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SLAVERY? [Adastra #4]

SLAVERY? [Adastra #4]

how's it go my lovely death disciples I am the shattered Reaper and today we are going to continue our ad astra let's play and i can prepare this time i have my wine again but for the first time in this playthrough I am prepared to Cersei I mean better than Cersei it up because fuck that bitch anyway so less so last left off we had just gone through our first day on 'add Astra but we got discovered and it was by Casius the cunt and yeah he did a little bit of a dance when he first met us and that's a very very good first time meeting and yeah that was interesting and then he brought his his father's advisor Cato and he decided to have and amicus just kind of had to spill the beans like yeah he's my pet now you know like okay and so yeah now we have just serve amicus and we have to do so in the presence of everybody else while everybody is watching but yeah apparently main character does however love to impede upon my desires because he didn't want to fucking clean amicus shame be upon you main character you're supposed to be controlled by me meaning I make the decisions and your your consciousness doesn't even really matter because you're it's it's me playing it's me to doing everything okay so why can't you just let me have my fun life as the main characters deny me what it is that I desire why can't I just be the one in full control wouldn't that make more sense considering but whatever I suppose I'd continue have I continue to suffer under the will of the main characters but I shall do so with my wine and when it comes to wine I have a philosophy and it is under the three asses and that is sluttiness scheming and sassing those are the three main reasons to be drinking wine under my logic I mean you couldn't drink it for drinking sake I mean why not but you know those are the three big reasons the three big asses that's what I'm gonna call it and I'm gonna coin that term so yeah that's all and right now we're also getting a tour from Casius the cunts pet Alexios who's actually a bit of a decent fellow for no and nobody is going to stop talking about how amicus is going to betray me in top 10 anime the trails I fucking get it I fucking get it people you need to tell me a thousand fucking times I'll just see him for myself let me experience it fuck ha anyway say yeah without the spoiler mentioned which in a way I kind of already knew because YouTube had a video when I was trying to download amicus and they just kind of gave it away but yeah I did already know but still I don't need to be reminded housing times jeez also I meant 900 subscribers so thank you all so much for getting me as far as I am and just ninety five away and I can get to my first kay it's gonna be good thank you all so much I really appreciate all of your support so let us continue what word I follow Alexios quietly through the halls really enjoying the architecture at the palace for the first time we enter the main hall and Alexia stands in the sunlight pouring in through the arc ways Oh aren't the mornings beautiful here this is the best time to do work in the gardens I'd say we have a good three hours before it gets too hot we start walking into the gardens I don't know if I'm doing the voice that I did before of Alexius but I'm sorry if I didn't I'm very inconsistent when I first start out with characters we start walking out into the gardens when I'm suddenly struck by something odd so you just said we have three hours yes well how long is an hour here the same oh we use the same minutes and hours and stuff that didn't seem possible Alexia thinks rubbing the spot above his left eyebrow uh well the linguae is a complicated device its parental tech so it's something that we don't really understand at all but what we do know is that to translate this language in a way that offers the best understanding possible for the host Alexia's Crouch is by a pillar examining the ivy growing around its surface I used a measurement of time specific to the wolves in their language and lingua simply translated it to a measurement into a measurement you'd better understand the small cat chuckles it's something I've given up on understanding myself it's not perfect and can create really confusing situations especially when it comes to certain words and numbers oh I see Alexia single out a small white flower growing at the base of the pillar before he plucks it out and sets it to the side I start to wonder if I should maybe learn the language lingua is impressive and all but it doesn't seem like it's very specific Alexia screens don't think too much about it just try to remember that that doesn't mean everything actually is the same there are 19 hours in a day on ad astra which i imagine is at least somewhat different compared to your own planet anyway what I'm doing right now is pulling up some weeds the drones do a good job of watering and pest control but they often miss smaller weeds like these I crouch at the pillar next to Alexia searching through the ivy for weeds to pull at the base so there are 19 hours in a day here yes that's a bit shorter than back at home oh I get that there are 30 hours in the day where I'm from you get used to it after a few weeks though I prefer it actually turn my attention back to the pillar and suddenly find myself staring right at a strange crap like things sticking to the stone at first I wonder if its car it's a carving of some kind since it's so big but as I look closer moves and I realize it's a massive living spider next thing