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Sports Illustrated gets WOKE

Sports Illustrated gets WOKE

just when you think you've seen it all oh my goodness so as nothing really has changed much in the world today let me guess Democrats still want to impeach Trump yep we all knew that we all knew the Muller report wasn't gonna do anything Venezuela is still going crazy yep it's all that let's see and then lastly what is it oh that's right immigration yeah complete in flux nothing's being done it is what it is however one thing that has changed that caught my eye was Sports Illustrated never now not for the reasons you may think well for this reason the hoods which is just baffling to me if you happen to look at the recent cover or the cover that's coming out I'd really by Sports Illustrated or any other magazines but this cover has helene on and Halina is is rocking the brand new fashionable a job and burqini now I'm gonna be honest with you I didn't even know when burqini was a thing I thought they were mocking her until a truck fell all burqini you mean the whole body's covered up but that's what you mean by burqini Sports Illustrated coming correct typically what's wrong with you guys wait you guys have gone full retard I here's riddle me this Batman how do you go from this fort Illustrated this Mort Illustrated like how do those compare I'm just I'm completely baffled by everything I'm seeing because here's the thing where they want to say that it's all about minus T and everything okay okay if you want to save their job in the bikini is all about mozzie fine my next question would be why would you think go on a swimsuit edition or swimsuit Sports Illustrated it doesn't make any sense I'm just like modesty and then a magazine wears nothing but half-naked women who are being looked at by men why would you go on that magazine and then dish to that well why this is I think I think that's the biggest question about this magazine it's just why I don't you ever seen something you're just like okay but why that's what I got when I looked at this cuz I'm like is this supposed to be like the thing now she's fully dressed up fully clothed in water I guess on the beach it says here it appears a problem here's another problem I have with this there are millions of Muslimin who don't wear this stuff so I'm guessing why would you highlight one of the very few who do on top of that there's millions of muscle women who don't want to wear the hijab put-upon penalty being death if you don't they do the same thing with the burqini so I really confused right now I'm not sure if you're trying to glamorize or normalize this because neither should be done this is oppressive many women don't have a choice do you get it is it's they don't have a choice whether or not they wear it or they don't wear you either wear it or off of your head like Aladdin so I'm not sure why this would be on Sports Illustrated I'm not sure why we would try to highlight this repressive practice I don't get it now if you're in America and you choose to wear this by all means go ahead do you but I still don't think we should be highlighting this as arrow as a positive or as a plus we should be given the spotlight to this it makes no sense to me which is another reason which irritate me when I saw the woman with the American you know that image with the American hood job I'm like those are two contradictory things pimping you can't have a job with the American flag like what are you talking about this is what irritates me this is what irritates me so much is that people who have actually come from those countries who come here look at you guys doing this stuff and want to smack you because you're insulting their their sacrifice from coming here they wish their lives to come here from my ran from Saudi Arabia to come here and now you present them with the same stuff that they left their country to to come therefore they come in here finally freedom I can you know I can finally you know do what I want and be liberal with it whatever you want to say and then they come and see a Sports Illustrated magazine with a burka and a bikini a job it became a bikini I'm lost I'm lost how do you go from free the nipple you remember that campaign well men's nipples and women's nipples are the same you go from free the nipple to this eye you got me you you got me left me speechless I saw this it was just like all right why not now let me just say this I'm not trying to fearmonger not the least bit I'm just saying keep your eyes and ears open because this is awfully similar to how another group took over you all know the lgbtq our SUV and now look at what we had now look what you have you all laughed it laughed about all that'll never happen this isn't y'all laughed as they pass this law that law this law this law this law all under what the quality inclusiveness and now where are we we're having people talk about well men can have wiwis in and vajayjays not laughing it's not funny anymore huh I'm just saying keep your eyes open Gotti Hannam are too late and the rest of the cuckoo cuckoos the three stooges in the Senate US Senate US Senate let me repeat that back to you in case you you've been here US Senate okay all right you you keep playing around with the influx of people come in from the border okay you keep playing around with the demographics let's the demographics what I keep saying demographics culture you keep you think it's funny all you want I don't think it's funny I don't think it's funny not the least bit anyways guys that's the video let me know what you guys think whether I you believe Lucas Lucas you should be celebrating this is historic orient believe I don't know what exactly we're celebrating she she she's in a bikini in a job in the beach is it anyways hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did please feel free the likes here comes grab all that fun stuff till next time guys be amazing what's wrong with you guys

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  1. WHY?
    To raise and legitimize the profile of Whabbists with Gulf state money.
    Whenever you see a Whabbist woman Profiled in the media. It's bought and paid for by the Gulf states.
    ALWAYS follow the money.

  2. Because they are trying to bring Shari law and the Quaran into our schools and society. San Diego schools just had parents protesting it.

    The Left is trying to make pretty much everything normal these days

  3. excuse me educate me plz in which country do they beahead woman for not wearring hijab oh wait none. of 49 muslim countries only saudi arabia enforces it but do not remove their heads for not wearring it
    well typical american view of the outside world

  4. This is just disgustingly offensive to all the girls and women who are suffering in other countries bc of this oppressive bullshit, I don't understand how people can be so stupid!?!

  5. If it's not BLACK in color, off with the head as well. One of my former colleagues would tell you once she left Iran, she left all of this OPPRESSIVE shit behind her PERMANENTLY!

  6. "get woke" is a low brow term that means one accepts the official narrative blindly without question. In the Movie, The Matrix, they took the blue bill. It is the opposite of being 'woke'. They are becoming unconscious. Taking the red pill however means becoming conscious.

  7. I say if people think Trans are real women. Then, fine! Let Trans apply at strip clubs, Playboy mags, Hustler, and a all the other places that make women look sexy. When men see nothing but Trans and not Women! I say they will fix the laws and rules about Trans. They are not real women. They are men dressed up and want to be women.

  8. Not to mention that its not sharia compliant because its form fitting and reveals curves and shape….So the traditionalist muslims will be pissed about it as well lol

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