but wait….the enemy ADC bought stopwatch. That’s going to make it really hard for Zed
to kill them. Okay, okay, that’s fine. If the ADC stopwatches your Kennen can go
in since they’ll be stationary and get a huge ult off on the ADC. Unfortunately…the enemy team has a Lee Sin
who can just kick Kennen away during his ultimate. Hmm, but you’re playing Soraka, so you can
flash silence the enemy Lee Sin to prevent the kick. But if you do that, you’d be in range of the
enemy Vladimir who can get a huge AoE ultimate because your team will all be funneling in
and clumping up. Hopefully, you get the point. We could keep going, but there’s literally
hundreds if not thousands of ways that fight can play out. You can have vague ideas as to who will win
based on the team comps, but it’s solo queue and predicting what actually happens is near
impossible. Which brings us to the one and only rule regarding
team fighting that you should adhere to. “If the game’s outcome will be decided by
a fair team fight, you’re playing wrong.” The outcome of the fight is completely irrelevant
as well. As we said, it’s a coin flip. Even if you win that coin flip, it doesn’t
mean it was correct to take it. The only time a fair team fight should ever
decide the outcome of a game is when everyone in it is of around equal skill level. You can see how that’s not ideal for climbing
elo. You don’t want to be the same skill level
as the people you’re playing with. If you’re in gold elo and your goal is to
get platinum, then you carry by playing like a platinum player, not a gold player. Shocking, we know. Not only is team fighting incorrect for climbing
in general, but it’s also terrible for self improvement as well. Think back to that previous example. Let’s say Kennen forgot to rearrange his items. So when he uses his ultimate in the fight,
he mis-clicks Zhonya’s instead of Protobelt and ults nothing. What can you possibly learn by losing a team
fight because your Kennen misclicked? Nothing. Likewise, let’s say your Zed giga smurfs in
the back like and kills both Lulu and Ashe by himself 1v4, while your team 4v1s the enemy
Vladimir. The only thing you learn in this situation
is to add that guy after the game and hope he duos with you. Alright, so if you should never team fight,
what should you actually be looking to do? There’s plenty of ways to set up win conditions. In fact, literally any action that isn’t a
fair team fight is fine. As long as you can reliably control the outcome
of it and consistently carry. For example, collapsing on an enemy side laner
and killing them enabling your split pusher to carry is a great win condition. A play based on numbers advantage is always
a consistent way of carrying. You can use vision control to set up ganks
against the enemy bot lane to score double kills. Or you can stomp the enemy bot lane so hard
feeding multiple kills to your ADC. You can then use that lead to just escort
them around killing everyone that comes near you, because you have such a huge item lead. Take that a step further and feed yourself
so much that the game lags, unable to comprehend the fact that you’re solo killing the enemy
mid laner as a Janna at level 6. Vision control around objectives is another
great tactic to reliably win games. Is this technically a team fight? Yes, but it’s by no means a fair fight. The enemy team is constantly face checking
into skill shots making it very difficult for them to fight, thus giving complete control
to the red side team. All of those examples are controllable scenarios
that you can reliably set up to carry games. That being said, you can’t win every situation
you get into to. But the benefits of tactics like these is
that even if they go wrong, it’s very easy to learn from them. For example, as we said, collapsing on a side
laner is good. But let’s say you collapsed on a Fiora. Your Irelia didn’t have executioner’s calling
and your ignite was, so you get 1v2’d. This takes no skill to analyze why it went
wrong. Fiora heals a ton in fights, so even with
a number’s advantage be cautious vs her without grievous wounds. Or take the Karma game as an example. After the gank she set up, she and her team
chase Vi deep into the enemy jungle. They chase so far that the enemy Yasuo collapses,
and Veigar re-spawns and joins the fight, causing them to lose and feed the Yasuo. From this example, we can easily take digestible
bits of information that actually allow us to improve. The first mistake is chasing after the initial
2 kills. It’s quite early into the game, so death timers
are really short. By running into enemy territory, if the fight
doesn’t end immediately, Karma’s team will very quickly be outnumbered. But more importantly, was Yasuo collapsing
on this fight. One might immediately want to blame Cassiopeia
but this isn’t actually her fault. Yasuo is a mana-less champion with great wave
control early on into the game. Cassiopeia is a mana hungry champion who needs
items before she can do much. Knowing this, it’s generally going to be incorrect
to go for early game skirmishes when you have a mana based mid laner vs a Yasuo. Wait for your mid laner to have Lost Chapter
or something so they can contest his shove. Otherwise, the Yasuo will usually have priority
and you will be fighting at a numbers disadvantage Even better, you can flip that knowledge around. If you have the Yasuo on your team, you now
know that they will have lane priority early on. This means that you have more opportunities
to take early river or jungle skirmishes because your mid laner is likely to arrive first. That is of course, if your Yasuo isn’t turbo
inting as they usually do. See, from smaller skirmishes it’s much easier
to analyze what goes wrong and learn to fix it for your future games. Karma should have just spammed back pings
here. There’s no guarantee that her team listens,
but knowing the correct call is more important than what actually happens. This all being said, team fights will inevitably
happen in solo queue for whatever reason. Ideally, you put your team far enough ahead
that a fair fight wouldn’t really be fair, and you’re basically guaranteed to win it. Or, your team is really far behind and the
enemy teams are the ones forcing fights, with you having very little say in the matter. The outcome of these fights is unimportant. If you’re ever in this position, just remember
that the lead up to the fight is more important than the actual fight. You see, this game, our expert Hector decided
it was a great idea to walk into Veigar’s cage under tower multiple times dying pointlessly
and throwing his lead. Combine that with the over chase we discussed
earlier, and he had a lot of pointless deaths. This made it really hard to hard carry the
game, which leads to his team bleeding out from Tryndamere’s split pushing, all inevitably
leading to this team fight. It doesn’t matter how well he played this
fight. His earlier actions allowing this to happen
in the first place is the problem. We could harp on and on about this, but you
should be starting to get the point. Avoid team fighting as much as you possibly
can for more consistent actions, which will give you more control over the outcome of
the game. And we may as well add that if your team is
forcing a fair fight around Dragon or Baron, you should obviously help them. Don’t sit in mid lane saying “Skill-Capped
told me not to team fight!” Solo Queue will always be solo queue, you
just gotta do the best you can with what you get. That’s going to be it for this video. Thanks for watching.