I know I'm rolling away from the pillar action-movie style before popping back up but to my feet oh my god what is it a spider thing I'm standing good good ten feet away from the pillar now but I can still see the massive spider it's thick legs friend out in the width of a clock I shiver oh I see I stirred him how is that funny I'm sorry they are very startling when you first encounter them Alexius walks up to the spider and starts making shooing motions even more from here I see it's black beady eyes it doesn't move at all choosing to sit motionless Leone the that's pillar a destined arachnids and insects are disturbingly large compared to the ones of my home moon I look around suddenly feeling like I'm in danger imagining giant wasps descending from the skies Alexia starts to look more frustrated as the spider refuses to be intimidated by his limp wristed swipes nothing in the gardens is dangerous though and are needed to balance the ecosystem oh yes very important when it comes to biology and ecosystems every species matters they are all important for a healthy ecosystem for all to survive and if they are gone like an earth on a constant rate well we can only expect destruction in the end this gorgeous venom is far too mild to cost much more than an itchy bump if it bites at all Alexius gives another weak swipe at the spider and it takes the opportunity to bolt up its arm so fast that becomes a blur before stopping on his face remove it we both stand there in shock as a clings to him like a face hugger did it just reference aliens oh that is so good dad I can't get it off dances a rounded plays for a moment as I simply watching fascinated are oh I'm sure you'll be fine Alexius I'm sure you'll be fine finally he shakes his head hard and the spider runs down his front to scuttle across the ground and into some bushes Alexis he's for breath for a moment but trembling see you were perfectly fine I knew I could have faith in you despite myself I have to laugh in amazement at what I just saw why are you laughing oh I don't know maybe because he laughed at me just saying sorry I was just sorry it was just so surprising and you were so sure of yourself until I chuckle again well it surprised me he shivers rubbing his shoulders for Alexius there's honestly nothing to be afraid of when it comes to those but it was right on me and the way they move he showed us again did you just stood there and watched well I was more than certain you had it handled so I didn't need to interfere oh sorry one moment fucking I mean what could I have done if that had happened to me I would have jumped in the pond alexia sizin I see his first start to flatten down again then he also chuckles well I was about to anyway let's get back to work if you see another spider just work around it for the next hour we move from pillar to pillar cleaning up the unwanted weeds I'm Way more vigilant now checking every pillar for spiders before we start luckily we don't come across any more after a while we finally sat on a bench under some trees and calm floats out a few platters of pastries that remind me of quiches those are followed by glasses of cold green vegetable tasting drinks mmm not as good as wine oh it's delicious so can I ask where you're from very far away even further than your home wait what what are you talking about how could you be further from me all right we'll we'll just I'm just wondering because like you know I haven't been my people haven't been first contacted since the Roman Empire and nobody ever bothered to first contact my world again and yet yours is just a part of it all and okay then what brought you here the cat's eyes and pauses with a pastry halfway to its mouth to his mouth it's a bit complicated but I was here as a sort of ambassador I arrived just as a stretch drive depletion occurred what was that Alexia shrugs well for whatever reason the Romanus stopped supplying the wolf's with stretch drive power when the upper died their star bound it right now so they can't shut on me back to my planet a situation between the walls and their parents is worrying and we don't know how long the wolves will be without the stretch so my people sent their own ship to retrieve everyone on a destra but I missed it missed it Alexis friends looking Baris again well I slept in and missed the departure wow really I mean it happens to the best of us no I guess why didn't they wait for you that's kind of messed up that they just leave especially since you're an ambassador wait I thought this was supposed to be an agreement so technically that means you were forced to work as Casius the cunts pet awfully strange when using stretch tech time is important everything runs on a specific schedule so if you miss it you miss it and there's certainly not going to send another one out for one person Wow didn't you have an alarm clock or someone to wake you trust me was a series of many unfortunate events that led it to that happening the main one being that even though I woke up with enough time to reach the star port like I lost suna destra city's terrible public transportation system oh is it chariots I bet it's chariots I bet that's great though I was running from platform to platform wolves all around me trying to touch me because they've never seen a cat before and I could barely read the signs because well for my species water comes from the eyes when we're stressed so oh you are crying you know what that is yes my species does it as well he looks away and I can see the insides of his ears turn red I didn't know that it's a shared trait among us