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soaking up the stanford sun

soaking up the stanford sun

okay guys I just got stressed in this fancy outfit here and I have about a half an hour before my call so I'm going to go right in what I'm working on right now what we're learning in my fiction writing class is about like how to write good dialogue between characters and how like more often than not people don't say what they mean and that's like a great way to subtly do things with dialogue I don't know I'm not very good at it but our assignment is to like write down three conversations that we've heard or been part of where we're like noticing that people aren't saying what they need and then try to analyze what they actually mean so I already have one that I can think of and record so I'm gonna do that now back inside with my clunky headphones on here and I'm about to make my call okay done with my call I now know understand talks is kind of a little bit better and I'm now going to bike over to McMurtry which is the art building to film something for a mintue series I'm working on it is absolutely beautiful outside it's like 75 degrees and I am biking over to the art building here is some of the art building so that is our sculpture garden and like the art museum you can a can't see behind the trees but then here is the actual elementary building that has a super cool inside outside rooftop everything this is first hallway in here oh my gosh okay I just did the mint interview and now I am biking to go to the mailing peal box where you guys can actually send me stuff if you want what else is not gonna say oh yeah I don't like know if I have anything there right now that's exciting but I did have to order checks to what write checks for my taxes so we're going to see if those are there right now there's some sort of art show over here um the stamp for college Republicans are over there I know yeah okay at first glance though I thought they were like trying to be good people each in oh wait what is that that is so cool I've clearly bought an eco that exact poster but you never put it up you have packages at Stanford is always a social activity so it was a pretty long line it's a trusted her which is like one of the main always run into someone I always run even in there yet okay with the problem of going through oh is that I always feel it a little treat I want and then I'm $4 on a banana nut muffins yeah so we got our packages guys we're about to eat boy sorry our dinner is sweet smell of Arriaga we just smashed some Arriaga cucumbers rice I always mix all my food together when you sit at the top of our Yaga you just oh my gosh it's not the prettiest thing wow that looks like a beating that actually looks like painting you might come back later tonight guys birthday dinner what a day what a day honestly good day hi I'm back in my room now with my packages in my peel books do box stuff we are going to look through it together yet first I got what is this checks had ordered checks to pay my taxes a like I said but then we also had so many exciting things in my peel box they are you kidding me I got a postcard from bibby our that has beautiful bunnies on it thank you so much that is so sweet nice I'm gonna go hang it up right there right after this the sweetest note from Donna who lives in Taiwan how cool is that thank you for mailing me freaking scrunchies all the way from tie on tie on Taiwan these are so adorable and amazing they have like pearls on them they're honestly some of the most unique spread shoes I've ever seen thank you so much I'm not to DM you on Instagram also to say thank you and I'm gonna hate your note up too because that is so nice oh and she's the class of 2023 which is super cool and this I know what this is but it's kind of a secret what am I gonna do now it is 220 and I have something at 320 so it has like a little bit of time I'm probably just going to do a bit of work maybe clean up my room of it and settle down settle in relax I'm getting back on my bike and going now to film another video per minute here we are coming up on the know it is such an uphill bike to get here but look how pretty it is okay I'm just telling outside trying to freaking breathe waiting for my interview we need to come if you guys ever want to check out the videos I make for mint you can go to Stanford and I do all of the who is mint series that's what I'm filming today so there you go okay I just finished the interview guys but I wanted to show you what it looks like up here it's just so pretty and nice it stands CT MRI is the computer Center for music research and something okay yeah that's all for computer research in music and acoustics and that's what it is okay I just filmed the last minute interview of the day ethanol and on my way back I ran into squat over here about to go to bear bowl so hell yeah I was like I'm coming with y'all you guys are good let's go why is selling her Coachella conversation for the blogging we're talking about right there about how