Reader Comments

  1. Say nice things about Hector or he will be sad. I'll start. Your Karma doesn't make me physically sick Hector, Veigar is just the support meta at the moment! 😖

  2. This is actually such an important video, mentality-wise. Know what to focus on: the little plays leading up to the fights, not the coinflip of a fair fight.

    Thanks for the upload!

  3. all the things u discussed in this video actaully helped me win more games where my team mates were just aram mid and doing nothing but sharing xp and cs

  4. is it better to follow a call that u know is wrong, but do it as a team, or to just not show to that play at all?

    for example in the karma overextension, if after spamming back pings karma's team keeps chasing, is the correct play to follow them or to just let them die?

  5. Im not agree with this video.
    I mean, this video could be great considering you're in this situations:
    -You know everyone will do exactly what they have to do in the right moment, in the right place (a thing you're not going to see before D1)
    -Your champion is not good teamfighting (examples: splitpushers, assassins, early-game champs, etc).

    Ofc, if you're playing lee sin, zed or tryndamere, you dont really want to decide your game by teamfighting, because you cant controll everything, so you would need all your team would play like challengers (or enemies make several decisive mistakes) in order to have good chances to win your games by teamfighting.

    But… what if you play all of the rest champs of this game?
    You just cant tell a mages player to "avoid teamfights" when you know his champion is designed to lead thoose fights. Same way you cant tell some tanks player or some hypercarries player to not decide the game by wining teamfights in lategame.

    Notice this is not LCS, you're not playing with 5 coordinated ppl who follow a comon tactic, you play with 3-4 random players who will try yo win playing as they want.
    Honestly, this video seems like a roaming assassing / bruisher / early-game player would be making this video to try yo set up his games as he wants to be in order to be more effective, instead of giving a real tip to the audience.

    A good tip would've been "first of all, consider what are you champion strenghts and weakness in order to decide if you want to base your game or your tactic in teamfights" and not "avoid teamfihgt because its 50% chances to win" (as you said).
    I repeat, if you're an early game champ, an assassin, a splitpusher or something like that, i do believe you're right when you tell me thoose champs shouldnt be aiming for win teamfights, but… dont make me laugh …. try yo tell some veigar, viktor or vladimir player that he has 50% chances to win teamfights when he has his items….
    Yes… ofc your little zed cant do miracles in teamfights, since he has low damage in late game, he hasnt got cc or AoE and he's squishy… What about Anivia by the other hand? (because i see she has tons of CC, AoE and dps to deal with an entire team as soon as the player knows how to positionate himself and timing his skills).

    Honestly, i consider you usually make really good videos… but this one its from my point of view one of the worst by far… :/

  6. next video pls: "how to stop your teammates from fighting 4v5 while you are getting 3 levels ahead and 2 items ahead on botlane waves"

  7. I hate it when team decides to constantly engage fights without even knowing whether they would win that or not.
    And after failed play they search who to blame for that, never themselves though.