in wolves but I don't know many others do it aside from the camions anyway I eventually decided to use my situation to continue my work and build a relationship with the imperil family so I became Cassius's pet Alexios this situation doesn't sound all that different from mine even though the reasons for us getting here were very different when does the next ship come years at least one decade at least one a decade but sometimes more I'm hoping within the next few years oh I'm sorry to hear that it's not the worst life and the wallstreet me well enough we do have a special relationship does it involve a whole lot of kinky shit if it does with Casius between us and the wolves unlike the other siblings our parents originated in the same galaxy though our views are very different there's a bond there Alexius brushes his paws together are you done yeah calm we're finished and with that the platters and glasses float away I'm starting to get you stole all of this but shattered was that is right my people have named me this because I am a shattered soul and willing to do many unspeakable things but it's nothing to worry about at all nothing at all nothing I'm sorry I guess we speak we skipped introductions you already know me as Alexia's but you could call me Alex hello Alexios but I just said Alex your name will be Alexi us because it sounds better hello shattered so now that we're no longer pretending that you're not so sapient anymore where are you from tell me about yourself oh I don't know if I should trust that maybe there are just some ears hidden around the garden I've learned from little finger that ears and eyes could be everywhere everywhere but that is not a concern right now that gives me some pause well he's being really nice to meet you so far I know I can't just reveal everything to Alex so I said alone being vague like he was after all that is all you should do whenever you are asked of questions in the gamers realms well I'm from far away but less far away than you I'm a primate I see are you important among your people no I'm just a student oh do you know why amicus chose you then yes it is because I am it is because I am one of the greatest of academics upon my people and also one of the most ferocious and with these true traits combined together I was destined to become one of the servants of the imperial family it was only destined that I be given such a grand destiny of great fortitude and such an honor for my people and thus I am here to represent them all and that is why I think he just chose me at random I just happened to be where the uplift occurred Alexius Langston laughs god dammit you're not doing very well in just being vague you're basically just giving everything that's just like amicus fuck he would have already expected it yeah it is actually but I guess it makes sense to choose a commoner if he wants to unite the abandoned children again I mean yes of course but it's exactly how it is it's not like you would have chosen me because I am a high academic or anything like that which no I'm not I'm decent but no I'm not god damn it oh yeah I decided that shifting the conversation away from me is a good tactic for now yeah didn't he explain that to you um maybe a little he didn't tell me all that much don't take it personally yeah because doesn't often think ahead right now the wolves are in a bit of a strange situation again this is between you and me but they've fallen behind me other siblings in terms of spread and resources liar I mean go on the main reason being that they don't uplift their children to similar intelligent levels as themselves intelligent levels I thought they just spread their culture Alex friends at me you don't know I guess you were abandoned but you should know that your intelligence every child's intelligence was uplifted by his siblings oh no I guess we lost that bit of information well that's not the end of their problems he's children are indentured servants in a way in exchange for having their intelligence mostly uplifted they have to serve the umpire until the debt is repaid that doesn't sound good oh and how long has that been going on I assume ever since Cassie's the cunt was born well let's just say that the first successfully uplifted wolf children having quite finished repaying their debt oh I see so in other words this society is basically built on indentured servitude and the the industrials kind of just prefer to keep it that way gotcha that sounds like slavery Alex glances at me it does doesn't it that's confusing to me but if they have all these robots and stuff why do they need sapiens to be their slaves advanced artificial a peon czar gifted by the parents we can't build them we're a bit spoiled here in the palace but outside not so much and even that artificial sapiens isn't perfect and likely never will be actual thinking machines don't exist this is why uplifting children to the same intelligence level as a sibling is important good ideas can come from anywhere absolutely yes indeed this is a very great importance I guess your people don't do what the Wolves do no we uplift our children as much as we can this practice is isolated to the wolves they're seen by the other siblings as harsh on their own children and the rights of sapiens in general I see I'm starting to see the wolves and even amicus in a whole new light but also it makes total sense with Casius the cunt as if reading my mind Alex goes on but things are changing amicus choosing you as his pet shows that he sees he was a close to an equal but then there's Casius the cunt Alex's tail swishes