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Steam Remote Play Together

Steam Remote Play Together

One of life’s greatest pastimes is playing party games on the couch and passing controllers among friends. But controllers only reach so far. Sometimes, it’s hard to get everyone in one place. And sometimes, people move away or you make new friends who don’t live near you. What do you do when your buddies are farther than you can swing a controller? You use Remote Play Together, a new multi-player Steam feature that lets you and your friends play party games over the internet, together. Now party gaming has never been easier. Simply fire up your game, then invite a Steam friend to join in the fun. It’s that easy. Once your pal accepts, boom, you’re gaming together. Your friend doesn’t even need to own the game or have it installed. Their controllers will act like they’re plugged directly into your computer, or you can share the keyboard and mouse. Now all your local multi-player games are playable online. Check out our growing list of compatible games on Steam and keep the party going with Remote Play Together.

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  1. This is actually amazing but also bad as a business Standpoint because then less games are being sold XD but hey get to play with friends is amazing

  2. Google should rename Stadia to "Steam Stadia." It looks like people put down their latencology degrees when Steam does it.

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