  8. Ok, but can we just acknowledge how poorly blue side played that team fight in the example at the start? All that needed to happen is Diana Q-E into ult and Rakan W on top and it would be set.

  9. Now show this video to my jungler, who wants to contest scutler even if I dont have prio on lane and then blames me for not coming to help him

  10. 0:45 Not really, if you have a comp that relies on late games carrys (champs that come online or reach their power spike in late game) vs an early game comp. Whenever a PROPER teamfights occurs in late game, the late game comp should win. If the teamfight happens in early game, the early game comp should win.

  11. 0:31 That Diana couldn't have been in a better position but proceeds to get stunned even tho she ain't looking at cass as well as being a bit far out of her Ults hitbox

  12. I recently played in my smurf on gold elo, and I agree 100%. jesus christ this people play aram, they not only love to team fight for no reason they only team fight if is a fair 5 vs 5 WHYYYY??!!

  13. by the way guys could make a guide about how to force objectives ( when to fight, when split to zone the enemy while doing the objective, etc) if you do that I swear to god I'll make every single gold player watch that video

  14. The first error is WHY a ZED start a TF? the correct is zed await kennen start, and the xin zhao followup, and after all skill was cast Zed is free to kill back line. Leaguecraft 101 >

  15. And if you're playing ADC? I've debated this a long time myself, if I notice my team is fighting for a unwinnable objective/guaranteed- to-lose fight (unless a 'grand' defendable fight), I usually just split getting 2 towers, that's the only choice you can make to avoid team fighting as an adc. Hey skill capped, why is it I climb higher than any off role by a 10% WR than playing my main role, ADC?

  16. 0:32 imangine Diana not getting stunned by accident cassio R, imagine Rakan buying QSS, imagine not going in 4v5, Urgot wasn't there, people are so dumb in this game, not even thinking about what they are doing, autopilot and LET'S ROULETTE BEGIN, also we don't know about gold difference between teams, who is fed, give me more information

  17. Ohh man you are gonna ruin so many games with this because most are gonna be too stupid to realize that you meant stop taking fair teamfights 😀

  18. I love going bruiser Ekko builds sometimes and it's unnerving how squishies on my team follow the engage to their death. I have R, a MS passive, a shield and a tankier build, so why are you getting so close as an ADC/Mid? The whole point of the engage is to burn important CDs for the enemy team and to chunk them. My R CD is shorter than most and I can get HP back pretty easily with my R + Ravenous Hunter. Why are engages for disruption and pressure so hard to understand? When you're playing with an Ekko, an engage isn't always meant to be an all-in 5v5. Even just chunking the enemy ADC to 1/3 is a great result (unless my team ints to "follow-up"). I'm ranting so much because this video is just so accurate at pretty much all ELOs. The lack of voice communication makes even potentially very favorable team fights backfire.

  19. thing is the game always will have a kid inting whenever we don't give them attentions, I just finished a game that my adc literally walking down mid to die, throwing away a game we're leading by almost 30 kills and losing the game. Game is unplayable as long as these kids are around.

  20. Lol this video is so misleading. If every player took this advice of not team fighting, then everyone would just be split pushing and extending the laning phase. There's no such thing as not team fighting because in the late game, that last team fight decides the game. You could have easily simplified this video and explained to viewers that you shouldn't pick fights that are not in your favour, or if losing the objective is a very minimal punishment. In which case, you should just give up the turret or w.e and trade objectives.

  21. Dude i just calculate by lifes itens and champs meta and i can tell if they are good at champ cause if theyre bad its hard

  22. "… the only thing you learn is to add that guy after the game and hope that he duos with you!" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Fuckin' deeaad!!! x'D x'D x'D

  23. Actually u can’t play proper in low elo, ur team won’t let u split and will 100% die so u just have to hard win lane and fk the enemy’s 5v5

  24. my teammates keep pings me when I don't join their stupid fights, fights I am not close to or really outnumbered, what do I do next? xD

  25. How am i supposed to do any of that if i‘m the support? My team doesnt fucking follow me or do anything i say. They will engage first opportunity they get and i will either be there or be useless

  26. Here’s a word of advice from a top lane diamond 3 main, anything below low high plat do not trust your team. Mute everyone and simply split push yourself. Everyone below Mid to high plat is absolute dog shit. Don’t engage in team fights and split push your way through. Champs I suggest are Tryndamere and Jax especially since they scale really hard, most low elo games plat and below usually last way past the 20 min mark so picking split pushing champs that scale super hard are the best choices, as you become better and higher elo Fiora and Jax are absolute monsters in gold – plat. Even though I main sett now it’s because team fighting in higher elo is a lot more impactful because we understand the need of it and also how much it’ll effect the macro

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