around on the bench between us he'd rather things stay the same or even regress well that's no surprise considering that he seems of traditionalists even reactionist no definitely reaction his mindset that's why he's made a strong challenge against amicus there are many walls who are unsure of the change an amicus suggests and the proposal lines between the walls and the canyons is only adding to it camions there are another sibling species most powerful in the galaxy in fact but that worries a lot of people here there hasn't been a war between siblings in over a hundred years but the last one was between the canyons of the Wolves you can imagine what sort of problems that might create socal see us wanting the wolves to stay independent and in complete control their children is rather popular ah so I simply just need to eliminate I mean what would I be talking about eliminating for that's just ridiculous I would never stoop to such a low level just be ridiculous Alexei yes I would never ever do such a terrible justifiably justifiable thing at all never you just don't worry about it you might wonder why I'm telling you this but I want you to understand the Empire that you're in it'll make it easier to navigate I was in fact wondering why he's telling me all of this does he have some other motive that he's not telling me I look over at whom him who do you really serve the realm my lord someone has to oh you did yep I kind of figured you were definitely like Val definitely did I get his name right I think I did anyway moving on do you want Casius to become emperor I like that we could discuss a lot of things and being a sibling allows me to have more freedom than most but that's one thing that I should probably keep silent on that only confuses me more but it doesn't sound like he's on Cassius's side maybe amicus and I could find an ally in him that we simply must be careful well I think I would prefer amicus if his whole thing is to treat other sapiens equally from what I can tell that seems to please Alex Plus after all he is the crowned heir the true heir while Casius is simply a disloyal Pretender if you will well we'll find out soon enough after the trials Alex's mood suddenly brightens but anyway I've really been enjoying our time together today like I said it's it's so nice to be able to talk to someone who isn't my superior I hope we could do this often while you're here yes of course wonderful Alex raises a paw to look up at the Sun at Vita we should keep working it's starting to get too hot out here the next several hours we work around the garden before finally moving inside to walk around the palace a bit he points the doors for things like the throne room and communal baths but we never go inside and he tells me I should only do so when I'm with amicus eventually we move back to the dining room where Alexia suggests we watch the screens and tell her master returns our masters returns but we all know that Casius is no master he says it will better acquaint me with the wolfish culture it takes me a moment to realize that I'm watching a sort of film starring Wolves similar to amicus but not quite as attractive they're acting out scenarios about traveling into space and finding more sapiens a sapiens species they find our wolves in mass I guess they don't really have CGI because every effect looks practical it's long boring and the acting is overly exaggerated like they're in a silent film yeah that sounds about like it finally after what seems like a good three hours Alex tells me that amicus will be returning soon and that I might want to tidy up his room before he gets back I'm relieved to cut the film short and Alex and I pry ways to go to our respective rooms I'm surprised to see that it's already dark outside even with the shorter day I guess mindlessly watching wolves overacting to other wolves in maths took up more time than I thought on my way through the marble halls I pause every now and then to look at the large murals on the walls depicting everything from wolves swimming to Wolves swinging swords at other canines quite the spectacle of marble statuary in the Great Hall is the largest mural and it depicts five wolves the features are all flat and lack any sort of perspective making the muscles look a bit askew to larger wolves loom over the other three one is white with a feminine shape while the other while the larger the two is black and holding his Paul to his chest around his head is a wreath of the three smaller wolves one is also clearly feminine while another is white I wonder if this might be Casius in Virginia which would leave the remaining wolf in the middle to be amicus he's skinnier and I wonder if this might be him as a child or teenager my glowing wreath floats above his head oh yes perfect only showing that he is the true heir to the imperial throne ahem I jump as soon as someone glares I throw very loudly next to me ah Cato I do not realize that was you I turn around and find myself staring at Cato the advisor he looks me up and down for a moment at least I think he does more silence I opened my mouth to respond there remember what amicus told me I let my eyes on focus on my mouth drew open a bit cage was ears twitch at the sound I make then clears his throat again hello shadow was it how are you enjoying your first day in the palace I wonder if I should keep drowning or if I should at least answer the question answer in simple words like first day be good I yes indeed something like that I am technically a segment so I suppose it's ok if I sort of understand uh good the left