like their high school is like genuinely harder than what they're doing this quarter for this yeah it's what you make it up everyone tried to choose Linkwood riding really hard yeah just like around or like when I do work here it's like laying in the grass and while tanning between class we can do in college winter quarter definitely was rough yeah a true oh my god everyone definitely goes harder when order and chills a bit more in spring shell isn't like really chair she is like that you know like grind and then have fun I love getting sneezes on video bless you where's our carnival I wanna oh yeah let's become special carnival is the luigi's boy I've ever seen it's not our food look at that one point there are even know what that is it has a crown hello I am back from mayor Bowles that was a fun little unplanned adventure now I'm going to just chill for a hot second before I have to what am i doing oh I'm going to an Easter egg hunt at 6:00 with Julian so I will see you then okay guys we just biked over to at the Roger house where yeah we're gonna scope out oh my gosh is there one in there you oh my gosh you guys guys look at what I did Ellie come grab this one I dropped it in this gross thing I know yeah yes oh yeah you take that one okay okay we got two more please sir you I really want one of the you know one no I don't want to yeah yeah wait show me this this is what it looks like Ellie got this please that's honestly huge oh my god Joo young Jian what did you with your prize I got this cool buddy I'm so excited why does this person look so dead okay guys we are waiting outside of our Yaga for Nicole for Nicole and we're going to with the special Earth Day dinner it's not Earth Day is it I don't think so it's literally not Earth Day today Ariane what are you doing oh my god this is crazy this is literally the most packed I've ever seen Arriaga holy crap Wow birthday dinner guys the plate is entirely vegan the cookies are vegan I already ate – they're amazing got two more on the way down oh my gosh yeah I just pulled it on my plate a spider-man what's your food how is it I'll be diverse lots of fun excited nice colors oh yeah we're heading back now to Arroyo yeah I'm logging my day such a fun day I didn't even know today was going to be fun hello really here when I'm out just shower or maybe officer really or eat doesn't want to say the worst thing about where you stand is about albeit with stocks I see those girls but we have a nice whatever thing and I thought my soul and I'm going to wash my feet and then the probably hang out alone for the LED launch game throwing station homework because she is busy and she's going to Texas before just her where she's from so we're gonna hang out and I'll see you after what repeat here it is guys the coolest blanket I will ever own what do we think do we like mine better a map of Westeros or do we like Eleanor's better that has the house seals on it we're just hanging out guys Nicole just stormed it in and say turn on this music video okay guys my friends just left my room I think I might shower and then using homework or made me do some homework in the shower it's 9 o'clock and I'm getting pretty tired I am now showered I just did some more writing and I have a lot of editing to do I have to edit those two videos for mint and get ready to film another one tomorrow and then I also have this video to start editing as well so I have a lot to do for the rest of the night so I'm probably just gonna spend the rest of my night doing God but I had a really oh my gosh forgot to tape a thumbnail today just filled up my water bottle guys and in the hallway I saw creepiest buddy ever is that not a creepy ass right there

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  1. This is a weird request but could you do some sort of interaction with the couple you mentioned in the day in the life video who matched on that marriage pact when you're 30 years old (the econ project thing)

  2. I have watched your videos for some time now to get an idea how Stanford life will be like because I will be spending my summer here doing an internship and it has helped me a lot. Now that I am here I actually know a lot of places already and kind of keep an eye out if I see you running around recording your vlogs 😀

  3. I wanna know what those stanford republicans did that made you take back your thoughts of them trying to be nice hahaha

  4. "People aren't saying what they mean"
    Stanford Student: "Hey, we should totally grab lunch sometime!"

  5. Hi katherine from India..
    I just wanted to tell you I love your videos…you have become my inspiration..
    I really hope I get into Stanford too.. although I would be eligible to apply next go girl..😍

  6. I'm not really sure if its the hair or the smarts but I saw Booksmart last night, and I couldn't stop thinking about how much you look like Amy!! And on another note, your videos inspire me to try harder in and out of school. Love you kathpath!!

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