side of Cato scarred face stretches to see waits for more but I don't give him anything good good I trust that Alexia showed you around the palace it's a bit of a stifling life behind these walls but hopefully with time we will be able to take you out to the city I cross my eyes low oh I like it yes so where are you from again exactly fuck there's something behind this wall swore it's something there that's a little more than innocent curiosity a big rock planet by star ah good you're getting it good good in games shattered you're learning well Kato waits again and I don't say anything more do you have a name the planet yeah big rock planet it's great planet it be planet of great tribe and in great tribe we have great warriors of fierce nature Cato massage is the left side of his forehead look even annoyed big rock planet with water lots of water Cato stairs Oh big rock planet with water I nod dump it you're doing good yet Dylan make proud you are keeping up the good and you're keeping the lie excellent Cato sighs loudly and stalks off not even bothering to end the conversation and with that he disappears around the corner and decide that I did an okay job as Cato seems to think that I'm a massive idiot now I can only wonder how I can ruin Casius the country whenever I'm around him I make my way quickly to amicus's room glad to not run into anyone else there's much to do and because this room is spotless much like him he is a true high ampere quality so after meandering around and smoothing the bed covers over I choose to sit down on the sofa and wait of course I had to undress myself to properly prepare for his arrival despite the fact that I've only been up for what's probably been 10 hours I'm exhausted maybe I won't have any trouble adjusting to the shorter days as I start to doze as the Sun clattering sound toward the door I jump and see amicus coming wheeling in a tray but several plates on top of it heaped high with food oh you are a man after my heart amicus oh you simply just know how to please my eyes he grins at me and I get a feeling of relief at seeing him and no it's not from him bringing me food it's him bringing him food anyway hello sorry I suppose Alex didn't tell you that they set these outside the door on the 15th hour he treat you well yeah he was nice Anika's wheels the caught up to his self and then flops back onto it next to me making the whole thing shake ah that was a long day are you okay Anika's opens one eye at me barely had to go over mats today my head feels as if it's going to explode Oh believe me I completely understand didn't help that Balbus kept cracking me over the head with a stick when I answered wrong know that it's not very good for the mind abusing the mind does not help in understanding if you're going to smack somebody with anything it's going to have to be on the shoulder because if you hit somebody on the head enough you're just killing brain cells it is a proven fact okay wow that sounds harsh don't worry there was nothing compared to the one you gave me ah well I didn't even smack you on the head but okay and because smirks and I can't help but smile back at his teasing he seems to have become more comfortable around me with how relaxed he is I am sorry about that dopey let's stop apologizing for it now let's wash and eat my stomach's felt Hollow since breakfast we both go to the restroom to rinse our paws has slash hands in the sink before heaping our plates with food it's more of a same with bread and meat and olives but there's also a good amount of other vegetables and fruit that I have a hard time identifying abaca shows me how to combine the fruit and cheese on the bread and I find myself really starting to like the smelly spread as long as I ignore the smell compared to breakfast amicus really Wolf's down a lot of food ah perfect he probably ends up eating about three times as much as me you're just gonna have to work out a bit every now and then so you can keep up the Imperial appearance as well both of which is going to be the perfect combination all the while he tells me about a scary instructor and how he punishes him way more than Casius does he usually get the answers right well yeah but you should help me understand rather than smack my ears that doesn't help anything unless he is that information in his stick and it's bashing it into my brain somehow which probably isn't happening that you know instructor if that's the case why are you even talking and droning on and on if you stick and just teach people by you just hitting them in the head why don't you just do that instead of drowning on for hours and hours like a boring fuck mister Balbus anyway don't worry I hey math to it all I'm better than other things like literature and history oh by the gods same Casius is hopeless at remembering battles and because flexes are bicep oh you're always just making me draw for you even more now we have to fuck by tonight no you could forget about wrestling he could never beat me in a fight well no fucking shit I mean Casius is not only a cunt but a fucking pussy yeah I wouldn't think so so yes he can have the math all he wants but trial doesn't involve that anyways what are these trials you guys keep talking about now because takes a big gulp of wine oh I guess when someone in the game drinks the wine I drink as well gasping when he finally pulls the Goblet away from his face what what Cato is considering using to decide the next emperor essentially three top trials music and dance rhetoric and finally combat that's the music and dance gonna do thou do emperors have to do music I mean I think I remember Emperor's doing music covering now and then I forget whether I record supposed to be because I'm a bit of a dumbass right now and whoever wins those becomes Emperor Oh whoever wins two out of three combat his last so that if that if one of us wins the first two it won't come to that I'm really just hoping the Cato chooses me in the next few days now that he's seen you but if the trials do happen you have nothing to worry about and because grenzen me confidently I don't I'm better than casting it's at least two of those things perhaps even in music and dance well I mean Casius was pulling those moves in front of me not that I was impressed at all but perhaps you and I could at least practice and dance if you know what I mean you know I'd believe you but one thing I know about you is how overly confident you are when it comes to certain things why do you say that our entire experience on the ship maybe that's different I was doing something I didn't really understand I understand my studies aside from map amicus leans back finally one paw in his stomach Danny huh how was your day I like show you around and it starts to grab the remaining food to set aside on its own plate yeah I've realized that there isn't much to do uh yeah it was a bit of a bad day I have tomorrow off from studies though so we can do something entertaining oh fuck yes you've got me right there you could just fucking take me just take me and fuck me right in the way hold on and maybe we should just assume things or should we know we should but should we no that would be too much no but maybe is fuckin my point is we need to bang like what no I don't know go swimming go to the baths talk you name it maybe eventually we could go to the city to bang that is my answer and my final answer after a bit of swimming in the bath together obviously both of those and then we do the sex that is my decision the city outside no avoid that option go for the sex you fucking bitch well everything's outside I mean the one that I can see across the lake yes that one a duster city and capital of our Empire yeah it's called gastro City it has City after that alright then oh isn't it kind of small for that I mean it looks really nice but it kind of just looks like an average-sized City and because frowns I think it's quite large how big your cities on earth I shrug I don't know pretty big millions billions of people all on the same planet trying to just take up all its resources and stuff and nothing no regards for ecosystem and a bunch of greedy ass corporations just do it making things as they are as terribly as possible for everybody Sep them because they're assholes because raises an eyebrow millions yeah wonder if the link was translating everything correctly why how big as ad astra the city just over 5 million wolf population is 80 million Oh how many humans are there uh seven billion and just jokes yeah we do the fuck a lot and I mean a lot and not not everybody is smart about it what is that a lot that's preposterous do you not have population control measures put in place they're kind of a bit on hold in some areas some areas don't necessarily have it and then there are just some areas that just take it a little too far just a tiny bit well not in most places and because shakes his head well you are parent less so I guess it makes sense your species might be so misguided yeah yeah I think you've definitely got that right you've definitely got that right that we're kind of dumb Ambika seems to try very hard to choose the last word even though he's still being very condescending which yes it is but you know humans aren't really the brightest or the best just kind of dumb it seems to notice my annoyance though well is your species doing well is your planet able to sustain such a population [Applause] really no not really we just have a bunch of assholes who are trying to take everything and a bunch of people are left starving meaning water and also those assholes are starting a lot of wars in getting a bunch of innocent people killed just because they're but yeah for a bunch of stupid reasons it's all really fucking stupid I can't lie and because strokes is chin well I suppose when I become emperor I could ask the caring about your species the whole thing is a real mystery but it's clear that we must have overlooked your people somehow you smiled at me maybe we couldn't even bring you into our fold again well hang on a second images Roman spacious descending from the heavens to enslave the human race all because it may flash through my mind you know Alex told me about what you do to the other sapiens doesn't sound like something humans would want to be a part of what did he tell you the whole enslavement thing that thing enslavement oh no he's trying to hide it that's not a good sign abacus what are you doing I was told you would change that why are you pretending it isn't happening now what'd you do to your children whoa that's a harsh word for it yeah because please tell me you're not justifying what I think you're justifying please tell me you aren't because up to this point I have been madly and obsessively in love with you and I have been willing to kill so that you can get on the imperial throne and now you're just kind of making it very I gotta making all of that very awkward it's what I could say so uh yeah no no it's the right word humans have done the whole indentured servant thing back on earth and it never turned out well for the servant and because his ears go down a bit and as misguided as humans might be we've at least abolished slavery or well in most in certain yeah it's complicated especially since there are people who probably wouldn't want to bring it back for the stupidest of reasons I notice amicus's ears turning red maybe he never expected to be lectured on by a human oh well I do mean to change things about when I become Emperor a bit I mean things can't just be changed all at once it has to be gradual I mean yeah that makes sense I mean you can't just expect a huge change to happen all at once but still hmm and because flix is tell an annoyance in me listen I agree with you we've been trying to change the way we've treated our children for generations my grandfather and father both worked towards this well while that's messed up and definitely wrong I think the intelligence thing might be even worse one intelligence thing I remember son amicus's face tells me that he might already know the answer the way you've stunted intelligence in the children you uplifted and the kiss is silent for a moment I can tell that all of this is making it very uncomfortable I have to ask myself again how I got to this point sitting on a sofa debating ethics with the prospective Emperor wolf he finally folds his arms and Huff's again I agree with you on all this I don't like the way we've treated our children in the end I truly feel that becoming a more compassionate in a United Emperor will lead to a better outcome for everyone it's going to take small steps but understand that it's something I mean to fix yeah that is understandable I do respect you for at least trying amicus and stop saying you like I did it I was born into this I've come to realize how much of an open book amicus's as a person so I no doubt his words well as long as Casius doesn't become emperor which I'll do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn't happen amicus starts not a chance well if he does it sounds like he's going to reverse all of that and I'm saying there's no chance of it wait how much has Alex been telling you it was a short conversation I asked him about the Empire I didn't but I don't want to get Alex in trouble in case he wasn't supposed to tell me cassia seems like a terrible person by the way and I'm not just talking about his personality he wants to keep people enslaved it's complicated it's just very traditional but again there's no chance I sided the walls overconfidence but he does know his brother far better than I do I'm at least glad that I'm behind the right wolf than getting myself home the right wolf yeah I can't imagine being under your brother I would have rather slit his throat and then coat that's jabbed his eyeballs out watch as I make him suffer I mean abacus glances at the plate he'd been building with food speaking of I'm going to bring this to Alex in the garden did you want to accompany me I run a hand through my hair feeling the roominess from two days of no shower actually it can I use the shower while you're gone I feel kind of gross oh yeah sure just step in and it starts up this is great on the wall that controls temperature it has a color spectrum that you could drag a finger across I'll figure it out ah right well I should be back by the time you're finished and with that amicus balance this is plate of food and his paws as he strides out of the room leaving me to go to the bathroom I quickly use the toilet again made of the wrong materials how could you possibly just misuse marble and all its glory like this suddenly glad that I don't have to use a public toilet like the ones I ID seem drawings of in my Roman history books I mean yeah those weren't really all that great sherry is easy enough to understand in the water is immediately warm and pleasant so I don't have to bother with the temperature there are several glass bottles of soap so I can choose the one that smells the best and give myself a quick wash when I'm done I grabbed a towel off the wall and dry off before wrapping it around my waist I think about putting my clothes back on but the idea of stepping back into the underwear has me hesitating instead I opened the door and I'm greeted to the side I guess sitting on the edge of the bed looking off to the side upon his lap holding the brush his head snaps in my direction before immediately avert sighs sorry sorry I didn't mean to see I thought you'd be dressed hey it's fine I've got a tell it's put on slowly em oh hey hold on gotta remember the three guesses slowly amicus turns his gaze back to me eyes drifting down my torso before immediately snapping back up again oh I thought you hated any sort of nudity not really just the genitals pase even then I don't hate it it's just more private Oh America seems to be staring at me and I start to feel a little self-conscious wait a minute are we gonna have to worry about lineage things if you happen to end up in a gay relationship with me I mean I could definitely work as your private concubine if you so desire you could be married to somebody and I definitely would serve as one of your ways of pleasure I would be perfectly fine with that you know just as long as the wife is perfectly fine with it but you know I'm an option is everything okay amicus looks away again all right I I'm just not used to seeing you like that I've only seen humans with clothing so I just sort of imagined you to always be that way you've always imagined me with just clothes on oh you have so much to learn from me well my clothes are dirty so I was going to ask you about maybe getting some clean ones at least until you can get me that tailor oh of course komm sent us some robes from storage children's ropes please no no women's dresses give me that I need to have the full oh hey hold on no I'm not supposed to pretend to be the Queen or anything like that no that's uh it's gonna have to wait for another time yes Anika's Thanks of course I stand there awkwardly for another few seconds till Amica seems to snap back to reality again he holds up the brush anyway I thought maybe you'd like to be groomed too it's only fair after what you did for me oh well it's only on my head I'll be easier for me then Emma kiss grins well alright oh how could I possibly expect this beautiful durable nice wolf man to ever possibly betray me you all are probably just a bunch of sick fucks trying to get me to miss believe in him even though yes I probably have very good reason to think that he would definitely betray me but still it's just the gist shush walk over to the bed and sit with my back to the wolf and because it just says seating to face me more directly then starts to run the brush gently through my hair we sit in silence for a bed and I start to enjoy the feeling of the brushing especially the way the firm bristles are across my scalp giving me shivers up and down my neck sorry for talking so much earlier I I'm not used to being able to talk to someone the palace has been lonely so having a friendly conversation with someone other than calm is a bit of a novelty and we kiss chuckles that was probably why I was having so much trouble focusing on my studies today I was so excited to come back home and speak with you hearing that makes me feel a little bad for the wolf I suppose being the prospective emperor doesn't allow you to have many friends and being in such an empty palace definitely seems lonesome yes this is why Alex told me basically the same thing you're fine and I didn't mean to be too harsh earlier I know it's not your fault no I think we're on the same page on that one all the more reason to unite against cassia say Oh as if you forgotten something am because soda pop comes around my side and on his pie see two purple grapes I managed to snap a few of these off of Alexios earring it wasn't happy about that one seriously I take one more out of being nice to a mcus than anything but when I bite into it I can't help but notice how juicy and sweet it is him it talks to me with the grape in his mouth you seem pretty good at thrifting you're just gonna have to make sure to do it without getting caught now hmm why but as grape hearing always taste the best by the way they don't mind I invited Alex to our outing tomorrow Cassie this is going to be a way to do some speeches and is leaving Alex behind for once of course not we're getting along really well should we be concerned by Casius and his speeches I leaned my head back allowing the wolf to continue the brushing your furred hair you call it it's not like a wolf's fur but it's rather nice what are you talking about a wolf's fur it's amazing how dare you even suggest such a thing Wolf's fur is superior to human hair and you know it I smile Thank You Emma cos if you'd like do this for you every day I feel that's fair I have to admit that I really like this so I accept yeah sure it feels really nice I here's some thumping sounds I imagine it's amicus's tail wagging against the bed so washing you brushing you and making you smell nicer all my duties well that unaccompanied me two important meetings and public outings but all you do during those as stand there and look civilized and bow and be yeah basically be Sian silent and of good servant quality which I of course can do for only the most just beings and if for an unjust being well let's just say I can put on a good performance until the moment is right not to anyway yeah that's what you all keep telling me this all seems pretty easy though there is one thing you can do for me before I go to bed do the fuck I'm ready for you what well uh full body massage close enough I look over my shoulder at him or we could just stick with the other duties I laugh at now because his ears come back up he continues to brush for a while longer before finally setting it aside there looks much better now imagine he just gives me a really a very ridiculous hairdo I gently run my hand over my hair and I have to agree that it feels softer than it ever felt before but anyway shattered I'm looking forward to these months ahead with you even though we started off a bit poorly I looked back at the wolf I just Ernests but tentative smile it's definitely a man of contradictions rash half of the time but consider it most of the time I'm not sure what to make of him but at this point I feel like I can at least trust him and that's saying a lot after what he put me through I smiled back yeah me too okay I think this is going to be a good place to end the video so yeah a lot of good things happening so anyway I hope you all enjoyed this video give a like when the stab if you did subscribing home or death in your life be sure that the Bell is tolling for the until next time rest in peace bye

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  1. I love your videos so much shattered every time I watch them you make me laugh when you joke about killing someone or cussing at them it's just so funny, also I can't help but feel bad for Cassius a little bit, I know that he wants to become emperor for the wrong reasons but I can't help but feel like there's a lot more to it than that. he is amicus's little brother after all I feel like he's probably jealous also he is quite handsome.

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